2006’s Own Jeff Gannon

We’re gonna miss you, Ben. Your time with the Washington Post will be even shorter than Jeff Gannon’s stint as a White House correspondent. And let’s face it: That’s really sad.


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no doubt his future as an A-lister at Pajamas Media is quite assured.


Tell us about it, dirtballs.


I am against plagiarism in all forms. And I stand by my original assertion that no doubt his future as an A-lister at Pajamas Media is quite assured.


oh, man. Is it a sign of getting soft that I am starting to feel bad for this guy?


Yes, it is a sign of softness. But even worse, I saw the chimp on TV the other day and almost felt sorry for him.


Well, I teach at a state university, and his writing doesn’t surprise me one bit. Plagiarism is the default writing style for about half the people in his peer group, I’m afraid, just google, copy and paste. Many of the kids don’t even know they are doing it, really. “Hey, I changed a couple of words,” or “Look, it’s in a totally different order.”

I try to hammer it into them that it is dishonest, not acceptable, and they will suffer penalties ranging from failing grades to expulsion if caught. I let them redo assignments the first time I catch them taking credit for something someone else came up with if they seem unclear on the concept. After that, it’s like I always say, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, won’t get fooled again!”


You’re just a meanie. You should always let them plagiarize. If Daddy will give them a couple o’ Benjamins to slip you, that is.


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