Cobb Voting Irregularities

Thanks to a push from a certain Evil Squid Scientist, a certain Professor of Dangeral Studies is threatening an unacceptable all-categories sweep of the Cobb Awards.

The committee was dragged out of bed to issue a ruling, and it was decided that the Most Super Worst Professor EVAR-INFINITY!1!!! award be reinstituted.

Raphael, ‘School of Athens’ (1510-11): Horowitz lectures
Plato on the dichotomy between knowledge and opinion

Voting continues apace.


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Nominate PZ for the Cobb in using voting to derail the funnity of voting.

losing feeling in my toes

they still have a bunch of money left. they have got to have something up their sleeves……keep you chin up….have faith!!!


Heh- I have a print of “The School of Athens” on my dorm room wall.


What dorm doesn’t?


Hey, I’m not eligible for a Most Super Worst Professor EVAR-INFINITY!1!!! award. It has to go to someone in a discipline that uses the word “post-modern” correctly, and without irony.

We never use it in the sciences, and when we do, we misuse it.


What dorm doesn’t?

The walls of my floormates are plastered with soft-core pornography, second rate ’90’s rock band posters and similar tripe.
A bunch of Philistines, that lot…


Yes, it is I, the internationally renowned expert on all things Mooslem, the great Professor Pipes!

Tremble before me, and heed my words, lest the next time you bow be under duress, at the muezzin call.



GuinessGuy – what is your opinion on posters depicting archetypical Irish beers?

or defunct Connecticut hockey teams?


Both kick ass, ID, and I’ll tell you why: They’re classy and keep their aesthetic qualities when the viewer is both drunk and sober.


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