Now that I’m thoroughly riled up, can anybody tell me what the hell the Patriots think they’re doing letting McGinnest and Vinatieri walk? Who the hell can they possibly replace them with who’s still on the free agent market? Unless they have a draft akin to the Steelers in ’74 (when they selected a whopping four future Hall-of-Famers), they look s to tha’ crizwed next year.

To make matters worse, the Dolphins finally found themselves a real quarterback. Grrrrrr…


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I don’t like the Patriots (well, hate actually) but I was wondering why they got rid of Vinatieri myself. I hate free agency. It used to be a guy would play with the same team for his whole career so the fans knew who they were rooting for. Now, alas, fans are stuck changing their alliances all the time. I am so pissed the Cowboys got rid of KJ and picked up TO I could spit. How the f–k am I supposed to root for TO?? They are ruining the game with greed. I thought that kickers at least stayed longer but now I see that the trend is pervasive. The same thing is happening with jobs all over. The days of a person working their whole career at the same company are over. Loyalty is a lost virtue. Well, enough rant, sorry about your lost continuity.


Why don’t the Pats pick up Vanderjagt?

mr. x- Keyshawn is in Charlotte today talking with the Panthers. He might not be TO, but I’m not sure if his personality will fit in with what the Panthers have been trying to do for the past few years with getting rid of the jackasses and murderers on the team.

And I hate HATE that we lost Will Witherspoon to StL.


Hey, unlike a lot of the ’90s Cowboys, at least TO isn’t a convicted felon yet.


Why don’t the Pats pick up Vanderjagt?

Because he’s an asshole, he can’t kick in the clutch, and he’s the exact opposite of everything Bill Belechick looks for in a football player.


I’ll admit KJ is a hothead, but he was a reliable and functional player. The ’90s Cowboys had some problems which shall remain nameless, but also some classier players too. If they (pro football) keep going the way they are some day the fans will forget to show up for the game. I guess I will have to root for the Chiefs more this year.


Because he’s an asshole, he can’t kick in the clutch, and he’s the exact opposite of everything Bill Belechick looks for in a football player.

Agreed. Which is why it seems appropriate that he is
signing with the Cowboys. Still, not a lot of kickers worth mentioning on the free agent market. Are there any decent kickers in the draft?


Are there any decent kickers in the draft?

Stephen Gostkowski– 88% FG%, 3-3 from 50+ yards, long of 53 yards.

Trouble is, I don’t want to trust a rookie kicker to replace Adam Vinatieri. Talk about pressure!


They didn’t ‘get rid’ of Viniteri, they just didn’t want to pay him what the Colts were. I’m more upset about McGinest, even if that one’s an easier one to explain from a football sense (he’s getting old).

The thing they’re doing that’s upsetting me though is their channeling of the old timey Yawkey Way vibe where they alienate fans by being imperious.

Still, buck up Brad. They still have Brady, Givens, Watson, Seymour, Warren and Wolfolk in their primes — with Bruschi, Dillon, Faulk, Graham, Harrison and Vrabel around to provide leadership. Right now, if everyone stays healthy, this is a 12-4/11-5 team right now (they have an easier schedule than last year’s death march, they get to play Buffalo and the Jets twice and they usually draft well.).


Ooop that one was me.


I dunno, Jay. Even if Rodney comes back healthy, that secondary is still a mess. Corey might have hit a wall last year- I think he’s on the downside of his career. Teams will pretty much be able to double-cover Branch, and Brady won’t have any quality wideouts to throw to. Having two quality TEs in Watson and Graham is nice though. Watson looks like a freaking star, too.

The defensive line is gonna be sick, but with a 3-4 defense we still need an inner linebacker who isn’t Monty Beisel. And other than Colvin, our linebackers are getting up there in years.


Yeah, didn’t Givens go to Buffalo? Or am I thinking of someone else?

You’re right about dumbass Vanderjagt, Brad. But he’s still the best kicker out there in FA.

Or he was at least.


Givens went to the Titans.

Rumor has it they’ve been saving up cap space to sign Seymour and Branch. Here’s hoping.


Yosef, sorry about Witherspoon. I hope if they sign KJ he behaves himself. I just don’t think TO is the answer at Dallas. Bledsoe is just like VT was, if you pressure him, he turns it over. A high flash receiver is the last thing they needed. A good offensive line is what they should get so they can run the ball consistently. Now they’ve spent all their money on TO and they will stink again this year.


as much as I dislike the Cowboys, weren’t most of the felons on that team drug felons?

Those don’t count.

And at least your team has a pass rush, a proven QB, competent coaches and personnel guys, cap room, an offensive line, a draft history that isn’t ridiculously terrible, etc. etc.

‘6 and 10, do it again’
If we’re lucky.

There were rumours that Vaderjagt was coming here, but thank god he isn’t, since we took a kicker in the first round last year.


Vanderjagt missed one clutch kick, albeit badly. There may be more of which I’m not aware, but he’s one of the most accurate kickers in the game right now. That said, he’s also an a$$hole for throwing Peyton & Co. under the bus. No athlete should call his teammates out like that (see Owens, Terrell). And oh yeah: You’re a kicker – shut up!


I agree, recreational drugs don’t count as bad as steroids. I agree with everything except the offensive line, they need new blood. They did draft well last year. I’m not a big fan or anything, it’s just that they are closest geographically.


Maybe if the Patty-cakes could score some more of them 6-pointers, they wouldn’t need to rely on their kicker so much.

Go Bears.


Dittis- you’re a Jets fan? Haaaaaa, haaaaaaa!!!!


Maybe if the Patty-cakes could score some more of them 6-pointers, they wouldn’t need to rely on their kicker so much.

I know. It’s not like that strategy netted them three Super Bowls in four years or anything.


mr. x, that laundry list of complaints was not directed at the Cowboys.

I guess not everyone knows that ‘6 and 10, do it again’ is the eternal lament of fans of the J-E-T-S.

I also think that kicker bashing is total bullshit. They are part of the game, and in general they succeed far more often than they fail. I know it’s de rigeur, but that doesn’t make it right.

also, Vanderjagt was kind of right. Maybe if Payton weren’t the biggest playoff choker of all time, they would have won that game handily like they were supposed to. And Payton threw his o-line under the bus himself. It’s not like the year before when the Jets kicker missed three chances to win in Pittsburgh. And even in that game, the Jets had every chance to take control of the game and didn’t, but everyone says ‘its the kicker’s fault.’

Not only that, but it’s not easy to do, and most of the people who bash kickers probably couldn’t even make a fifteen yard kick.

(I know it’s a specialty position, like a relief pitcher, and failures are more exaggerated, but still, enough.)


See, Brad knew.


See, Brad knew.

Took a kicker in the first round… hee-hee what a waste of a draft pick…


You’re a Mets fan too, right? I kinda admire that you like the two loser New York teams…


not to mention Brian Thomas ahead of Ed Reed.

(Brian who?)


I know. It’s not like that strategy netted them three Super Bowls in four years or anything.

Well, you can rely on your anecdotal arguments all you want, but let’s look at Bears vs. Patriots using real measures:

SBSR (Super Bowl Success Rate) = (# of Super Bowls Won/# of Super Bowls Played)

Head-To-Head Super Bowl Performance

If you’ll now excuse me, I need to go buy more straws, as I’ve clearly grasped at my last one.


And what were you thinking hiring Mangini? Just because someone is from the Patriots doesn’t mean they’ll make a good head coach…


yes, although that term doesnt exactly apply to the Mets. They were the best team ever when I started liking them, but it was a rough 10 years after that, then 3 OK years, then 3 terrible years…

Things are finally looking up though.


It could be worse, your team could have signed Brian Griese.

I know it sucks to lose favorites but I think free agency also adds a lot of excitement to the offseason. Except when your team signs Brian Griese.

Culpepper was a big improvement for the Dolphins, if you can keep him away from the docks.


I actually like Mets fans. They’re the classier version of Yankees fans.

But if I were in New York, I’d be a Giants fan all the way. They have such a great tradition. That LT could perform on that level for so long while being a cokehead is amazing.


Culpepper was a big improvement for the Dolphins, if you can keep him away from the docks.

Having a good QB was the only thing keeping the Dolphins from the playoffs last year. They should get there next year.


Culpepper was a good move for the Dolphins.


I just know that I’ll be good and pissed off if the NFL schedules the Bengals-Steelers rematch for Week 1, when Palmer likely won’t be back from his maiming. Fucking Steelers grumble grumble Kimo von Oelhoffen frackle spackle dirty play.


TravisG, I was really VERY surprised that more wasn’t made of how dirty that hit on Palmer looked. Seemed to fade away all too fast.



Sure, the Pats have holes, but I think their secondary actually improved once they got Teddy back (so did everything else on d. he’s the lynchpin, even as he’s aging). And I hate Beisel, so that’s something they might address in the draft (what about that kid from Alabama? Bobby Carpenter from OSU? Or they could get a McGinest-type DL/LB rusher with that kid from BC).

That said, it seems with $20 million to spend, they’ll go for another receiver to go with Branch — Moulds? The teams usually go through another rounds of cuts before camp, so they can still pick up some quality there.

And yeah, Dillion sucked last year. I’m with you on the wall (opposed to an injury) and if they can get Lendale White in the draft, that’d be nice too.

Still, the Dolphins lost Williams again and Brown, while he looked good at times, is no Ricky. And I’m sure that while Daunte managed to get fucked up in Minnesota there’s almost no chance to get in trouble in Miami — so they’ll be fine.


Vanderjagt prolly was right, but that doesn’t mean he should blab about it to the media, even if they do ask. I don’t know if I could make a fifteen yarder, but that’s not my job, it’s his. And I don’t blame him or Peyton for coming just short; it’s a team game, and the Colts have been consistently in the hunt for some time now. That means they’re pretty good.

I kinda like the Giants, because I’m more of a college fan, and they have Tiki Barber. Go Virginia Cavaliers!


Have they said when Culpepper is going to be able to play? The last thing I heard was when they were saying he might not be able to play before halfway through the season.

I was at the game when Mike Minter destroyed Culpepper’s knee. Hell of a hit.

Of course, the Panthers are going to be relying on Deshaun “Biakabutuka” Foster at rb. He’s excellent when healthy, but he has a season ending injury every year!

And who here feels sorry for Reggie Bush? It’s starting to look like a given that the Texans will draft him and in so doing, leave their OL as shitty as ever, meanign he’ll never be as good as he could. I don’t understand that organization. They’ve got a good qb and a good rb, just no one to block for them. Trade the #1 for an entire OL somewhere!


C’mon, quit whining – that was not a dirty play! Plus, the guy’s a former Bengal, for goodness sake!


Ben, I think Tiki is among the class of the NFL. There are a lot of ‘Hoos in the NFL. Pittsburgh’s got one of the best! Tampa Bay’s got Ronde, but the Bucs are the evil empire.


I don’t think von Oelhoffen meant to injure Palmer, but he clearly went for the knee. Probably as payback for the Bengals saying they’d go after Roethlisberger’s gimpy knee in their previous meeting. That’s football, but it still sucks.

It’s not fun weighing the relative merits of Jamie Brown versus Tommy Maddox as a potential multi-game starter.


I mean Jamie Martin. Who the hell is Jamie Brown?


You’re a Mets fan too, right? I kinda admire that you like the two loser New York teams…

Hey, did years of futility stop you from being a Pats and Sox fan? As you know, payback is sweet.


Maybe this will help.


Nope. Doesn’t ring a bell, Ben. I think it was a work-related association.

Yosef, you’re totally right about the Texans and their #1 pick. D’brickashaw Ferguson could be had a couple of spots lower, and they’d end up with a couple more good picks. I’ve heard rumors that they’re interested in Vince Young again, despite paying Carr’s roser bonus earlier this month. Really, the same advice holds true for the Saints, sitting at #2.

And what the hell’s wrong with Drew Brees? I’m not really even a Dolphins fan, but I’m angry that he didn’t sign with them. What, does he hate Super Bowls or something?


D’brick and Heath “Big Money” Miller! Love those guys! Plus the aforementioned Barber twins (met Tiki, who spoke at my brother’s graduation – he is teh 4w3s0m3!), Aaron Brooks (geaux Saints!), John St. Clair (of your beloved Dolphins), Thomas Jones (his bro went to Notre Dame, but I forgive him), Alvin Pearman…I could go on.


…formerly of the Dolphins, now with da Bears.


yes, Brad, and Mets fans (including myself) are often very simpatico with the Sox.

But I can’t stand the Giants, personally. Even before I was an active fan of the Jets, I loathed them. The Yankees and Giants are usually paired (that is, Yankee fans are more likely to be Giants fans and vice versa,) and Giants fans are nearly as arrogant. My dislike for both teams stems mostly from the arrogance of their fans, and especially from that of a certain fat cobag sports radio host in NYC.)

And Tiki Barber is definitely a classy guy and a good teammate, but he is also a Fox News host. That plus the fact that he plays for the Giants means he can get fucked as far as I’m concerned. (If he changed teams, I would reconsider that, but I really hate the G-men.)

and Ben, that’s true, it’s his job, not yours, but part of the kicker bashing formula is acting like it’s so friggin’ easy.

Gus – I was going to ask Brad the same thing, but I had to go to class. I went out the door thinking of the first sports bet I ever made, winning four dollars from my mom when the Bears absolutely crushed the Pats in the superbowl.

No team wins all the time, which is one more reason to dislike Yankee fans, most of whom act as though it were their God-given right to win every year. (not like I won’t talk shit for years if my team wins though.)


I do think Culpepper will do well in Miami once he’s healthy. Even if he’s only ready for half the season, that sets them up nicely for 2007. Saban is a good coach and they will probably be in the playoffs this year.

I think the Vikings will regret going with Brad Johnson. Not a bad QB, but they bailed on Culpepper way too easily. I would feel bad about it if I didn’t hate the Vikings.


Ianua, I despise the Giants too, mostly from their late-80s/early-90s run. Seemed like every play on offense was a 3 yard run by Ottis Anderson. I’ve mentally fused the bang-it-out Giants and the bang-it-out Knicks.


I don’t know why I started hating them. I didnt know crap about football then. I just remember thinking Mark Bavaro was dumb.

Don’t get me started on the Knicks. If only they had stayed on the bench…


This post gets 50 comments?!? Kinda explains how those NFL loaf-munchers con us taxpayers into coughing up hundreds of millions of dollars for new stadiums and stuff. *sigh*


(not like I won’t talk shit for years if my team wins though.)

Yeah, I’m still mentally setting cars on fire on Market Street over the Niners’ ’95 win … okay, maybe not.


can we talk about basketball on this thread also?

I’m not a big fan of the game, but I am an alum of the best basketball school in the world.

and on that note, what I want to say is:



You went to UCLA, Dittis? Me too!


Not a Duke fan, but… at least they didn’t lose to George Mason! Stupid Tarholes!!!

Panthers are going to sign Meshawn today!


I actually like Mets fans. They’re the classier version of Yankees fans.

Curse you, Brad R. I’m a lifelong Yankee fan who likes to consider himself both reasonable and classy. Upon reading this comment, I spent forty-five minutes trawling the web with google searches like “Mets fans unruly” and “Mets fans are assholes” (admittedly, that doesn’t make me look like the classiest of Yankee fans), searching for a perfect “Sadly, No!” example to point to in response to your comment.

But what did I find? That Yankee fans personify corporate capitalism and Republican virtues, while Mets fans represent good-natured, hard-luck, Democratic fans who stay true to their team despite its many disappointments. In fact, I have to admit that most of the things I found during my search consisted of Yankee fans making rude and unclassy comments about Mets fans.

In my own experience, Mets fans can be nearly as obnoxious and annoying as Yankee fans, conceiving of themselves, as they do, as the virtuous repositories of all that is sacred in baseball. But I can’t refute your point, which sucks almost as much as being a lifelong Mets and Red Sox fan.


I think the Vikings got rid of Culpepper because of racism among a sizable and very vocal contingent of Vikings fans. I’ve pretty much given up on football, but I know that, even though he took them to the playoffs every year, Dennis Green was villified among Vikings fans. I don’t recall any white coaches getting the large amounts of shit Denny got, despite his success. Granted, he never got the big one, but Bud Grant is deified here despite never getting a ring. Also, whenever the Vikings have a black quarterback, the loudmouths who call into the sports radio shows pounce on any bad performance and insist the (inevitably white) backup be given a chance. When the Vikes had Warren Moon, these dipshits were calling for Denny to put Gino fucking Torretta out there fer Chrissakes. Looks like another 8-8 season for the Queens. Which is fine with me as long as the Twins are decent.


Demogenes – no, I forgot about UCLA (as I said, I don’t really follow college basketball.)

I should have said ‘in the last ten years’ I guess, although I’m fairly certain that UCLA (or any other school for that matter) has never won the NCAA in both Men’s and Women’s basketball in the same season.

Yosef – I saw that also on EPSN. What’s the under on the week in which he becomes a headache?

Matt – there are some of you, that is classy and reasonable Yankee fans, including some of my good friends. But I still find that the bad ones are worse than those of any other team. And since they are often the most vocal, you all get that reputation.

Not only that, but many of the current Yankee fans began as Mets fans, and then changed their loyalty because the Mets weren’t good. They then adopted the Yankees c. September 1996 and act as if anyone who sticks by their team is a fool.

Also (and this can happen to any team) you have the typical bandwagon jumpers that the Yankees have accrued over the years, (girls who root for them because they think Jeter is hot, etc.)

It’s all a rich tapestry.



Go Patriots!

No, not those Patriots, the George Mason Patriots! In fact, all three D.C. area teams did well, and the one that made the Final Four is a Virginia public school (unlike Georgetown & George Washington, both private D.C. schools)!

Arlington, VA


Me know how to use tags real good.


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