Stranger and stranger…

This is the Washington Post’s new Screaming Red Zonkers Red America blogger, Ben Domenech.

And this is the puzzling and elusive Edward Daley.


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Also strange is that hyperlink on “Edward Daley.”


Edward Daley is obviously Ritchie Cunningham, which means Ben Domenech is Potsie Webber.


Never trust a male cheerleader.
The chickenshit bastard actually wrote that. And voted for one.
Homeschooling is paying off for the Pubs, big time.


Holy Crap in A Cobag,

The mouth and eyes are the same….


I think you’ve figured it out! Now if we can just figure out who Mr. Smith and Stanton Carlisle are.


Doppelgangers aside, doesn’t Domenech’s face just make you want to punch him out? Already, at 24, he’s got that smug, I-know-what’s-best-for-everyone smirk down pat.

See also: Hannity, Sean; Carlson, Tucker.


You are the most valuable blog on teh internetz!!!


Why doesn’t the Post launch a “blue America” blog? You know, as opposed to a white, male, logic-challenged, home-schooled fundamentalist christian freak, they could have, like Pam Spaulding or something.


I’m pretty sure I saw that police artist’s sketch of Edward Daley (if that is his real name) on the Post Office wall last time I went there.


Where do these folks come from? Here’s another one out of the same die:

I gotta kick him in da azz for shaming my great ethnicity.


Looks like young Ben has some plagiarism issues. Check Atrios.


Sounds like Mar’ie Jon”s consort has arrived.


Looks like almost as great a plonker as that moronic git with the brown suit and a bible.


Who knew that the Post had been bought out by Comedy Central?


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