Cobb Awards: Voting Open

“The whole thing is a just a vicious meta-snark attack on Ty Cobb, a misunderstood man who in his day made a hell of a salad.” -Culture O’ Truth, via Atrios

The official nominations for the first three categories of the 2005 Cobb Awards* have been tabulated and checked for inconsistencies and sneaky self-promotion by Michael Bérubé other inconsistencies, and are as listed. Voting is now open in these categories:**


(Names as submitted.)

Atlas Sucks
Apoplectic Veteran
Michael Berúbé
Kevin Drum
Sadly, No!
skippy the attention kangaroo
Steve ‘Kill ‘Em All’ Gilliard
Matthew Yglesias

“I was gonna say that last category is surely designed to poke a stick in the eye of that Pinko Punko fella. I’m sure one of his troll buddies will be here in a moment to whine petulantly.” -Fulsome

“Fulsome, I’m gonna shove my foot up your pork-snorkeling ass.” -Pinko Punko

“[H]ow is Josh Marshall not nominated for Least Humorous? This one’s his to lose.” -Michael Bérubé

“Drum in a Dullslide.” -Demogenes Aristophanes

“I nominate Michael Berúbé for. . . Infinite Communist Times A Millionest Blogger Who Is A Pinko And Should Shut Up.” -Sifu Tweety


(Names as submitted.)

Michael Berúbé
Daily Kos
Sadly, No!
Sifu Tweety at The Poor Man (self-nomination)

“DailyKos. It’s like a big bowl of Angry Flakes that never runs out.” -Jade

Atrios and Kos are clouds like dark Heffalumps” -Thers

“I meant that Kos would still be pretty fine even with a considerable amount less recognition…” -John

“Can we give a “Did You Know Firefox Actually Allows You to Have More than One Bookmark?” Award to Atrios for linking every word Digby has ever posted?” -Steve M.


(Names as submitted.)

Michael Berúbé
Daily Kos
The Disgruntled Chemist (self-nomination)
Rude Pundit
Sadly, No!
James Wolcott

“Worst Community would be Wolcott. Any mere mortal brave enough to comment would die the death of a thousand rapier wit cuts, though, so it’s probably for the best.” -tigrismus

“Atrios, where there are more ‘Goodnight JohnBoy’ comments on a single open thread than there would be on an alien planet that based its entire civilization on The Waltons.” -Demogenes Aristophenes

“Celebrity Deathmatch Liberal Professor! Awesome. Berube: “You don’t bring a squid to a gunfight, cobag atheist, and besides we’re not even here right now, this doesn’t exist.” PZ: “Well you didn’t even bring a gun, and this squid is PURE POISON!!!!!! EAT IT BERUBE COBAG!!!!” *squirts burning acid squid juice on Berube*” -Pinko Punko

“Me vs. Bérubé? It just won’t work. All my weapons are flaccid, slimy, and in a state of partial dissection, while he’s got the hockey stick. It’s no contest, unless he happens to have a sensitive tummy.” -PZ Myers

Important Note: Steve Gilliard, who is probably annoyed right now (and thereby increasing his chance to win), as well as all other nominees and voters, can review the guidelines and rules for the above awards on this page.

* Several suggested categories, such as Most Hilariously Homoerotic (nom: Powerline), are under construction.
** You’d imagine that these things took a bunch of work by observing the Koufaxes, but it’s astonishing how much work they actually do take (a lot). Serious, yo — the folks at Wampum deserve a giant negative anti-Cobb for Least Worst Award-Doers.


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Least Humorous: Kevin Drum (would have been Josh Marshall but he’s started backhanding people lately and that’s pretty funny)
Most Deserving of Less Recognition: Daily Kos (they can use the slight downturn to bulwark their site software)
Worst Community: Sadly, No! (followed closely by Cobagz Anonymous–3Bulls–which is why I like to hang out here)
Awaiting my impending nutpunch…

Monkey Testicle

I only wish to vote in one category: most deserving of least recognition. That great honor must go to Atrios, a blog that grew increasingly, and inexplicably, famous with each inane 20-word post and open thread.


Open comment. Try not to shoot anybody in the face.


Well I’d just like to say I nominate all of my fellow dhimmicrat terrorist sympathizers for continuing to murder womb babies, enabling sodomy, and burning flags. Thank you all so much!!


Is flag burning an epidemic sweeping this great nation? If so, I would like to know why I can’t recall any recent outbreaks reported by the news media (including conservative media outlets).


Goodnight Johnboy! Goodnight monkey testicle! Goodnight T-Bone!


P.S. How did I get nominated for Worst Community? A couple of homeless commentors muttering to themselves does not a community make! They don’t even keep their refrigerator-box domiciles close to each other!


Least Humorous, Drum
Less Recognition, Kos
Worst Community, Atrios

Most Self-Promotion, TPM Media Empire
Least Liberal, Drum


P.S. How did I get nominated for Worst Community?

You don’t remember? I was hanging around in your comments and someone made fun of me, and I was like, “I hereby nominate this blog for Worrrst Comm-un-ity!”


Shrillest, PZ Myers
Most Shrill, Brad DeLong


Least Humorous: Kevin Drum for sure.

Most Deserving of Less Recognition: Atrios

Worst Community: I’m writing in the entire A-List here. Despite some notable exceptions, it’s going through another swing of insularity that makes it boring and not too productive to read.


Worst community is Atrios because it’s:

“Do me, John-Boy, then some hot milk and good night.”


For the record, I didn’t say that “Atrios and Kos are clouds like Dark Heffalumps,” Ann Altmouse did.

I agree that the Eschaton comment threads are total cesspits. Everyone who ever posts there is a much worse person than Hitler.


Least Mac-friendly: Glenn Greenwald

Runner-up: Atrios, not that he cares.

2nd runner-up: Wolcott (decapitated caricature)


I think Draco must be running a Quadra or something.

Oh yeah, nutpunches for everyone! Also, titty twisters, gobble gobbles, wet willies and the MOTHER of all WEDGIES. And possibly a chocolate swirlie for fulsome.


Most deserving of less recognition: Hesiod, virginia Postrel

Worst Community:
Brothers Judd blog

Least Humorous: 3Bulls

Hilariously unhinged commie: tie Chuckles at Freelance Genius and Adorable Girlfriend at Republic of Dogs


Gillard: Mmmm… anger; which, while funny at times, just has so much seriousnessitude to it

Atrios: (See Norbiz “open comment” above)

Rude Pundit: I can only imagine the rude wannabes who would leave stupid comments if only they were given the chance they never. deserve. evar.


Worst Community? Is that even up for question?


Worst Community? Is that even up for question?


Handsomest community: Atrios


Worst Commenter:

Chad Henderson


I second all of Costello’s votes.

Kudos to Demogenes for “Drum in a Dullslide”

How ’bout Most Annoyingly Prolific & Precocious?
Matt Yglesias


Least Humorous: Kevin Drum

Less Recognition: Atrios

Worst Community: Atrios


Least Taking advantage of eschaton backsplatter: 3B.


Least humorous: Atlas Shrugs (but that’s because an old drinking injury causes me to confuse “humor” with “good taste in art”)

Most deserving of less recognition: Who’s that guy who’s always getting on my case about shooting people in the face? Fuck that guy. I’m from a Red State, and we handle things the way God intended and David Brooks approves from a safe distance.

Worst community: Norbizness. Those pudwhackers don’t even keep their refrigerator-box domiciles close to each other.


Who’s giving istructions not to “shoot anyone in the face?!” Bastard!


Sometimes I push my shopping cart full of my digital belongings into Happy Furry Puppy Park, but I think I’ve found a new home for it.


Least Humorous: Atlas Shrugged

Most Deserving of Less Recognition: DailyKos (easily the most boring clusterfuck I’ve ever seen)

Worst Community: Atrios. For lots of reasons, but mostly because every comment thread is prefaced by two pages of “Frist!” Also, boring trolls.

Closest to Becoming Self-Parody: Pandagon. Sorry Amanda, but someone has to say it: every issue is NOT a feminist issue. *covers head*

Most Boring Off-Topic Personal Life Posts: Tbogg (so you have basset hounds and your daughter plays soccer! I GET IT! *sob*)

Lifetime Achievement Award For Derailing Blogs With Meaningless Filler: Atrios, for introducing the “take pictures of your pets and post them” meme into the liberal blogosphere.


Lifetime Achievement Award For Derailing Blogs With Meaningless Filler: Atrios, for introducing the “take pictures of your pets and post them” meme into the liberal blogosphere.

Uh…I believe Kevin Drum is responsible for this fete.


Jeremias: A broken Atari 2600 with encrusted pigeon droppings and a busted up Bananarama tape are not “digital bloggings.”

Drew: You just need to check out the Bassett Hound Indoor Soccer Association (BHISA) on ESPN7.


Belongings, rather. Sorry.

Open comments! Try not to shot, club, throttle, drown, beat, and poison anybody.


What JoXn Costello said.


Goddammit, how am I getting wiped out in both the Koufaxes and the Cobbs? Screw it. I’m gonna go back to my blog and start posting the Grundrisse. If that doesn’t get me “least humorous” nothing will. Unless I start a series on Social Security or some shit.

Oh, and Worst Community: Pharyngula, without a doubt. Also it’s gotta be Kos! And this one’s not even close — RUDE PUNDIT.

Less Recognition: make mine EschatamericaTboggbloglake, please.


Party line: 4Bulls, all the way!

Others might deserve it more but no place will sigh about it longer.


I nominate Michael Bérubé for every single category, including ones you haven’t thought of yet, in perpetuity, amen, plus I think you need to make up a drinking game in his honor.


least humorous – drum
less recognition – atrios
worst community – atrios


Least Humorous: Kevin Drum

Less Recognition: EschatamericaTboggbloglake as per MB

Worst Community: Atrios


Least humorous: Gilliard
Least deserving: Atrios
Worst Community: Atrios
Best Banners: 3Bulls
Worst Graphics: Americablog
Worst Photographer: Atrios
Worst Straight: Atlas Sucks
Worst Gay: Gay Patriot
Worst Dancers: Sadly, No!


Least humorous: Gilliard
Least deserving: Atrios
Worst Community: Atrios
Best Banners: 3Bulls
Worst Graphics: Americablog
Worst Photographer: Atrios
Worst Straight: Atlas Sucks
Worst Gay: Gay Patriot
Worst Dancers: Sadly, No!
Lamest Attempt to Vote Twice: Outside the Tent.


Least Humorous: Drum makes me feel like I’ve been buried alive in warm wet sand. Or maybe plunged into a giant vat of warm pudding, except that sounds kind of fun, whereas reading Drum does not.

Most Deserving of Less Recognition: As much as I want to cast this vote for the 3Cobags, I have to vote for Kos, since he makes me throw up a little in my mouth on a more-or-less daily basis.

Worst Community: I can’t figure out what you mean by “worst”. Do you mean blogs that have little or no community, or blogs that have extensive community composed entirely of choads? If the former, then I vote for Wolcott, who is (probably wisely) uninterested in the bullshit “feedback” of cretins like us. If the latter, then I again vote for Kos and six million go-tard fristers. My heart again longs for the sweet ecstasy of voting for the 3Chumps in this category, but since I’m a regular kommentator on that dump, I must resist.


Michael, don’t feel bad. I didn’t make it to the Koufax finals, and I didn’t even get NOMINATED for this farcical corn-hole of a contest. Bitter mediocrity is cold comfort.

Hey, I think I’m going to have that inscribed on my gravestone!


Right next to “pray louder for my soul, chumps, I can’t hear you while listening to my cobag iPod” on your tombstone, sweet Res?

Also, you probably have so much Seal on that thing, it doesn’t count as degrading anymore, it goes straight to quilted teddy-bear sweat shirts!


Most inside and meta rip on Res Publica that no one will get and all the Atrionis will resent him for:

Pinko Punko.

also, nice try Berube- I know you are just trying to shoot up the rankings in the next 50 most dangerous book- how about “50 people most dangerous to me staying awake”




An interesting humorous display, the point of which evades me.


Why not ask your commenters to come to a consensus, Kevmo?!!

I’ll start your post for you:

“I’ve never really be convinced by….

“Is is just me or is the whole brouhaha about….

“It seems that conventional wisdom is but I just can’t get worked up about….

“Is there something I am missing about…”

“Certainly there are others more informed about…so I couldn’t really say….but it seems…..

“I haven’t looked into this too closely, but my initial reaction is….


Cancel what I said about my gravestone. I’ve decided that I want a taxidermist to stuff me in an upright position, with my middle finger extended toward Pinko Punko for all eternity. Cobag.


Ok, that’s funny.


Worst community: Power Line. Hindrocket and his pals have done more than anyone to further the cause of the left.


Professor Bérubé: I suggest you paste excerpts from the Grundrisse in other bloggers’ comments sections. It’ll make you a front runner for the coveted worst commenter trophy.


I’m voting for Berübe for everything. Twice. No, make that three times.

I may be back to vote some more, after I’ve rested and recovered from the effort.


Maybe they can play “Kiss From a Rose” in your display area?

Oh come on, it’s the circle of life, Fulsome baits us and we bait you….

I just couldn’t do the you are the masterbaiter of the circle. I don’t want to be accused of cribbing material from a certain DELIGHTFUL yet SOMEWHAT teen-skewing TV show.


Worst Community Michael Bérubé
Most Deserving of Less Recognition Michael Bérubé
Least Humorous Michael Bérubé
A vote for Bérubé is a vote for Bérubé !!!


After experiencing it firsthand, I have to go with Drum for most humorless community.


OK, I’m back. Give Bérubé another handful of votes.


Worst Community Michael Bérubé
Most Deserving of Less Recognition Michael Bérubé
Least Humorous Michael Bérubé
A vote for Bérubé is a vote for Less or at Least, Worstist.


Where the hell is “Liberal Oasis” for Worst Community? Even Dangerous Professor Berurbe strongly agreed. Who d’ya gotta blow around here to get a little traction?


1. Gilliard
2. Atrikos
3. Write in vote for The Poor Man. Editors is gone for a week or 2 then comes back with one post saying he is cool and gets 20000^7 comments saying how cool he is.

You don’t remember? I was hanging around in your comments and someone made fun of me, and I was like, “I hereby nominate this blog for Worrrst Comm-un-ity!”

Hah! That was THYCWOTI!!!!!


Most Deserving to Never Receive Any Award Whatsoever: 3Bulls!


The obvious, trite notion: in production the members of society appropriate (create, shape) the products of nature in accord with human needs; distribution determines the proportion in which the individual shares in the product; exchange delivers the particular products into which the individual desires to convert the portion which distribution has assigned to him; and finally, in consumption, the products become objects of gratification, of individual appropriation. Production creates the objects which correspond to the given needs; distribution divides them up according to social laws; exchange further parcels out the already divided shares in accord with individual needs; and finally, in consumption, the product steps outside this social movement and becomes a direct object and servant of individual need, and satisfies it in being consumed. Thus production appears as the point of departure, consumption as the conclusion, distribution and exchange as the middle, which is however itself twofold, since distribution is determined by society and exchange by individuals. The person objectifies himself in production, the thing subjectifies itself in the person; [9] in distribution, society mediates between production and consumption in the form of general, dominant determinants; in exchange the two are mediated by the chance characteristics of the individual.


Worst Community Michael Bérubé
Less Recognition Michael Bérubé
Least Humorous Michael Bérubé
And Michael is in the lead by a nose and a half.


Worst Community: Bitch Ph.D. “Buy the shoes, Dr. B! Pay for it by sewing your own flannel maxipads!”


Well, that was pretty funny. Add another bunch of votes for Bérubé in everything exceptLeast Funny.


Worst Community Michael Bérubé
Most Deserving of Less Recognition Michael Bérubé
Least Humorous Michael Bérubé
A vote for Bérubé is a vote for honesty.


Great contest, worst community (if by worst you mean best) is Pharyngula, where else can you get intelligent atheists battling it out with retarded creationists who keep coming back for more. Kevin Drum is no doubt the most humourless community. I can’t vote for less recogniton because I don’t read crappy blogs


I can’t vote for less recogniton because I don’t read crappy blogs

That’s like what I said to the waitress the other day. She mentioned the check, and I explained that I had changed my mind about ordering the hamburger deluxe with cheese-gravy fries, because I was full.


Oh, and:



Michael Bérubé nails it.


Who the hell has footnotes in their comments?*

*well do asterices count?+

+no. well then that snark-ass Berube*

*PZizzy is still a chumpwagon^



Worst Community Michael Bérubé
Most Deserving of Less Recognition Michael Bérubé
Least Humorous Michael Bérubé
“Predictions are hard, especially about the future.” Yogi Barra


Do not, DO NOT, snark at Digby unless you want to be “peppered pretty good”


Pharyngula, worst community but most squidlyicious.


If there is one single thing on this green Earth than I cannot abide, it’s a smug, scientist atheistic, squid porn affectation cultivating Minnesotan. Obviously all those characteristics would be delightful in a Pennsylvanian.


Do not, DO NOT, snark at Digby unless you want to be “peppered pretty good”

Who snarked at Digby? Brad, did you snark at Digby?

Why would anyone snark at Digby?

I’m not seeing ‘snark at Digby’ on the PDA here.

Oh well.


If there is one single thing on this green Earth than I cannot abide, it’s a smug, scientist atheistic, squid porn affectation cultivating Minnesotan. Obviously all those characteristics would be delightful in a Pennsylvanian.

Ha ha! Sir, you have no knowledge of glaciation, and that is not surprising because you like all of your ilk have spent your entire professional education searching for evidence of phallogocentrism in Dickens’s “Little Nell.”


Professor Bérubé: I suggest you paste excerpts from the Grundrisse in other bloggers’ comments sections.

. . .

The obvious, trite notion: in production the members of society appropriate (create, shape) the products of nature in accord with human needs. . . .

What a load of horse manure. Like I would ever post anything so obvious and trite as the opening of “The General Relation of Production to Distribution, Exchange, Consumption.” You want a passage that really has legs, you want the C-M M-C bit:

“One moment of circulation is that the commodity exchanges itself through money for another commodity. But there is, equally, the other moment, not only that commodity exchanges for money and money for commodity, but equally that money exchanges for commodity and commodity for money; hence that money is mediated with itself by the commodity, and appears as the unity which joins itself with itself in its circular course. Then it appears no longer as the medium, but as the aim of circulation (as e.g. with the merchant estate) (in commerce generally). If circulation is looked at not as a constant alternation, but as a series of circular motions which it describes within itself, then this circular path appears as a double one: Commodity–Money–Money–Commodity; and in the other direction Money–Commodity–Commodity–Money; i.e. if I sell in order to buy, then I can also buy in order to sell. In the former case money only a means to obtain the commodity, and the commodity the aim; in the second case the commodity only a means to obtain money, and money the aim. This is the simple result when the moments of circulation are brought together. Looking at it as mere circulation, the point at which I intervene in order to declare it the point of departure has to be a matter of indifference.”

Snap. Let’s see PZ follow me into this thicket.


Michael Bérubé
Michael Bérubé
Michael Bérubé
Michael Bérubé


Least Humorous: Michael Bérubé
Less Recognition: Michael Bérubé
Worst Community: Michael Bérubé


Thicket? What thicket? Can we at least have some standards and confine ourselves to the primary literature?

“The general rule of sensory receptor exclusion also applies to Drosophila ommatidia, where only one rhodopsin gene is expressed by a given PR. The expression of inner PR rhodopsins can be used to distinguish three ommatidial subtypes. Two of the subtypes are distributed randomly throughout the retina: ˜30% of ommatidia express ultraviolet-sensitive Rh3 in R7 cells and blue-sensitive Rh5 in R8 cells, and therefore are specialized in the detection of short wavelengths (‘pale’ ommatidia, p). The remaining ˜70% express another ultraviolet-sensitive opsin (Rh4) in R7 and green-sensitive Rh6 in R8, making them more responsive to longer wavelengths (‘yellow’ ommatidia, y). The coupled expression of Rh3/Rh5 or Rh4/Rh6 within the same ommatidium results from communication between R7 and R8. In the dorsal rim area (DRA), a third type of ommatidia exists in which both R7 and R8 express ultraviolet-sensitive Rh3. These ommatidia are used to detect the e-vector of polarized sunlight for orientation. Spatially localized polarized light detectors and stochastically distributed colour-sensitive ommatidia therefore reflect two fundamentally different specification strategies that shape the retinal mosaic of Drosophila.”

I think the dulcet lucidity of that passage trounces the plangent thumping of whatever the heck you’re quoting, making you easily the worst.

Garçon, ladle out another heap of votes for Mr Bérubé.


The Marxist excerpt production process is inherently transformative, for not only are new comments generated, but the commenter is transmuted in the process. While the action chain is the same in its general shape, its outcomes are various depending on the Marx excerpted. When Michael Bérubé leaves a Grundisse in the comments, he becomes Worst Commenter. This can be represented as


When he leaves Kapital in the comments, he is made into Best Commenter, or


And when he quotes The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, he is rendered Meta Commenter:



Worst Community Michael Bérubé
Most Deserving of Less Recognition Michael Bérubé
Least Humorous Michael Bérubé

Is there no internal reflection when the light origionates from the medium of higher index of refraction?


Any old squid lover can go on about fly eyes, but in all seriousness can you prove to me that you even exist? Advantage Berube.


hey! the only g*ddamn reason i starting inviting co-bloggers to skippy the attention kangaroo is so i could be nominated for the cobb “worst community” award this year.

what the f*ck? i’m not even considered in that category!

by the way, did everyone see the links to me at huffpost, firedoglake, atrios, steve gilliard, xoverboard, and redstate this week?

signed, skippy the attention kangaroo


O! Dear. Has it really come to This? I can think of no two Lesser Specimens of Academic Virility to contest the Cobb Awards than the cultural lackwit Michael Bérubé and that pillar of scientifickal unrigorousness, P.Z. Myers. The latter, should his Perverse Experimentation be allowed to continue, would despoil our Native Seas with grotesque orgies of Onychoteuthisean carnality (that would no doubt result in a Sucker born literally Every Minute, fulfilling the odious Barnum’s century-old Prognosticational Legerdemain); the former is merely Living Proof that auguries gleaned from sheep entrails inform the Bulk of Tenure Decisions in today’s Academy, or more Frighteningly, competitions involving the number of Postmodernist Canards one can successfully stuff up one’s Bottom.

To paraphrase the Great Dean of the Royal Geological Society, the Rev. William Buckland, whatever Footprints this unworthy pair should leave ’pon the inaugural Cobbies, they will undoubtedly be Testudinal.

Yet where do Bérubé and Myers stand on the Great Issues of our day? It is not for lack of listening that I have found a Single Solid Argument on any subject of import from either to be Sorely Wanting, so do they prattle on endlessly to their Misfortunate Audiences, signifying less than nothing, for can Treason Itself be said to be a zero-sum game?

I think not.

On Vigorous Interrogation of terrorists, to take just one example, Messrs. Bérubé and Myers are half-men, parroting the calamitous din of the Effete Parlors of traitorous discontent that infest our Nation like so many Lavishly Appointed vomitorii. For as ridiculous as it may seem at First Blush, there is a Movement afoot in the Corridors of Treachery and Amongst the chattering classes to redefine the infliction of bodily pain upon America’s prisoners for dubious practical purpose, as “torture�.

Were the Savior alive in these Blasphemous Times, surely He would tear at His supply of neatly trimmed Caucasoid Hair and tug at His thinly distributed, flaxen Beard, casting a Pair of baleful, piercing Blue Eyes at the Right Dither we have been worked Into viz-a-viz such Stone-Throwing by the likes of Bérubé and Myers!

How Un-Christian it is to ruminate ’pon the “Moral Dilemma� of Ali Baba Ghraib or Guanobanana Bay, as if one’s own Internal Compass, coupled with Revealed Truth, were not Grace Enough to settle that Particular Hash!

Yet we allow, and Crudely so, the Bérubés and Myerses of our Elite Enclaves to dribble such nonsensical flobberdycock to all corners of our Great Country, for a Garrulous Folk are we, and, Lo! ’tis the Habit of Americans to tickle and tease the Lie out of even the Boldest Truth in our Leisure Cogitations.

Thus, a Mild Remonstration to those who would elevate such a Nefarious Duo’s base agitations to Ribbon-Winning Heights is surely in Order. For is not our very Existence as a Free People at stake?

Simply put, the Bible is not a Suicide Pact. Nor is it a Lesson Book, nor a History, nor a Spiritual Guide. Nor is God’s Word a Cautionary Tale, nor a List of Rules, nor a Treatise on Ethical Behavior, nor a Useful Allegory, nor an Unuseful One, nor a Declamatory Declension; nor a Belabored Metaphor; nor a Fantastic Account; nor is it a Myth Cycle. Nor is the Good Book a Convenient Doorstop; nor a Navigational Chart of Heavenly Waters; nor a Divinely Inspired Oration; nor an Erotic Indulgence; nor a Theological Puzzle; nor a Map of the Soul; nor a Hero’s Journey; nor a Saleable Commodity; nor a Collection of Tales; nor a Pirate Yarn; nor a Thrice-Damned Hornswoggle of Uncertain Providence; nor a Reliable Wart Cure; nor a Proper Substitute for a Good Monocle; nor a Brass-Polishing Substance of Some Note; nor the Thumb and Index Finger of an Amateurishly Repaired Left Mitten of Indigenous Design; nor a Phial of Brackish, Unscented Matter; nor the Cured Sinew of an Adolescent Gaur or Gaur-like Beast; nor a Penis; nor a Particularly Flavorsome Soup Stock.

The Bible is, however, Unimpeachable Evidence that God permits Torture. Infatuae premii, reflexively, and In Spades. Loves it to bits, in fact. To say that He does not! … is to Lie most Fuckingly.

Ha! But what sort of torture does God in His Infinite Mercy adore? That cuts straight to the Heart of the Matter, just don’t it, Dr. Bérubé and Prof. Myers?

In short, our Brand of Torture is the sort Our Lord regards most highly in His Wisdom; our Kind of Villainy that elicits Lordly rumblings of appreciative mirth from the Celestial Bosom. For proof, you need not turn to the Good Book at all, Gentle Reader, nor to any Midrash on the topic by Smelly Beadles in Monastic Robes, but rather to God’s Own Revealed Word on the Subject, related to you in a Dream last Tuesday night as you dozed before the fire, in which He first appeared as a Plaintive Essence of the Ether and later as a Morsel of Underdone Ham, and after which Dream you discovered that in your slumber the Post had arrived, amongst which collection of Correspondence was the heating oil bill and the Spring newsletter of your dear old fraternity, Tau Delta Pu.

Should you doubt that Divine Vision¹, more Fool you.

Here at my own Ancestral Home of Valhalla, we are wont to Torture the servants and peddlers and other lower order miscreants of a Winter Night, to scrive out Who amongst them has stolen an extra portion of Coal from the Scuttle, or forgot to surrender his Chit at Suppertime, or had the Impudence to cry out from the Pain rightfully administered to him by his Betters.

To the Poltroons in our Midst who mewl that we Ought Not do Likewise or Worse to those who would leave Not a Single Stone of the Lower 48 Unturned in their Hellspawned Quest to Flay Every Last American Alive and Knit Burkas from our Tanned Hides, I say, Feh!

To the Cads on the Left Side of the Aisle who gurgle that “human rights� and “Geneva� conventions count Half-a-Damn, I say, Double Feh!

To the Pimps of the Whores of the Courts and the Laws who drool of dribble and dung, I say, the Pound of Flesh’s on the dresser, send up one with Bigger Tits next go-round¹, and Triple Feh!

And to Bérubé and Myers, who even now prepare their Vacuous Speeches in preparation for their undeserved but seemingly Inevitable victories at this annum’s Cobb Awards gala, I merely weep for Our Lost Humanity.

For how are we to Know – truly Know – what a Terrorist plans until we Poke About in his Gray Matter? How are we to See what a Dead-Ender sees until we hold one his Eyeballs in a Melon Spoon? And how are we to Tell a Tale of Loaves and Fishes until we gut a man and poke about his Insides to see if there are any Loaves and Fishes there?

The critics of torture have No Answer to such Rational Logickal Reasonizationaling. We may Give Thanks that they are not Overseeing this War. And that History shall not be Re-written by them.

¹For students of the Essenean Philosophical School, as an illustrative thought experiment, I offer Occam’s Razor, to be taken with cruel intent to the Throat of the wanton wagerer Pascal.

¹Or with more Portruding Hindquarters, I am actually not that particular.


Hey! They’re just givin’ away votes you can cast against Michael Bérubé like it was stock or somethin’!


hey! the only g*ddamn reason i starting inviting co-bloggers to skippy the attention kangaroo is so i could be nominated for the cobb “worst community” award this year.

what the f*ck? i’m not even considered in that category!

by the way, did everyone see the links to me at huffpost, firedoglake, atrios, steve gilliard, xoverboard, and redstate this week?

signed, skippy the attention kangaroo


[The] less we stare at the hammer-Thing, and the more we seize hold of it and use it, the more primordial does our relationship to it become, and the more unveiledly is it encountered as that which it is—as equipment … If we look at Things just ‘theoretically’, we can get along without understanding readiness-to-hand. But when we deal with them by using them and manipulating them, this activity is not a blind one; it has its own kind of sight, by which our manipulation is guided and from which it acquires its specific Thing character …

The ready-to-hand is not grasped theoretically at all, nor is it itself the sort of thing that cricumspection takes proximally as a circumspective theme. The peculiarity of what is proximally ready-to-hand is that, in order to be ready-to-hand, it must, as it were, withdraw in order to be ready-to-hand quite authentically. That with which our everyday dealings proximally dwell is not the tools themselves. On the contrary, that with which we concern ourselves primarily is the work—that which is to be produced at the time; and this is accordingly ready-to-hand too. The work bears with it that referential totality within which the equipment is encountered.

There. Actually if you substitute “Ben Domenech” for “hammer-Thing” the passage is quite wry.


Worst community … I resemble that remark, and Im damn proud of it.


Least humorous: Saving Private Ryan
Deserving less recognition: Gone With the Wind.
Worst community: The Matrix trilogy


Uh, PZ Myers sent me here to stuff the ballot box for Berube. (Oh, dammit, I wasn’t supposed to say that.)

Least humorous:
I’m going to have to go with the write-in for Josh Marshall. Kevin Drum would win for unintentional comedy.

Most deserving of less attention:
That’s a close one between Kos and Atrios. But since Kos was recently described as a WASP, I think he hasn’t gotten quite enough attention yet, so let’s go with Atrios.

Worst Community:
Pharyngula – backstab!

Most overrated movie about gay cowboys:
Brokeback Mountain and
The Magnificent Seven (tie)

(Props, though, to Ang Lee who can do amazing things with a boring script.)


LOL!!! Demogenes said annum!!!1!!11!!!


/*In the proud tradition of the FrontPageMag poll:*/
for (i=1; i> vote;
if ( == Berube) {
CobbAwards.addVote(j, Todd Gitlin);
CobbAwards.addVote(j, Todd Gitlin);


It’s damn hard to get code to display properly in these comment boxes.


Least humorous: Drummed to sleep

Least deserving of wider recognition: Atrios, the blog version of Bart Simpson’s “I didn’t do it.”

Worst community: Atrios, a black hole of grammar and thought

Worst spray-painted tits: Atlas Rands down my leg


The general rule of sensory receptor exclusion also applies to Drosophila ommatidia, where only one rhodopsin gene is expressed by a given PR.

See, now that’s really funny. PZ loses.


Cobb Voting Irregularities

Thanks to a push from a certain Evil Squid Scientist, a certain Professor of Dangeral Studies is threatening an unacceptable all-categories sweep of the Cobbs. The committee was dragged out of bed to issue a ruling, and it was decided…


Cobb Voting Irregularities

Thanks to a push from a certain Evil Squid Scientist, a certain Professor of Dangeral Studies is threatening an unacceptable all-categories sweep of the Cobbs. The committee was dragged out of bed to issue a ruling, and it was decided…


Cobb Voting Irregularities

Thanks to a push from a certain Evil Squid Scientist, a certain Professor of Dangeral Studies is threatening an unacceptable all-categories sweep of the Cobbs. The committee was dragged out of bed to issue a ruling, and it was decided…


I’m gonna vote for Phryngula for “Least Humorous” because of that time I got sick from calamari


and by “Phryngula” I of course mean Pharyngilu..Pheromoneglue…

PZ Meyers’ blog


See, now that’s really funny. PZ loses.

Which means, of course, that Bérubé wins. Another vote for Bérubé!


Kewl, I can come over here and stuff the ballot box, since I can’t do it over at that other stupid award place. Geez, I can’t even vote over there.

Anyway…If I vote for Berube in all the categories, will he stop whining incessantly about not winning those other awards? Or should I just forgetta bout it and start countering his dead post-modernists with my live post-processualists? I’ve got Ian Hodder in the bookcase two feet away.


Well, come on, MB, bring out the Hodder. We want Reading the Past excerpts. That shit is hilarious.


.If I vote for Berube in all the categories, will he stop whining incessantly about not winning those other awards?

Why, yes! I promise. I won’t stop whining altogether, now, but I will cut out the “incessantly” part.


Ha! Ah, MB, you makee me larfee. Ha, I say again!


Least Humorous: Drum.
The Sgt. Joe Friday of Blogtopia. Has done some good work, but

Less Recognition: Kos.
Consider the possibility that some of us don’t actually care about polls. Also, stop rilin’ up the womenfolk.

Worst Commuinty: Atrios.
Frist, Bitches!!!

Worst Professor: Tied between PZ and Berube, because if you don’t want to see a pair of pinko ivory-tower moral relativists fight to the death armed only with cephalapods and sports equipment, there’s something wrong with you.


Is this the place where I can vote for myself for a Koufax? I’ll take twenty, please.

How can Atrios be up for Less Recognition? He is the absolute master of the expression, “Open Thread.” That’s also side-splittingly funny. He make me laugh so hard.


Norb, maybe your community sucks because whenever someone comments they get an email from you. That kind of thing can be very intimidating to someone who thinks they’re safe in the anonymous embrace of obscurity.



Norb basically just ignores me most of the time. But I see that as a sign that our friendship needs no…you know, noticing of me.


Least Humorous: Drum, Josh Marshall
Worst blog: elementropy
Most likely to buy you beer: alicublog
Most likely to rig the voting: Michael Berube
Most likely to accept a Cleveland Steamer from Chuck Johnson: Atlas


Least Humorous

Sandpaper. The desert. Eating saltine crackers after an hour’s worth of bong hits.

Things that are dry!

Vote: Yglesias

Most Deserving of Less Recognition

“…a way to pick on blogs bigger and/or more respected than us…”

It’s not that those other blogs are more popular than Sadly, No!, it’s that Sadly, No!’s “appeal is more selective.”


Vote: Atrios

Worst Community

For developing and sponsoring a meta-anti-recognition award for blogging, by a blog that is about, of, over, and shot through other blogs, with an attitude that says, the blog that snarks last, snarks best:

Vote: Sadly, No!


I have a wee problem, but that’s not important right now. I mean to say, I have a problem with including Atlas in the Cobbies. It’s like, you let her in, then all of a sudden it’s open to LGF, Misha, Instahehindeed, et al. Then it sort of ceases to be satirical cobaggery in the key of blog incest. And all you’re left with is the usual straightforward scorn for rightwing chumpwaggonry.*

I also need to reiterate my vote for Least Humorous to Kevin Dull’s Paint-Drying and Actuary Table Emporium. Reading Political Animal is like being sucked into an infinite loop of ‘What Dreams May Come: The Microsoft Excel Cut’.

Oh, and a couple suggestions for more Cobbie categories:

– Most Earnest
– Most Plagiaristic
– Most Likely to Start a Netroots Campaign in My Pants
– Most Thin-Skinned
– The First Mover Award for Lifetime Achievment in Maintaining High Traffice while Not Adding to the Conversation since 2002

*It seems 3B!!1!one!** has successfully shifted the epithet/footnote paradigm.

**Also teh l4m3~

~Also 3B!!!!!1!


Who ya callin’ thin-skinned, chundermuffin?


Yosef, I was looking for that thread where you pointed out the stupidity of Red State’s policy on new commenters, where they make you comment before you can appeal for permission to comment. That was HI-effin’-LARIOUS. Was that on 3 bulls or here?


Caution: Radical change of tone ahead. Please set your dials to “Oblique� and remember to turn your steering wheel INTO the direction of the skid.

My write-in vote is for Liberal Oasis for Worst Community for not taking comments (one of the Cobb’s listed criteria).

It’s not because I feel everyone has a right to (and needs to hear) my opinion. It’s that with no means of communication, there’s no way to ask him a question or for further clarification about what he’s written (emails go unanswered). Maybe he feels all the two-way Democratic strategizing in the blogosphere that needs to happen already happens on other blogs. But we all know that’s bullshit. The least he could do is set up a sister page like Talking Points Memo did with that TPM Café dealio.


Fafblog rises above partisan pander and avoids mention in any bad category.



LOL… Biggest Cock-up of the infinitesimal variety:

Daily Kos.

”Online” was the final thug/operative universe for the Dems.
Bravely they went forward into the known unknown.

Might as well laugh. Beats tossing spit balls at the choke point that is DKos and the aligned blogs.


O-Girl must be obeyed! The questionlessness and commentlessness and suggestion-addinglessness of the Liberal Oasis must cease, and it must join the New Blog Order or face the consequences!

I hail the soon-to-be-announced Liberal Oasis Café.


AKA “Michael Bérubé Out On The Patio Sipping A Latté Online.” The only blog consisting entirely of comment threads and a Hate Mail Bage (©2005 MJ’).


A Short Treatise on Blog Awards and Gender

I’m really sick of all the blatant self-promotion going on over the latest round of blog awards (if you tout your blog one more time I’m removing it from my blogroll! I didn’t get nominated [due to the fact my


Least humorous: Drum

Worst community: Atrios is going to sweep this one and deserves to, but Kos has gotten pretty bad… long sophomoric rants from the same people over and over, that shoot to the top of the recommended list every time.

Less recognition: Eschaton, it’s not the best blog around by a long shot but it’s the one everyone reads.

Worst photoshops: Gilliard. Here’s a hint: when you take a little image and blow it up, it looks like shit.

Most Clapped-out: Jesus’s General. “Heterosexually yours” was funny the first time, maybe

Fakest: Wonkette. Anna Whatsit doesn’t write for the blog anymore… it’s two dudes now, isn’t it?


Umm, as a Cobb I have two questions:

1) Should I be pissed?
2) Am I due a royalty check?

Ignore that last question. Should have gone to my lawyer.

Good luck with the competition, y’all. Let us Cobbs know who wins!


i’m so clearly outclassed here. teh funny, sadlynonites. very funny.


OK, here come my real votes. Damn, this is a place where strike-thru would come in handy. Ah, well.

Least Humorous: Kevin Drum! Smack him upside his haid with thet Louisville Slugger–ya just might wake him up!
Most Deserving of Less Recognition: Daily Eschaton. Kos and Atrios serve their functions, of course. But, there’s more to the lefty blogosphere than just these two.
Worst Community: Sadly, No! ‘Cos we’re teh evil.
Blog With the Biggest Tits: Atlas Shags. Only a fragile bra stands between you and death by horrible, suffocating mammary wave, so be careful.


Or, as Swank might put it, “boob splash.”


Worst community ever: michael berube



July 27, 2006

Dear Friends:

As I have recognized a need to present facts about Ty’s relationships with blacks, I have enclosed some material that advocates TY COBB’s support for blacks and other minorities. This is to provide facts supporting the reality that the negative publicity came after TY COBB died in 1961. I also enclosed several articles, but interestingly, one that I found where his son, Jim Cobb, made the exact same assessment in 1977.

My friends, if you were to research the facts, you’ll find that Mr. Cobb was different than he is portrayed in the eye of the modern public. He was rich with popularity and writers could always count on his name to generate interest in their newspaper. Mr. Cobb was a charitable natured man who actually was soft for the minority, whether the minority was someone who had different colored skin, or handicapped, or someone who was less fortunate, or even someone who was small in size. He would always tell the little fellow who was standing in the back and could not get close to come to the front. He wanted to make sure they got a chance, too.

In the late 1920’s, TY COBB leased a hunting preserve with over 12,000 acres in MaGruder, Georgia, and built a house on it for a black man, named Uncle Bob Robinson, and his family to live there. In place of the rent, they would make sure no intruders trespassed on the property. Anytime Cobb and his friends were hunting on the land, this fellow, by his own choice, would always hunt along beside COBB. At times, he would entertain the guest with his story telling.

After a long day of hunting, they would gather around a campfire and talk baseball, or whatever came to mind. On this particular day, COBB had bagged twelve birds and had not missed a one (Mr. Cobb was a crack shot). Mr. Robinson told the story to Tris Speaker and the others, “Yeah, Mr. COBB had a bad day today.� What do you mean, Cobb bagged twelve birds and didn’t miss,� said Speaker. “Yeah, but he near ‘bout missed one,� recounted Mr. Robinson.

Present day authors have distorted COBB’s reputation to a point of the ridiculous. For example, in the book “COBB� that the movie “COBB� was based on tried to show that COBB hosted orgies and drinking parties. I have the contract agreement on the land and it clearly states that there was to be “absolutely NO alcohol on the premises.� This was at Major League Baseball’s Brunswick, Georgia retreat. It was called “Dover Hall Club� and TY COBB was 1/16 part owner of the 2,500 acre hunting and fishing camp. The MLB magnates owned it from the early 1910s until the late 1930s. COBB was the only player of the sixteen investors who bought into the $1,000 stock-leasing plan.

Mr. Cobb was in financial straits in the spring of 1906, but by the end of 1907 he had worked and saved his money. He began investing it in real estate in Georgia. In 1908, he bought 15 acres in Toccoa, Georgia and built and remodeled some of the nicest little homes, in a predominately black neighborhood. He named the subdivision “Booker T. Washington Heights,� and financed these homes to these residents for a minimal amount.

He owned the property until 1940 and he turned it over to his son, Herschel Cobb, to assist him with starting him a Coca-Cola franchise in Idaho. One transaction sold a lot (#22) to J. H. Johnson for only $42.50 in 1909. It was a relatively good price even for that era. There were 109 lots in Booker T. Washington Heights.

I hear a great deal about COBB’s racism in the present, especially on the Internet, but no one ever does or has actually have provided factual or even specifics about their racial allegations. If COBB had been a racist, some newspaperman would have made remarks about the specifics in some way. I have over 40,000 newspaper articles, and NOT one article makes any correlation to TY COBB being a racist. All the evidence demonstrate COBB’s support for the advancement of colored people, and yet, there is NO evidence that give any indication that Mr. COBB made any movement toward oppressing the black population.

Contrary, when Jackie Robinson entered into the Major Leagues, it began a slow process of allowing blacks to began entering into every league in the country. When the Dallas club of the Texas League was considering allowing blacks to enter, COBB was there to bat for them.

Ty Cobb, Fiery Diamond Star, Favors Negroes In Baseball
Independent Journal – January 29th, 1952

MENLO PARK (AP) Tyrus Raymond Cobb, fiery old time star of the diamond, stepped up to the plate today to clout a verbal home run in favor of Negroes in baseball.
Himself a native of the Deep South, Cobb voiced approval of the recent decision of the Dallas club to use Negro players if they came up to Texas league caliber.
The old Georgia Peach of Detroit Tigers fame was a fighter from the word go during his brilliant playing career. He neither asked for nor gave quarter in 24 tumultuous years in the American League. Time has mellowed the one time firebrand and he views the sport in the pleasant role of a country squire. He spoke emphatically on the subject of Negroes in baseball, however.
“Certainly it is O.K. for them to play,” he said, “I see no reason in the world why we shouldn’t compete with colored athletes as long as they conduct themselves with politeness and gentility. Let me say also that no white man has the right to be less of a gentleman than a colored man, in my book that goes not only for baseball but in all walks of life.â€?
“I like them, (Negro race) personally. When I was little I had a colored mammy. I played with colored children.”
Referring again to last week’s developments in the Texas league, Cobb declared, “It was bound to come.” He meant the breaking down of Baseball’s racial barriers in the old south.
Cobb expressed the belief Negroes eventually would be playing in every league in the country. He concluded with: “Why not, as long as they deport themselves like gentlemen?”

TY COBB did have an altercation with at least four African-Americans during his lifetime, but I have all the documents from these incidents, and in every case, the problem can be traced back to an action, not related to racism, that was committed by COBB himself, the black person, or a third party, that cause the issue to escalate into an altercation. I am not going to discourse tediously on who was at fault in either of the incidents because I only want to exhibit that there was a reason that the incidents happened that had nothing to do with color. And I must mention that COBB’s incidents with whites far exceed the number of occurrences with the blacks.

TY COBB was not a racist, he did not sharpen his spikes to slash other players just to steal a base, he did not kill a man in Detroit as alleged by recent nickel writers, and he did not live the life of a bigot. Contrary to those myths, TY COBB exerted a kindness toward blacks. One of his fondest memories of his youth was being taught how to swim by a black laborer named, Uncle Ezra. Ezra would get young TY to cling to his neck and wade out into the middle of the river or stream. At this point, TY would be released and forced to swim back to the riverbank.

Blacks lived in COBB’s house behind his home on Williams Street there in Augusta. COBB employed blacks the whole time he lived on the “Hill�. Emaline Cosey lived with and worked for TY COBB in 1920.

Jimmy Lanier grew up in Augusta with one of TY COBB’s sons. Jimmy has told a story many times about him and Herschel going to the Rialto Theatre in downtown Augusta to see one of them shoot’em up movies. “We came out of the theatre and Mr. Cobb, like a father, was waiting on the other side of the road,� claimed Lanier. “As we were getting into the car, Mr. Cobb overheard the owner of a nearby restaurant explaining to a man dressed in shabby clothes how to get to the Linwood Hospital – a veterans hospital. Mr. Cobb interrupts and says, ‘Son, I’ll take you there.’

“The man stood on the running board of Mr. Cobb’s La Salle coupe, and they were talking back and forth, and this man was a veteran of World War I. When they pulled up to the gate at the Linwood Hospital, I saw Mr. Cobb hand this man a $20 bill. Herschel was looking off at somewhere else, but I saw what Mr. Cobb done. It was incidents like this that never made it to the press,� concluded Lanier.

Friends, I believe that one of Mr. Cobb’s problems was that he never looked for credit for anything that he done. He could never boast of his philanthropic nature that would put celebrities like Babe Ruth or Joe DiMaggio riding on the crest of publicity. And two, he never refuted accusation against him publicly. If someone alleged that he had spiked another player intentionally, he gave an explanation only to the person or people that it mattered to most, like owner of the Tigers or President of the American League, but very seldom to the press. If he would have stood up and said to people, “You are wrong� or “That is not true,� maybe these present day authors would have had less room to reinvent his reputation to their own liking.

TY COBB was a close associate to the 2nd Commissioner of baseball, Albert B. “Happy� Chandler, who was head of the baseball realm when Jackie Robinson entered into Major League baseball. COBB was a big supporter of Chandler. In a press interview on August 30tth, 1950, COBB shared his support for Chandler, “So far, Chandler has lived up to everything that I thought he could do as a commissioner. To me, every one of his decisions have been fair.� The article goes on explaining COBB’s support for “Happy.� Three years later, he was elected to serve as member of the Board of Trustees of the COBB Educational Foundation.

The Foundation contributed $2,800.00 in scholarships the first year. Fifty years later the annual grants have reached well over a $500,000 dollars. As of July 2003, the Foundation has provided scholarships to 6,876 students, equaling 9,743,000 dollars.

Thanks to his charitable nature, Ty Cobb has made it possible for thousands of students of Georgia to achieve a higher mark in education. There is no limit to what this Foundation can provide to future students who truly want an education. One thing is certain; it is bound to generate a winning team of students in this great state of Georgia.

And as I mention frequently, I could go on forever talking about great things that Mr. COBB did to enrich the lives of other people. He did this without any expectations from the recipient or others who witnessed his philanthropic deeds. In an interview in the mid 1950s, Mr. COBB made this statement, “You’ve ask me about this Cobb Educational Fund, and now I’m going to have to answer it. I do not wish to be eulogized for what I have done. I’m proud of it, yes. This Educational Fund has given me the greatest possible happiness and pleasure, and maybe when I’m gone we’ll have some real great men developed out of the Cobb Educational Foundation.�

The TY COBB Healthcare Systems, Inc provide jobs to thousands of healthcare professionals in northeast Georgia, and I know personally, and young black fellow that I went to school with who works for the healthcare system and has made a huge impact on the community. He got his start at the COBB Memorial Hospital and now is a providing much leadership in the direction of the city.

TY COBB’s father was a Georgia State Senator from the 31st District who voted against a bill introduced and approved by the Senate that allowed taxes deriving only from black properties to finance the black schools. This was in 1900. He stated in the Atlanta Constitution that the “Negroes had done, and were doing a good deal for the up building of the state, and I am in favor of allowing them money for education.� He believed that the race should be protected from class legislation.
TY COBB set more records in baseball than any other player. He was the first player inducted into baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1936. He was the most celebrated athlete in baseball’s history.

In 1950, COBB dedicated the new hospital in Royston, Georgia to provide medical attention to the region. In Dr. J. B. Gilbert, COBB found one of the finest African-American doctors to serve the black population, and this was before desegregation. Dr. Gilbert also serviced white patients and later became Chief of Staff at the COBB Memorial Hospital. Dr. Gilbert’s daughter remembers TY COBB visiting the home when she was just a young lady. COBB signed baseballs for all three of Dr. Gilbert’s grandchildren.

In 1953, COBB established the TY COBB Educational Foundation to give scholarships to needy students in Georgia. Hundreds and hundreds of young black students have become a beneficiary of this educational fund.

Alexander George Washington Rivers was a black employee of COBB for 18 years and named his first-born Ty Cobb Rivers, “Even if it would have been a gal, Ah would have named her the same,� Rivers relayed to his friends in an interview with The Detroit News. Rivers served as COBB’s batboy, chauffer, general handyman, and was an avid supporter of the famed “Georgia Peach.�

After 22 seasons with Detroit, COBB joined the Philadelphia Athletics to finish out his twenty-four year career. Rivers followed COBB, “I wasn’t exactly against the Tigers, but I still had to be for Mr. Ty.�

TY COBB’s racial reputation came only after he had died in 1961. Racial reform should not be fought at the expense of a man who helped make Baseball a great sport for colored people to enjoy, too.

COBB loved Augusta! He did not just live there for a while – it was his home. He raised all of his children there. He lived at 2425 William Street in the Summerville district. He held common and preferred stock in the Augusta Chronicle. He sold Hawkeye trucks there in the Augusta area. He was president and principle owner of the TY COBB Tire Co. on Broad Street. He owned the TY COBB Beverage Co. who had their office at 313 in the Leonard Building. He was one of three principle owners in the City Bank of Thomson. He hunted and fished in all parts of the Augusta area and even down the Savannah River. He was on the Board of Directors of the First National Bank in Lavonia, Georgia for all his professional life.

He coached and umpired some at the Richmond County YMCA and in the Nehi League. He entered his girls into beauty pageants, horse shows and musical recitals. He helped the city authorities host outside guest. When a large group of Philadelphia businessmen came to Augusta, COBB participated in a first-of-its-kind aeroplane golf tournament for the visiting spectators. COBB owned a great deal of property in the city.

One piece of land was 444.72 acres south of Spirit Creek and the Augusta Orphan Asylum. Mr. COBB owned the properties on the east side of Tuttle, between Fenwick and Jenkins Streets; corner of Broad and Seventh (McIntosh); ten acres, five miles out on old Milledgeville Rd.; two lots on the corner of Druid Park and Gwinnett Street; southwest corner of Twiggs and Boyd’s Alley containing five lots; four lots close to the corner of Phillip Street and Walton Way; and the COBB’s property list goes on and on. Looking over the Richmond County Court documents, it appears to me that in some cases COBB loaned money to help prevent foreclosure on some of the properties.

He lived adjacent to a dentist that started the South Atlantic League back up after it shutdown during the depression. Eugene Wilder worked as secretary to the Mayor of Augusta for many years, and was an admirer of COBB’s. When COBB entered the United States Army in 1918, he left Dr. Wilder instructions and money he had set aside for his famous prize dog, “Cobb’s Hall,� in case he failed to return from the war. COBB served as a Captain in the Chemical Warfare Division over in France at the close of the war.

COBB also became part owner of the Augusta Tourist in 1922. The team name was later changed to Augusta Tygers to honor COBB. He developed many young athletes into strong competitors. He managed the Detroit Tigers from 1921-1926, and during that time, a Detroit batter won the batting title 4 out of 6 years. He was a great teacher, and loved to devote his time to helping others advance.

TY COBB was always concerned about the advancement of the city of Augusta. He was always striving to promote and stimulate the city’s economy. He donated his vehicle to the fire station to be auctioned off. He owned numerous businesses in Augusta and drew people of every nature to the city. He once hosted the sole owner of the Diamond Tire Company who came down from up north. There were a couple of Presidents of the United States that COBB became acquainted with on the streets of Augusta.

In closing, I just want to say that all these little things add up to give us plenty of reason to say that COBB deserves being memorialized with a stadium. Especially from his home city, a place that he helped to make a wonderful place to live and work. If the people of Augusta do not want COBB’s name on the Olmstead Stadium, that’s up to them – I don’t live there. But I can’t sit an allow people to say such negative remarks such as “COBB was a racistâ€? without at least trying to educate the public on the absolute truth.

I would hope that if there is this much of an issue in naming the stadium, period, then it might be apprehended that there is a greater force that is calling us to name the facility “COBB MEMORIAL STADIUM,� or something that would commemorate the great Georgia athlete. “GEORGIA PEACH STADIUM� may be a happy medium that would satisfy both sides of the debate.

At any rate, my position is only to educate and pass on the information that is sometimes forgotten or unknown. I hope that I have provided you with enough information that it may give you a different perspective on who TY COBB really was. I have enclosed different passages and material that you can read and see more aspects of TY COBB and his legacy. This is only a speck in the sand of the material that I possess on this great athlete. I would be happy to assist you or your colleagues in any capacity should that be your desire. I hope that you will be enlightened and receptive to this information, and I hope that it will assist everyone in the reconstruction of his or her opinion of TY COBB. I want to leave you with words straight from TY COBB’s own personality, “I like them, personally. When I was little I had a colored Mammy. I played with colored children.�

Wesley Fricks
TY COBB Historian


im related to him accually he was related to nellie cobb and angela smith darrell smith it goes way back into history im related to him he had a saying and it was (dont mess whith my nigger my money or my wife)


he was known for his bad temper



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Genres: Foreign/International Cast

We practically started shaking in our shoes once this entry was announced. While all of the Bel Ami boys here are beauties, we are totally obsessed with Mick Lovell. He’s so ridiculously perfect he almost doesn’t seem real. But he definitely is. Scenes include Kris and Mick; Brady and Dario; Austin and Kevin; and an explosive threeway with Alex, Dolph and Mick. Now excuse us while we jack off and pass the fuck out for the next ten days. “Hung. Horny. Gorgeous. Two new all-American lovers join the Bel Ami team in American Lovers Part Two. Meet blonde blue-eyed Mick Lovell and dark-haired Austin Merrick.”
Product Format Information
Format : AVI
File size : 1.90 GB
Duration : 2h 9mn
Overall bit rate : 2 105 Kbps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 416 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 16:9
Audio Format : MPEG Audio

File size: 1.90 GB


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