A certain Texan with a big iTunes collection was pulling ahead in the Most Humorest category of the you-know-whats. It may not last, but we…um, some secret German thing that we oughtn’t go into.


Wie geht’s, Herr Norbizness? [chuckle, snorkle] That’ll hold him for a bit.

Hey Brad, cat plan, Jesus’s General… Papa November, Echo Bravo…

[Update: The freedom-threatening terror criminal Norbizness has sneakily put his site back online, in violation of many laws and treaties.]


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Pulling ahead of what? The Jack Squat Blog? You’re very secretive when you’re smacked out of your gourd.

Damn, I shouldn’t have said “squat.”


See, Gavin, this is the kind of thing clubhouses are for.


Isn’t it more like the Wacky Races, when Dick Dastardly and Muttley use the rotating tire-popper?

Then again, if only there were a ‘secret thread’ someplace…


Rassum brassum msblsssl Rick Rastardly


It’ll be hard to beat the General. All respects due to Lamentablemente, ¡no! and Norbizness, but in terms of get out the vote, he’s got a big posse, you got a bunch of dudes.


It’s like a sausage race and bratwurst is losing to some gross linguica.


I’m voting Mallard Fillmore ‘cuz he’s an absolute caution!

PS Gavin, I point out that you may have missed a certain aspect to Mr. Protein Wisdom’s in(s)anity at my place…


Isn’t it more like the Wacky Races

mmMMMmmm Penelope Pitstop … maybe that’s the answer to the “whadda we got to put up against the right-wing skanks?” question – I bet all the cartoon hotties would be lefties. They’re certainly more believable. And no, Natasha is not a hottie. Well, maybe kinda. God, am I out of Ouzo again?


Well, is it time for the gambit?


I think you could all use a copy of my newest book “Scratching the Post: The purr-fect way to discombobulate an ombudsman.”


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