It’s Not That I’m Begging for Votes…

…but I sorta am. By some act of Beelzebub, we’ve made it to the final round for “Best Group Blog” at the Koufaxes. We’d kindly appreciate your support 🙂

[Gavin adds: We were worried about getting into a dead heat with Skippy or Unfogged, but thankfully it’s only Firedoglake, Americablog, Pandagon, Think Progress, and a few other billion-pound gorillas with a readership approaching the population of mainland China.]

[Gavin also adds: Although, you know, there are very, very few votes cast in the Koufaxes, proportionally. So-ooooo… Everyone who votes Sadly! will receive a special handmade, personalized Cobb Award, suitable for farming. …’Framing’ — suitable for framing. Like the special Christmas Holiday Stockings we gave out at Christmastime Holidaytime.]


[Gavin also additionally adds as well: Hey wait a second. Brad is smoking ye olde Crack Rocke again! We’re also in the finals for Most Humorous, and teh l4m3 is a finalist for Best Commenter.]


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Just don’t send over the evil attack kitties again…please!


We have zero shot of beating Jesus’ General though. but yes, vote for teh l4m3.


For what it’s worth I did my bit…congrats on getting nominated in two categories with some truly stellar talent.


Done and done! Assuming the system doesn’t crash, of course.


Worst Commenter awards under construction!


Anyone know how you get this purple crap off your finger?


I ain’t got time what for the commentin’ right yet as some Taxachussetts hoe-moe-sekshural done adopted my baby momma’s belly fruit & we fixin’ to go on a great raid.



That there sounds like just the sort of Red State conversatin’ that Blue State fishwraps just totally don’t get. No wonder the Times started a conservative beat.

See, in Red States, men greet one another with a whack on the back and an ice-cold brewski, and in Blue States, men do that kiss-kiss thing. Can I get a job at the Washington Post now, or what?


TG, I would totally hire you for your sensitive conservative courterpoints.


Jeebus! You’re up against Firedoglake, Americablog, Pandagon, and Think Progress?!? Holy Farking Doritos!

Um, Gav, don’t start drinking again or anything….


Hey, thanks for linking to me during my long blog-hiatus, which was actually due to me waiting for my Koufax vote for you to load on those slow-ass servers over at Wampum. Screw it, I’m going to email my vote … it’s impossible to vote in comments now.


Also, here in the Red States we go to church and mow our lawns on Sunday. People in Blue States go to brunch and worship pee-pees and hoo-hoos.


Why is it that David Brooks always sets off my gaydar?


I wouldn’t know — I’m from a Red State. Do gaydar have sparkly antennae?


It sounds lame, but the company you guys keep in the best group blog catagory is stellar. I’d be happy just to be listed there. Not only that but you have a shot too.

I’ve voted once more, for freedom and justice. (Also for Teh L4m3


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