Shorter Paul Mirengoff


“The so-called ‘blogs,’ with their trumped-up speculation and wishful thinking, are treating the Libby case as if it were…um, say, if Mr. Russert is out there, I’m free most Sundays…”

(See Mirengoff’s movin’-on-up manifesto here.)
[Vid clip at Crooks & Liars]


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Is half his face paralyzed? And how do you paralyze jello? Sorry that was ad hominem. *bad PP*


Right, and the dirigible totally didn’t register.


Did you boys photoshop in that blimp? Naughty, naughty!!

I love the way Paul keeps on saying that Libby wasn’t indicted on substantive charges but doesn’t acknowledge that Libby’s actions (perjury, lying to the FBI and obstruction of justice) may well have prevented such charges against himself and others. Reddhead sort of makes that point but perhaps not clearly or forcefully enough.

It was sweet when Reddhead forced Chunderloaf to agree that perjury was a very serious charge.


And also the ‘bosh and poppycock’ denial that there was any stovepiping of WMD intelligence…

Reddhead was too nice. She should’ve brought a paintball gun to the studio…


Yeah but she should have let Pauley think that it was a real gun. It’s more tortureffic that way.


What would it take to get Chuck Robb to go on record stating the constraints and applicability of his panel’s findings. It drives me insane every time that fricking report it brought up.


I know, the Robb meme simply won’t die. Isn’t Robb already on record? I thought everything was settled a ways back..


SR Comm Report: “[W]e were not authorized to investigate how policymakers used the intelligence assessments they received from the Intelligence Community. Accordingly, while we interviewed a host of current and former policymakers during the course of our investigation, the purpose of those interviews was to learn about how the Intelligence Community reached and communicated its judgments about Iraq’s weapons programs–not to review how policymakers subsequently used that information.”

Crap, I’m ruined for the evening. TBOGG had a link to Preteen Wisdom and I followed it! Gah!


I also think that Reddhead could have worked in a few “eat its” and “cobags” into her statements. That would have been wicked.


She’s just not experienced enough with this blogging thing. It’s all about the tactico-strategic deployment of eat-its.

“Clearly, the Robb Report shows that…”

“Eat it, Mirengoff.”

“But, but, the Senate Intelligence Committee…”

“Eat it.”

“And the…”

“Eat it.”


“Eat it.”


“Eat it.”

“That was Reddhedd and Paul Mirengoff on this week’s episode of Washington Journal. Tune in next week when we discuss port security with guests John Cole and TBogg.”


You see it was wicked!!!11!! I might get cable to watch that.


At some point, the billionth re-iteration of the same dishonest sophistry and dismissiveness of the kind the pathetic Mirengoff offered just have to be met with a brick wall…as civil as possible, but really, when you’re dealing with willful liars like the PowerTools, how much civility do they deserve?

Redhead looked like her skin was crawling just being in the same room with Choadloaf.


If you just photoshopped that blimp a little further down it would look like it was going to land in his huge freaking mouth.

Now THAT would be sweet!


Is Bruce Dern about to deploy 200,000 steel darts into that guy*?

* You really went downhill after Family Ties got cancelled, Skippy.


Is he saying “Hello Jerry” in the picture?


If you photoshopped the blimp a little further down, the text would block the blimp’s face. And then you could do something with the dirigible.


You could also photoshop the text to be something a little more fitting. I suggest “Jowlerline.”


Mr. Sta-Puft, how could you? Noooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!


He does look like a bologna fed Newman.

I just want to say thet Gregor’s stellar work in the comments to this post are death by a million cuts to me, his supposed co-poster at 3B. Here he is massively in the know with minute by minute updates and snarkification that he denies 3B readers.


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