And now? Now not!

We’ve posted quite a few times about the supply (or lack) of electricity in Iraq in the last 3 years. Whether we were prompted by blatant lies or misrepresentations by the likes of Caspar Weinberger or David Frum, there always seemed to be a reason to do so. On the third WMDiversary, where do we stand?

Electricity hits three-year low in Iraq


Electricity output has dipped to its lowest point in three years in Iraq, where the desert sun is rising toward another broiling summer and U.S. engineers are winding down their rebuilding of the crippled power grid.

Will the last U.S. engineer to leave Iraq remember to turn the lights off?


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Yeah, turning the corner doesn’t really mean much if there aren’t any streetlights…


Oh…pah-leeze!. Two words…Purple fingers!!!1!


And what, exactly, is the impact of all this on gamers! How will Iraqis manage to use their X-Box 360s and upcoming Playstation 3s if they have a spotty electrical grid? This shit is important, man!


Iraqi’s don’t need to play any of those retarded desert themed wargame clones anyway, they’ve been forced to live it.


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