Video Friday has a Secret Gay Plan to Make You Gay

Pete Shelley – ‘Homosapien’ (3:19)

“Hey, that’s an okay song. He’s saying like everyone’s a person and we’re all people, and that’s cool.”
“I’m a ho-mo-sexual too…”
“Ha-ha, it means ‘human,’ dumbass.”

Joan Jett – ‘Bad Reputation’ (2:41)

“Joan Jett is pretty tough for a girl.”
“Yeah, I’d definitely hang in the smoking area with her during lunch.”

Freddie Mercury – ‘The Great Pretender (Extended Version)’ (5:51)

[radio playing]
“No wait, this is the song where he says ‘gay.’ No really, listen. See?”
“Dude, the record company must have totally missed that.”

Frankie Goes to Hollywood – ‘Relax (Banned Version)’ (4:15)

“‘Hit me with your laser beam?'”
“Yeah, this song is, like, written in code or something.”

(Bonus Antipodean after the jump)

Mi-Sex – ‘Computer Games’ (3:52)

I was going to put this up this last time with the Antipodean vids, but totally forgot — which is unforgivable because it’s the crown jewel of Australo-New Zealand finds. Mi-Sex had a small hit with this song in the UK, and a few mere molecules of backwash later reached the radio and the MTV in America. And then forever after, it was super-impossible don’t even bother forget about it bzzt! dream on trying to find this clip again.

And what a crafty, well-directed video! It’s earlier than it seems: Mi-Sex actually preceded the whole robo-wavo-with-real-drums trendlet (Gary Numan’s Tubeway Army was still halfway a punk band until ’79, when ‘Computer Games’ came out), and they’re more in a class with early Ultravox — the raw, John Foxx version of the band, before Midge Ure started camping up the joint with his little moustache.

Now if I could only find the Swingers’ ‘Counting the Beat’ video…


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Oh man. I have that goddamn Mi-Sex single. I had just gotten comfortable with the fact that nobody besides me had ever heard it, after all.


I officially hate you. “Homosapien” was all lined up for Song of the Day!

I think it is actually a pretty good song, but in the video he’s trying to be all Gary Numan, when secretly he actually cares about something or other in the song. It is kind of nebulous though.


Punko plot foiled!

You can still do ‘Telephone Operator,’ right?


Ha! I have the extended mix of “Computer Games” in my iTunes library right now! It was on volume six of a decent collection series, Richard Blade’s Flashback Favorites, which concentrated on the somewhat obscure items kicking around from the ’80s. That’s where my extended mix of Shriekback’s Nemesis lives ( also volume 6). On one of the other volumes, there’s the really long megamix of Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go?, which finally also showed up on ’80s-themed volume of the 20th Century Masters series as well (a must-have).


OMG ! It’s the Top Secret Homosexual Agenda leaping out of the closet. Run for your lives.


oh Marq- I got volume 1 of that comp- that is the most rare- King, Q Feel- I could give you a run for your money!

Hey this post got updated!

I love the “Shoot it in the right direction” line, oh Frankie.


holy rcap. I thought htat was the usual bathrobe concert relax video. HOLY CRAP! IT MADE MARQ GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you think that’s something, check out the extended Freddie Mercury…


oh jebus. i hadnt thought about that pete shelley song in years. one day, when i was about 8 years old, i was singing it in the house. mom asked me to repeat the lyrics, kept frowing, then forbid me to sing it again.

of course, now im as gay as christmas, and brad r. is my lover.

thanks for the repression, mom.


i’m hugely disappointed that a pet shop boys song was not included. i would prefer “opportunities” or their cover of “you were always on my mind”.

it’s a fact that neil tennant made, like, millions and millions of people gay with his songwriting talents and i deeply resent his being left off your list!


The Pet Shop Boys were gay?

Next you’re going to be saying that Bronski Beat…


I’m sorry but no band named Queen could possibly be gay.

I really don’t feel like these entries were over the top enough. I want “Choose Life” George and Andy.


The Communards!

They turned people into GAY COMMIES.

Top that, bitchez.


Um… The, um…

The Alexander Hamiltons. They turned people into gay oligarchists.


Jeeze! if you’re gonna go with a Pet Shop Boiz vid, go with one where they’re so not in the closet, like Domino Dancing (with its hottie Brazillian Boiz, yum!). Just sayin’.


Dude! Pete Shelley! *heart* him …


Dude, Gavin, you are totally my gay soul-mate. I thought I was the only person on the planet who gave respect to John Fox version of Ultravox. Still have “Ha Ha Ha” on vinyl even…


Hey! Pete Shelley! I liked his 80’s solo stuff, and who doesn’t still like the Buzzcocks? Never knew there was a video for Homo Sapien.


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