John Spencer Snooze Explosion

If only our man Spencer had kept running around waving his arms in the air and gibbering about liberals destroying America, this could’ve been the most riveting primary race of the season. What a waste of talent! It’s like that time after the Smiths broke up when Johnny Marr switched to harmonica.


The theory has been that Spencer, who’s backed by Karl Rove, was only in the race to spread dirt and make crackpot accusations against Hillary Clinton and Democrats in general — and that as soon as the primary came near and the Clinton killdozer began to rev its diesels, he’d be quickly hustled off to a place with no sharp objects or temptation from volatile inhalants and ye olde Cracke Rocke.

But here it is not even April, and he’s being croquet-malleted by the moderate-Republicanoid KT McFarland campaign. Argh! Comedy weeps, Mr. Spencer.

McFarland strategist trashes opponent in GOP Senate race

NEW YORK — The top adviser to Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland said Friday that her rival for the Republican Senate nomination, former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer, lacked the credentials, knowledge and financial backing to mount a credible challenge to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“It would be a very big mistake to think John Spencer — no offense to John, who I guess was a decent enough mayor — to move him to a level of where anyone is going to take him seriously as a U.S. Senate candidate,” McFarland adviser Ed Rollins told The Associated Press. “Unfortunately, John Spencer wouldn’t know which side of the Capitol the U.S. Senate meets.”


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Ooh! Snap!


Yeah, but Marr blows a mean Harmonica on “the Beat(en) Generation” and “Dogs of Lust”. Also, the version of “Still Ill” on Hatful of Hollow with his harmonica at the beginning kicks ass on the studio version.


BTW, I love the phrase “the Clinton Killdozer”


Shouldn’t Clinton be spelled with a “K?” BYW, the band Killdozer crashed at my house after gig back in the mid-80s. Good times…


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