Hey Floyd, the Schmidt girls called — you wanna catch a double-feature tonight (heh heh)…

When confronted with the Hitler remark, [Jean] Schmidt’s Chief of Staff Barry Bennett [denied] “that Schmidt made the comment, explaining that her twin sister, Jennifer Black, who was also mentioned in the paragraph, made the remark.”

Well, luckily this trick doesn’t always work.

“It wasn’t me, it was Lamb!”
she’s Lamb!”
“Okay, I’m Lamb, but it wasn’t me, it was Lynx.”


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Gavin, your Lamb and Lynx links are embustulated.


Holy shi’ite! Wonder Twin White Powers, activate! The one on the right looks like Debbie Schlussel, only less syphilitic.

P.S. I’m trying to putsch (!) the notion that Sadly, No! is The Marketplace of Ideas

Canadian Bystander

(filling in for Ace):

Gavin, you demonstrate you own unseriousness with this post. Though nobody is saying the situation is not funny, but why will you not even contemplate the possibility, however unlikely, that this is true.

I don’t really care whether it is true or not, you are wrong to doubt its veracity, and you would not find it so funny (though no one said it wasn’t funny) if it happened to you.

In conclusion, learn to read and comprehend, I didn’t say that, you are unserious, something about Clinton, Buch never allegedly lied, “breech” is not “topped,” something about the “left,” eat crow, and learn to read.


It’s nice of those girls to pimp the Pantload’s new book like that.


Yeah, they’re not twins…they were cloned, or budded or whatever, most likely from Magda Goebbels’s teeth that were found in the ruins of the bunker.

It’s a fact…look it up.


…Um, which one is the evil one?


As a lifelong vegetarian, I find it very irresponsible of these girls to use animals’ names.



Finally, some people who will be more ashamed of what they did when they were 11 than Kyle Williams.


Canadian Bystander, you forgot to say “Um” a lot.


Argh, just looking at how fucked-up those little girls are bums me out. I always get shit on my blog for refusing to judge parents for doing fucked up shit, but I’ll make an exception in this case: The parents of these girls should have lost custody of them a long time ago.


Jean Schmidt has a twin?

Dibs on the cute one!


Mean Jean and Wet Hen Jen?


Ugh, those girls need a serious librul indoctrination. Throw em in Michael Bérube’s “crazy fucking danger filled, blame america first aborto-carnival” class.


In Ace’s defense, while I have never been “breeched,” I have rather regularly been “topped.”

melior (in Austin)

Whoa, wtf it’s like Twins Week on Nick at Night or something.


If they are a superior breed, how come they need braces?


And why is their singing so reedy and frequently off-tune? Perhaps they are SO superior that us lowly mudpeople and race traitors just aren’t advanced enough to get that brace-faced caterwauling mutant white farmgirls are the apex of human evolution.


Myyyyyy vagina has a first name
It’s F-E-M-M-I
My vagina has a second name
It’s N-A-Z-I-S
Oh, I love to eat it everyday, and if you ask me why, I’ll say,
“‘Cause Femminazis have a way with V-A-G-I-G-N-A!”


I take the blame for starting this vagina craze. I expect this trend will peter out by fall.


You said “peter” …


Aw nuts, it’s barely come to a head.


Alright – now you’ve got me thinking about twins. Thanks a lot!


Still waiting with anticipation for their first inter-racial porn video…in about four years.

…(whistles to self)…

Stop Hillel Terrorism

What is fucked up about those girls?
They feel superior. (good self asteem)

These are probably the least neurotic girls out there.

Instead of a bunch of ugly nefarious boys and girls seeking revenge with zionist domination and McDonalds chemical addiction; future CEOs if they don’t go colombine.


I’m surprised the nazis haven’t shown up here, like the last time you posted links to the naziteen girls.


What is fucked up about those girls?

Are you serious? Zionist Domination? Hillel Terrorism?

Being race-war baiting, anti-semites isn’t fucked up in your book?


Strange forces – With a screen name like Stop Hillel Terrorism , I’d recommend just ignoring him/her. It’s obvious he/she (probably he) has a loose grip on reality.

Alright – now you’ve got me thinking about twins. Thanks a lot!
What, like the movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito?

Hillel Terrorism JDL

It is time for white people to start behaving like Iranians. Nobody claims too loudly when a mad foreigner makes an “anti-semitic” comment, what makes me different? That as an ‘merican I am supposed to “know better”? pfft. I am just as hateful and “ignorant”, and I add “exotic” cultural flavors to Americana all the same. I too am more diverse then your typically rabidly pro-israel two-party moron. These girls are no different then Iranian girls except you people are a bunch of anti-European ninnies. These girls rock! Iranian dictators have a friend in the US, continue “misleading” your people! And continue your national enviromental protectionist or in White house terms: “terrorist” policies!


ignoring our anti-semite visitor, I find the thought of identical Jean Schmitts to be repulsive is a singular way. Yeccch!


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