The Koufax Thing

Everyone’s doing their last-minute, no-foolin’ begging for votes in the Koufax Awards, because the voting closes on Sunday night. It threatens to draw attention away from the Cobb Awards.

I mean, we could send the evil cat minions over, but…


Ok, wait. Hey, Brad… If a bunch of people go vote for us, do we thankfully not send the evil death kitties to attack the Koufax Awards — or do we then gratuitously and unforgivably send the evil death kitties to attack, etc.?

While we’re, you know, talking, why is it that everyone seems to like Brad best? I’m the one who starts all the really crazy trouble around here, pretty much, with the police and lawsuits and putting pictures of wingnuts on J-Date and all that. …Nah, never mind — I’m just having one of those nobody-understands-me evenings. Maybe I should make a pot of herbal tea and snuggle up with some Joni Mitchell. In a big pair of Peter Rabbit feety-pajamas.

Say, shockingly, at the moment we have no votes at all for Best Writing. Who would nominate a blog for Best Writing, and then not even vote for it? The world is indeed ever-wide and scintillious, and full of it was you, wasn’t it Yosef? new things.


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I think for the purposes of maintaining S,N!’s reputation and status as a merciless tyrannical institution, it is necessary to send in the Death Kitties- but in a show of mercy upon the pitiful masses, you should refrain from ordering the execution of those who surrender immidietely.


Second on send in the DKs. I like Brad best cos he’s not all cobaggy like you, Gavin. Just kidding I like you both the same [/dad voice]


Somebody needs a hug…


I am worried by the message that not voting for Sadly, No! would send. Sadly, No! is one of our most important allies in the war on terror. “Outside of our own country, Sadly, No! services more of our military ships than any country in the world.” Free trade talks might be postponed.

I like Brad best.


I like you best, Gavin. It’s just that Brad tends to do longer-form wingnut evisceration, and is thus more…noticable.


Best Writing is kind of a reach, boys. But you got my vote for Best Group.
Anyway, remember, voting can be done by email, too. So possibly people aren’t unwilling to vote for you, but only are embarrassed to vote for you in public.

(And, oh yes, I don’t think I realized I was supposed to be begging for votes. Personally, my advice is to vote for Yosef or Norbizness or Chris Clarke or TehL4m3.
I’m extremely flattered by the nomination, but am somehow genuinely enjoying getting my ass kicked.)






I like the posts that make the least sense the best. But I also like Seb’s econ one’s that attract real wingdings.

Also I love it when Brad get’s drunk.

Why didn’t BLT get any votes?

Hey seriously, we should have a best troll contest. Obviously F.A.C. would probably win, but maybe we should say the troll has to actually show up in the nomination thread. I’m sure the Editors have the info to verify who F.A.C. is.


I think you should move the evil cat minions to 3B! under cover of darkness, just to make the Koufax people look bad. That’ll show’em.


While we’re, you know, talking, why is it that everyone seems to like Brad best?

It’s the teeth.
I’d grin at my own mean-spiritedness, but……it’s my teeth.


Oh, BTW, I like all youse Sadly, No! boiz pretty equally, ‘cos you all make me larf. Seb should post more, though. After all, it is his blog.


I’d ask the UN, then ignore them, and send the kitties anyhow.


It seems to you that everyone likes Brad best because you lack the self-confidence to realize how much people like you. You should chat with BLT and see if he can help you work through your “issues.”

No, I’m just kidding, it’s really the New Jersey thing. :-p~


You know, faux trolls are just too meta for me. I can’t decide if it’s a contradiction in terms or exactly the point.

And, gosh, Gavin, I love all you guys equally. Group hug!


sorry guys, I had to vote Bérubé in for best writing. I don’t think you guys are gettin that one.

I did vote for you everywhere else you popped up tho.

And Gavin, buck up, I still loves ya! Now get out there and win one for Mickey!


I’m with md. There may be evil-kitten antagonizing related activities that need to be suppressed.

Although remember, if they break it, you own it, and you know how hard it is to get cat piss out.

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste

Joni Mitchell? Feh!

Joan Baez goes with happy furry bunny slippers.


But, Sidhe–you haven’t offered to have Gav’s children! Or, for that matter, Seb’s. That’s not non-partisan!


OK, this is a wee bit off-topic, but has everyone seen the fabulous Bounceometer (VERY not work-safe!!)? For maximum enjoyment, pick the largest breast size (FF-G) and highest activity level (EXTREME!). Requires Flash. And, as I said, NOT WORK-SAFE!


I haven’t offered to have Brad’s children, either. I asked him to have mine.
Completely different thing, and I damned well *have* made the same offer to Gavin.

I admit I haven’t asked Seb to bear my child, but that’s mostly because I figure he has his hands full.


Sidhe is too sweet!


Personally, I like Pastor Swank better than any of you. But since the Koufaxes aren’t a popularity contest, I’m not voting for anybody.


En haiku:

The sides of a gem,

B and G, and oh yeah, Seb.

Is that Ammonia?


Ooh–I can see whay they haven’t taken up your offer, since it would involve surgery and genetic therapy and other unpleasant things. And, a cesarian section, presumably. Gee, Sidhe–you’re demanding!


I nominated y’all for best series, not best writing, because you just copied KG’s poetry to get in that category.


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