Joker Pulls Another Boner


Glenn Reynolds cites Powerline citing Daniel Pipes (with Sharon Chadha), and with that kind of set-up, you just know there’s going to be a punchline at the end.

March 10, 2006

MORE BAD PRESS FOR [The Council on American-Islamic Relations], which gets better press than it deserves usually. This, for example, is kind of embarrassing: “Perhaps the most obvious problem with CAIR is the fact that at least five of its employees and board members have been arrested, convicted, deported, or otherwise linked to terrorism-related charges and activities.”

Let’s note the broadness of a statement that begins with ‘arrested’ and ‘convicted,’ then goes to ‘deported’ and ‘otherwise linked,’ before ending at ‘[terrorism-related] activities.’ It should raise a red flag for anyone with basic math skills, because five is sort of a small number of people to require such a branching tree of qualifiers. A person would probably want to go to the original article to look at the claims one by one (some are damning, others are fishy like a McFishwich). But Glenn is moving fast:

A right-wing group similarly linked to, say, white-supremacist criminals, would never hear the end of it. And it would never, ever, be mentioned in the media without that fact being brought up.

posted at 11:24 AM by Glenn Reynolds

Hey look, it’s the Great Gazoogle.

Zeerp! “Hello, dumdum.”

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You’d think that InstaTwit would get tired of being proven wrong…


BTW, I think you forgot to close your italics tag at the end of the post. It’s made the rest of the posts on the page go full italics.


nice catch.


Gosh, the instank pundits make a good point here!

I mean, it really would be unfair for a journalist to mention it when right-wingers associate with White Supremacists or other whack jobs.

It’s not like these fringe elements ever carried out deadly terrorist attacks on our soil.

And it’s certainly not like Sean Hannity mentions Sen. Robert Byrd’s KKK ties at every available opportunity.

So once again, these fine folks have offered us unsurpassed insight and analysis. And we see that, though they control every branch of government, the right remains a persecuted minority deserving of our pity.(Weeps)


You’d think that InstaTwit would get tired of being proven wrong.

It’s really hard for them to notice their wrong when they have their heads shoved so far up one another’s butts.


Silly liberals! Fact checking is for Commies!


Goddamn it, Joker’s boner…now I have to go back and read that whole comic again. God bless the internets.


I’m very disappointed that there is no David Neiwert link there. For shame, Sadly, No! For shame!


That’s nothing. Every single contributor to either Instapundit or Powerline has either been convicted of child rape, or eaten fruit.


That’s nothing. Every single contributor to either Instapundit or Powerline has either been convicted of child rape, or eaten fruit.

Really? I thought 7 out of 8 of them were convicted of sodomy, unlawful possession of a vibrator, solicitation of a prostitute, or beastiality at a certain Crawford TX pig farm.

“Disturbing, if true.”


I can’t help but remember “weapons-of-mass-destruction-related program-activities.” You could paint the grand canyon in four strokes with a brush that broad.


“weapons-of-mass-destruction-related program-activities.”

few things make me smile faster then that phrase. except maybe use of the word “shenaneigans”.

I have to say that really nothing shows Bush’s lack of shame more than the fact that he was able to really deliver that line.


I wanna hear Rummy accuse the Iraqi “man on the street” of “mopery.”


Did you guys know that 95% of people who’ve commited murders have either eaten bread or read instapundit in the previous 24 hours?

Think about it.

Also, I do indeed like “Shenanigans” but admire the simplicity of the word “Flailing” better.
Flailing. Flaaiiiilliing.


Hm. Playing paintball with a person who plead guilty to something terrorist. Engaging in Jihad in Bosnia — at that time, we kind of supported it! Possession of AK-47 style weapons — that stinks. Those are commie weapons.

But indeed, further down we have “exporting computers to Syria and Libia”. I heard something about this computer embargo, it is a bad joke. Actually, I knew a computer smuggler who smuggled computers to Poland when that country was no longer Communist but still on embargo list. You ship obsolete, legal machines and smuggle motherboards (luckily, he did not have to swallow them).

Lying on visa application. This is parking violation zone. Passing bad checks — didn’t a White House official resign for something similar?


I am the lowest common denominator. The comic panel made me giggle so hard, I printed it out and took it home with me.


Surely this isn’t the earliest appearance of the Great Gazoogle?


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