YouTube: Quintessence and Horror

Oh, my. Whoah, Nelly. Remember that Friday Video thing that I sort of half-posted on Saturday because I was slipping into the site through the mail slot, with the server and all that?

Right, well, someone asked for a Long Ryders clip, and I went looking for one, and got lost in YouTube. It’s not a place to get lost in. You start wandering through one person’s favorite-video list, and from there into someone else’s, et cetera — because often the best way to find things isn’t to do a search, but to target someone who likes things that you like, and to see where they got them. But then you get careless, and soon enough, there you are: agoggled in the deep, gloamy thick of the Infinite Vid Forest, with the ‘
Teenage guys recording themselves doing skateboard tricks and falling down a lot

And there’s this kind:

Teenage girls recording themselves dancing around and woo-wooing

And there’s also an extra 500 infinity-schmillion of these:

Song + montage from TV show = music video

That one’s actually pretty not-badly done, with the editing and the Invader Zim (never mind the Blink 182). But you know what? No Long Ryders anywhere, except for an ’04 reunion thing. And I looked. There’s this, though:

The Plimsouls – ‘A Million Miles Away’ (4:23)

It’s from the same place and historical moment. Maybe there’s some Hoodoo Gurus in there too, but I’m staying here where it’s safe for the time being.


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Mars needs guitars, bitches!

Eat it Yosef!


That was me that asked for the LR clip. The reunion clip was average at best.

But I also adore the Plimsouls! I’ve really stopped looking to see if they’ve reissued any of the Plimsouls albums. It seems a crying shame that they were (are?)out of print for so long. At least I have a few songs on the Valley Girl soundtrack (Pink Vinyl woo-woo)!!!


The Plimsouls never did it for me, only because I felt that a certain amount of mod rock rarity slots existed on the radio, and that particular song took up too many. Like “Pretty In Pink” by Psych Furs. Also, you could probably have said it was
The Alarm and most people wouldn’t have noticed.

Now Hoodoo Gurus- there’s another story.

So sad, I’m not gonna call attention to my AWESOME previous comment however.


Is the entire interwebs freaking out tonight? Sitemeter, blogger, haloscan, everything???


Teenage guys recording themselves doing skateboard tricks and falling down a lot

“Do you guys ever land a trick?” — J. Garofalo


Your YouTube taxonomy reminds me of the time I was driving through Knoxville on a Friday evening, scanning through the radio dial, when I heard a vaguely familiar voice. “Hey,” I said to my wife, “that’s Bob Saget, hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos … on the radio.”

After listening for a few minutes, we discovered the formula for 90 percent of the funniest videos in America: Dog barks. Lady screams. People laugh. (The other 10 percent, of course, involve a man taking a shot to the nizzuts.)


Mars needs guitars, bitches!

I’m taking the rest of the day off to go find my Stoneage Romeos cassette.

My girlfriend lives in the ground …


What’s my, what’s my
What’s my, what’s my scene?


I actually went to a Blink concert back on my 20th b-day- I won tickets from the local radio station and the show happened to be on my birthday. It was really weird- jailbait girls everywhere flashing their little boobs to anyone who would watch, waves of suburban angst . . .

Tak, the Hideous New Girl

Filthy humans!

How dare you pay tribute to my nemesis Zim! I could almost forgive you but for the Blink 182 soundtrack.

Laugh now, yes. Laugh and frolic in your vile meats of evil…Soon, I’ll see you in hell!


Is that how far I’m now off your radar, PP? You talk about the Hoodoo Gurus on a post about music videos, but you can’t even link to my Seitz Video Extra featuring the Hoodoo Gurus?

3Bulls! hasn’t lost Seitz. Seitz has lost 3Bulls!


You forgot the anime fansub/pirated tv show (usally cartoons, for some reason) part of YouTube. That’s the only TV I’ve had for the past 2 months.


Have I missed it, or have the Sadlies been awfully silent concerning the wealth of Gimmie Gimmie Octopus available on YouTube?


Thanks Cobabgxzzz! I just spent the last couple of hours looking up videos of the girl-bands of my youth. Blondie and Annie L still do it for me but my memories of Bananarama and the Bangles should have remained just that.


Oh, man! Brad had mentioned “Gimme Gimme Octopus” before, but I had no idea it was that… odd. You said the pear-shaped thing is a peanut, right? Oh, my poor brain…..


Vladi G! I knew that Hoodoo Gurus had come up somewhere…I just couldn’t remember! I will pimp out you next Spng of the dAy entry for sure. COME ON!


I’m sorry, I must be having a stroke and misread that.

Did you say that they were playing “America’s funniest home videos” on the fucking radio? WHY GOD, WHY?!?!?!?!


Well, better that than radio on tee vee… as Imus proves.


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