Your Sadly, No! forecast for the week

We aim to please here at S,N!E*, and as part of our eternal commitment to customer service and our efforts to achieve ISO9001 certification for Total Quality Management, we are pleased to introduce our all new Sadly, No! Weekly Forecast. What does this week’s forecast have in store?

  • Chance of snark: Fuck yeah.
  • Probability of cock: Totally.
  • A very special Amber moment: 69%
  • 6th grade bathroom humor: Likely
  • Irrelevant pictures and/or graphics whose sole use is making life for those on a dialup connection more difficult: Near certainty.
  • A link to a post from The Corner with the mention “In addition to being a very sexy woman, K-Lo makes a lot of sense here” Error — cannot compute
  • Our secret recipe for the world’s best egg salad: 25-1 against
  • Intelligent commentary on the 2004 elections: Sadly, No!
  • Incoherent, grammatically incorrect, typo-filled asshat quality musings on topics of little or no importance: Where do I sign?
  • Visitor # 100,000 to Bring it on!

    * Sadly, No! Enteprises

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    So when is Sadly No going to set up email alerts for readers just waiting for the word “cock” to appear in posts?


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