Cobb Nominations Now Open

Nominations for the 2005 Ty Cobb Awards are now open in the following categories:


The Least Humorous Award is designated to honor a blogger or team of bloggers who are Kevin Drum who prize trenchant analysis and clarity of thought over the easy cheap shot or the snarky one-liner. Nominations should follow this guideline, but may also be given as a way of making an easy cheap shot or snarky one-liner.


The Most Deserving of Less Recognition Award is essentially a way to pick on blogs bigger and/or more respected than us, and is not intended to make anyone feel bad unless they fit such qualifications. This, however, gives a wide and numerous, if not functionally infinite, field of qualified nominees.


Worst Community is designated to honor left-blogs that for some reason don’t allow comments, but also to single out for distinction blogs that genuinely have a lot of really dumb comments. Another purpose is to better enable bloggers and commenters to annoy and make fun of each other through misuse of the awards process.

Nominations are also welcome for additional categories, and it must be underlined that a strict standard will be kept throughout the awards in terms of encouraging bald-assed self-promotion and ballot-stuffing, when done with style and panache.


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Three categories, one winner- it’s a clean sweep for 3 Bulls! 😉


I was gonna say that last categorically is surely designed to poke a stick in the eye of that Pinko Punko fella. I’m sure one of his troll buddies will be here in a moment to whine petulantly.


For “Most Deserving of Less Recognition” I nominate Sifu Tweety at the poor man.

Talk about bringing a good thing down!


Tweety, it clearly says that nominations in that category are for blogs bigger and/or more respected than us.

…Um, okay. I’m not fooling anyone, am I?


Can we get a Least Liberal category? You could even call it the Richard Cohen Memorial Award.

Kevin Drum
Matthew Yglesias
Sebastian Mallaby
Tom Olyphant
Kevin Drum
Jonathan Chait
Kevin Drum
Franklin Foer
Josh Marshall

This reward is tricky because you have to determine who only *seems* liberal because the Bushies/wingnuts are so insane and who is actually liberal-leftist no matter who is in office. It could also be called the Spineless Triangulators of the Future Award.


Atlas shrugs for least humorous.
Atrios for most deserving of least recognition.
And I nominate a new catagory, Commentor and/or poster that we would most like to steal away to sadly, no!


I nominate everyone who fails to see the genius of my comments for the John Rocker Commemorative Troll Award.


I nominate the comments section of this post for Worst Community.

I got linked by LittleGreenWhateverTheFuck, Jihad Watch, Protein Wisdom and a couple of pro-Muslim sites simultaneously the other day. Consequently, people in the comments section wish to inform me that I’m a Jew-hating Jew lover who hates the Prophet Mohammed and wants to put the US under Sharia law. Oh, and I hate the Baby Jesus, apple pie, baseball and your mom.

So, yeah. Worst Community. Until they start making some fucking sense.


Glenn Greenwald is a one for the trenchant analysis. Less recognition? Kos. If people would quit posting there so damn much maybe I could actually get a thread to load without bringing my computer slowly, wimperingly to it’s knees. Bastards. Worst Community would be Wolcott. Any mere mortal brave enough to comment would die the death of a thousand rapier wit cuts, though, so it’s probably for the best.


There are no humorous blogs. I’m not even sure fafblog is funny anymore. IN fact since every blog on earth got nominated for most humorous Koufax, the award for the Cobb should be “Least Most Humorous”.

Fulsome, I’m gonna shove my foot up your pork-snorkeling ass.


Worst Commenter could be funny, except the field of trolls is so wide open.


MJ’ is a pretty good troll. She pastes 10000 word screeds into threads. Just destroys them.


‘Glenn Greenwald is a one for the trenchant analysis. Less recognition? Kos. If people would quit posting there so damn much maybe I could actually get a thread to load without bringing my computer slowly, wimperingly to it’s knees. Bastards. Worst Community would be Wolcott. Any mere mortal brave enough to comment would die the death of a thousand rapier wit cuts, though, so it’s probably for the best.’

Worst commenter is me for simply cutting and pasting tigrismus’s nominations and passing them off as my own…seriously though, that’s is pretty much excatly what I would have said, though I would have used different words if it was only up to me.


Definitely Wolcott for Worst Community. That blog actually repels comments. And how is Josh Marshall not nominated for Least Humorous? This one’s his to lose.


No, worst commenter is me for not only pre-stealing Pooh’s comment but also for misusing “it’s.” *shudder* I also goosed everyone who has commented so far.


Well 3 Bulls! for worst community. Definitely, worst community!


Notice there are no women bloggers nominated for Least Liberal. Good work, misogynists!


I had considered suggesting the category “Worst Blog Nobody Knows About”. Upon further consideration, just mentioning Sadly,No! pretty much ends the discussion right there.


The Horse’s Ass stable of trolls could take the top 3 spots for Worst Commenter easily. One of the regular trolls was caught mailing fake sex offender notifications across the state to scare people away from Democratic candidates. And he’s one of the ones who is too principles to post overtly racist comments. It’s a sewer in there.


Worst Community goes to the Rude Pundit, since I think he could have a rollickingly, well, rude comments area… but he doesn’t.
There should also be the Joementum and his Amazing Technicolor Portrait of the Preznit 2005 award for the singular best act of stabbing the left in the back. It will probably go to its namesake, unless it has to go to a blogger.


How about a Category for the “Cobb for Stealing the idea of making up new awards principally to make fun of other blog awards”?

Or the Lifetime Achievment: the “Ted Williams Award for Headless Cobaggery”?


Jeez, now that I look at it, “Cobb” is just stealing the start of the official name of the 3Bulls! awards: Cobaggies. We call them the ‘Baggies. You just got your ass nominated for one, pal.


Yosef, you go to far, taking the Splinter’s frozen gourd in vain.

How about the “Fuck Me? No Fuck YOU!” award. My nominee is Jane Hamsher at FDL for Howell-gate.


The Most Least Worst category would probably have stiff competition and finish in a dead heat.

The Least, Most, Best category, however, should be limited to posts of three linked words or less, with over a thousand comments.


What about empty pictures of sky with tiny wisps of cloud that generate 500 comments.

I think Chazmo’s camera just takes random shit when it’s bouncing along on his bike, and then, thinking the magical picture angel placed said photos in his camera, he posts them to his blog while admitting he listens to the new Weezer. Case closed: Worst Series.


There’s this blog called Song of the Day that was trying to convince people that Morrissey has talent. Can we vote Morrissey in for Most Deserving of Less Recognition or is this blogs only?


I am gonna set your hair and dresser on fire, fulsome.


I’d like to nominate Hugh Hewitt for Most Deserving Of Less Recognition. Or Trying Way Too Hard The Hardest. (Most Insecure?)
James Lileks for Most Unintentionally Humorous.
And Power Line for Most Hilariously Homoerotic.


Ann Althouse for Least Liberal

Rigorous Intuition for the “Most Hirsute (Buy That Man an Occam’s Razor!) Award”


Based on the number of thought leaders nominating righty blogs I’d thought about nominating Sadly, No! for wors community. Upon further reflection I believe we need a new category ‘Dimmest Community’. I’ll nominate Sadly, No! and any blog that lets Gary Boatwright comment on it.


Oh dear god. Some day this post and its comments will be analyzed in some scholarly work, and there will be asterisks and footnotes and a bibliography. Then I will read it, and understand it, and I will laugh.

Clearly I need to get out less.

PS: Could there be an award for most consistent gratuitous use of random apostrophes? And has Marie Jon’ ever explained what the ‘ represents? Or if it changes the way you say “Jon”? Has this already been asked and answered? Am I being Jonah Goldbergish about wanting the benefit of OPR (Other People’s Research)?


least humorous blogs:
Apoplectic Veteran
skippy the attention kangaroo
Steve Kill-y’all-grr’d

most deserving of less recognition:

worst community:
DailyKos. It’s like a big bowl of Angry Flakes that never runs out.

most in need of fewer videos:
Sadly, No


I think a good category would be “Fluffiest”, as in the blog that least prizes trenchant analysis and clarity of thought. These blogs rely entirely on easy cheap shots and snarky one-liners, which means they shoot to the top of my daily must-read list. Can I think of any nominees off the top of my head? Sadly, no!


Oh, pipe. I hate to have to be the one to crush your dreams, but you’re *still* not even in the running for Worst Troll.


DailyKos. It’s like a big bowl of Angry Flakes that never runs out.

Thanks, dude. Now my boss is looking at me funny.


1. Kevin Drum
2. Kevin Drum
3. DailyKos



Rigorous Intuition for the “Most Hirsute (Buy That Man an Occam’s Razor!) Award”

Oh, and I second that.


How about least likely to win a Koufax award and doesn’t give a damn?

The Defeatists!

We capitulate to our own suckiness!


Can we give a “Did You Know Firefox Actually Allows You to Have More than One Bookmark?” Award to Atrios for linking every word Digby has ever posted?


(Well, that’s not fair. He also links firedoglake and Glenn Greenwald. And then Digby again.)


pipe don’t know how to troll!!!!!!!!23œ™Œ

Hey D. Sidhe why don’t you wip out your wet blanketotron 6000 and mop up this thread!@123z



I propose the Michelle Dumaresq Reassigned Player Award for any blog that’s undergone gender reassignment and become pretty much crap in the process. (Eh hm, Wonkette.)


Uh, not to say that Michelle Dumaresq became a crap athlete after her surgery. She was just the first transgendered one I could find. I’m ready for my beating now.


1. Atrios
2. Atrios
3. Atrios

1. Everybody is a “whiny ass titty baby”, or is “stupid and ugly and nobody likes him”. This is remarkable, in that these phrases are neither trenchant analysis, nor funny. The signal to noise ration approaches 0, and everyone who reads them is dumber for having done so.

2. 70% Open threads- enough said.

3. Anyone who has ever tried to wade through 1000 comments on a frickin’ OPEN THREAD knows that Atrios deserves this catergory. At least in Appalachia they have the decency to be ashamed of their incest.

Kos is a never ending bowl of angry flakes, but at least his submitters occasionally have some interesting articles (bonddad on economics, darksyde on science).


I’m sure I’ll get reamed for saying it, but Kos can actually be a fairly kind and compassionate community.

It’s only natural with the overwhelming number of visitors that it have a lot of crazies
Then again, it can also be remarkably stupid and naive.


Posted by: Chadwick | March 8, 2006 04:00 PM


As ordered by this site’s authors, I nominate Michael Berúbé´ for the Ty for Infinite Communist Times A Millionest Blogger Who Is A Pinko And Should Shut Up.


This is a great idea! I nominate Kos in all three categories. Kos himself is not only not funny, he takes himself and his “movement” absurdly seriously. It’s practically negative-funny – the quantity of funniness in Kos’s own posts is less than 0. And most of the other contributors are irritatingly earnest, as well.

The community business has already been discussed. I would agree that atrios’s comments section is, by any objective standard, considerably worse than Kos’s. But I can much more easily ignore it, since it’s haloscan – even when I do, by some horrible mistake, open up one of atrios’s threads, it’s so incoherent that I just close it in moderate irritation. Kos, on the other hand, lures you into comments and diaries and so forth, only to remind you that 90% of the people there are crazy and stupid. And instead of just closing it in moderate irritation, I always feel compelled to read on and get more and more annoyed.

Given these two features, I feel that Kos is also quite deserving of less recognition – certainly he gets such an insane quantity of recognition (I just came upon his mug in a US News & World Report in the doctor’s office) that he’d still be pretty fine with even a tiny bit less.


Is there a Ty for Bonds defenders? Cos I would win.

1. Least Humorous: Drum in a dullslide. There was this one post a few months ago where he literally said, ‘My first instinct was to just make fun of X, but instead I will upchuck yet another turgid slab of mind-bending water-treading dullness that makes Ann Althouse look like the doyenne of partisanship.’ (slightly paraphrased) … sadly, Greenwald is a rising star in this category as well. But also megafrists to Chadwick on Atrios … like Preznit Give Me Turkee was slightly funny the first time, but the 1,000th serving of its leftovers, not so much.

2. Most Deserving of Less Recognition: EschatamericaTboggblog

3. Worst Community: Dave Neiwart, but only cos I can’t get his comments to work. But I imagine his comments are lively. So, instead, Atrios, where there are more ‘Goodnight JohnBoy’ comments on a single open thread than there would be on an alien planet that based its entire civilization on The Waltons.


I meant that Kos would still be pretty fine even with a considerable amount less recognition…


That’s it. No more Koufax vote counting for me. I’m camping out over here for the finals in the Cobbies. Much more entertaining.


For excellence in communal humorlessness, check out some of Kevin Drum’s commenters’ responses to the guest bloggers he has covering for him now.


The Koufax Thing

Everyone’s doing their last-minute, no-foolin’ begging for votes in the Koufax Awards, because the voting closes on Sunday night. It threatens to draw attention away from the Cobb Awards. I mean, we could send the evil cat minions over, but……


Is Altmouse even eligible for “least liberal”? I mean, is she liberal even in the least?

Josh Marshal is a good “least liberal”. One can write “even Josh Marshall who is hardly a liberal says…” The trick is that the quote should sound liberal, but, since even Josh Marshall supports it, we can prove that it is a mainstream opinion. (see footnote)

In the same vein, one cannot nominate Marshall for the “least humorous”. Or Kos. Atrios on the other hand, gives a stab at humor now and then.

Can anyone explain the concept of “open thread”? Because I have a vague suspicion that they are meant to be funny, I nominate Atrios for “least humorous”. Atrios is a good man, but his cats…

Footnote: shouldn’t we have “Most mainstream” category, meaning the combined score of least humorous, least liberal and least original, plus whatever mainstream qualities a nominator may notice?


how about the “Infinite Scroll” prize for the most superfluous, off-putting verbosity?

winner: ReddHedd at FDL!


I nominate those who think I’m a troll for ‘Least Clear on the Concept’.


I nominate Liberal Oasis for Worst Community for not taking comments.

I usually like what he has to say, but there’s no way to ask a question or add a suggestion. I’ve emailed him, but he’s never gotten back to me.


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I second the nomination of Liberal Oasis for worst community. Sure, it was an oasis in 2002 when there were only three liberal blogs. But times have changed, and Lib-O must change with them. Its questionlessness and commentlessness and suggestion-addinglessness must cease, and it must join the New Blog Order or face the consequences!


Cobb Awards: Voting Open

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Given all the times I’ve seen some permutation of the advisory proviso, “I’m a liberal, but…” I would suggest a category for Biggest Liberal Butt.


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