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I really hope Brokeback Mountain wins best picture, if only because it’ll result in a week’s worth of hilarious whining at Townhall, WorldNetDaily and Renew America. I personally can’t wait to read Ben Shapiro’s column about how Hollywood mocks traditional values by not hating on gay people.

UPDATE: I’m so happy that “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” won for best original song. That’ll give Ben Shapiro something extra-funny to whine about.

Also, Jon Stewart started out terrible, but he’s gotten really funny over the last half hour.

UPDATE: Here we go! Get ready some wingnut heads to burst!!!

Whoa. Crash won? That’s, like, the least controversial movie they could chose. Wimps.


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The beauty of the Best Picture category this year is that all the movies will bring a week of whining from the wingnuts. Brokeback Mountain, Capote, Crash, Good Night and Good Luck, Munich . . . whichever one wins, no one can possibly say it’s a conservative movie.


Personally, I think they’ll go for something less controversial than Brokeback, like Good Night and Good Luck or Crash. But, it would be fantastically amusing if Brokeback somehow won.


You objectively pro-Saddam, homo-loving Islamofascists make me sick! I will beat you all with my penis!


If Crash wins, the decline of America in importance and cultural impact will be irreversible. but as an example of the success of a cult of personality, it achieves more than any other nominee.


Brokeback is gonna sweep that shit. It will win Best Picture and at least one other major award.


The saddest part is, _Good Night and Good Luck_ ought to be considered a conservative movie, since it was about standing up to a radical who had designs on the Bill of Rights and on democracy in America itself.

Alas, they don’t make conservatives like they used to.


I’m sure the wingnuts who were still watching after Clooney won and said a few “Oh snap!”-worthy things were not watching after that spectacularly immature and wonderful cowboy moments montage. MWAHAHAHA


started out terrible?! I was practically crying I was laughing so much.

I am not just opposed to Anti-Jon comments, I am actually on the other side.


We watched Crash again tonight. I don’t get the hating. I mean, I know it’s heavy-handed, but what Hollywood movie isn’t? The other best picture nominees were just as bad, and they were all great films. (Love Rachel Weisz, but Catherine Keener should have won…)

And say this for Crash: The general wingnut response to this film was “Yeah, we know racism still exists, you don’t have to shove it in our faces.”

Which is entertaining because their argument against affirmative action is that racism isn’t a problem anymore.


I loved the Swiftboating of the Dames. LOL


“Brokeback Mountain” had a smaller budget and fewer people connected to it. “Crash” had a lot more people involved in the production of it, and exponentially more people rooting for it. So I’m not too surprised it won. (But I liked “Brokeback Mountain” more.)


Well, I actually do think Crash was a right-wing movie — “Hey, it’s OK to be racist, we’re all racist, people from other races are just as racist as we are, and it’s OK to hate someone you because of her race as long as you’d rescue her from a burning car.”


The general wingnut response to this film was “Yeah, we know racism still exists, you don’t have to shove it in our faces.”

Really, Auguste? Lately I’ve been expecting from them more of this: “What do you mean, legacy of slavery and Jim Crow? All that stuff is in the past — racism doesn’t exist anymore! Why, just look at Alan Keyes! And isn’t that Felicia Benamon so well-spoken?”

Meanwhile, everybody’s supposed to ignore Chris Matthews’ and Peggy Noonan’s occasional “indolent negro” cracks.


Was hoping for “Good Night and Good Luck” to win, but my general reaction is “meh”, as it usually is for the Oscars.
(I saw “Good Night” at the Midwest Preview in Galesburg, Ill. last term- they had Bob Jameison of ABC there to talk about it; twas cool).


What a funny post and yet, so much truth. I just wondered if you mind that I linked it to my blog. If you object, please stop by and let me know. Sincerely, FrenchIndian


Feh. I was right. Sometimes, I hate being right.


Hollywood has spoken- now back to the closet with ye!
Thanks for the best bunch of posts I’ve seen in a while


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Crash has and will go down in history as a terrible movie, worse than Police Academy 7 even, because its main theme is race, which means people of every stripe have to pretend it’s shit even though it isn’t so they can prove how clever and enlightened they are, no matter what the film might be saying about race, if it’s saying anything concrete at all, which it clearly isn’t. See also: Driving Miss Daisy, acclaimed for five minutes when it came out and officially worse than Manos: the Hands of Fate forever after. Criticism isn’t about the work itself anymore, it’s about the critics.


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