There’s pathetic…

…and then there’s Brent “YouppiBozell:

It was bad enough Williams couldn’t muster a whole story, but then to describe Saddam as the former Iraqi “president”? Pathetic. [Emphasis added]

Et tu, TownHall?

Meanwhile, catching his first sight of the former Iraqi president as his bearded, bewildered picture was flashed across the TV screen during Sunday brunch at Vermillion in Alexandria, Va. lawyer David D. Hudgins shouted for all to hear: “Bad Santa!”


Ramsey Clark, former U.S. attorney general and leftist anti-war activist, announced yesterday he has joined the defense team of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

Had we been in Brett’s shoes, we would have gone for the Interrobang. (Thanks to Doghouse Riley at Norbizness.)


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Didn’t you hear? Saddam never was the former Iraqi president, so Bozell et al could have never referred to him as such. You are linking to alternative universe websites, which don’t count.

Stop trying to revise history, you anti-semite.


Well clearly Saddam was unworthy of the title. I mean, if he was so great at running torture chambers, how come when we invaded and took over Abu Ghraib, we could torture, maim, rape and kille better than he did, all without even trying, huh?


OK Brett, we’ll stop referring to Saddam Hussein as “(former) President” when you and the rest of the wingnuts stop referring to George W. Bush as “President.”



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