How many chili peppers would S,N! rank?

For users of Eudora, its Chili Pepper Rating (CPR) is undoubtebly extremely useful.

Thanks to Laura, we now know a bit more about its operation:

One interesting feature of Eudora is the “chili peppers”. If you are writing an email that contains several mild swears (“bastard,” “jackass”, “screw you”, etc.) or at least one big-time swear (“fuck”), you get assigned “chili peppers” which alert other Eudora readers that what you have to say could be offensive. You are also warned before you send the email–“Your message is likely to offend the average reader. You might consider toning it down.” Since Eudora assigns chili peppers to roughly 100% of my emails, outgoing and incoming, I naturally got curious about this phenomenon.

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Why chili peppers? Wouldn’t something like 14″ steel dildos be a more effective warning of objectionable content?

Dr. BLT, The Song Blogger

If they applied the same system here, nobody would ever have a word to say about me and my songs.


When fascism comes to America it will come bearing smileys and chili peppers…

MCH's Overlords

Hey! That sentiment is double plus unsmiley.

**IP Logged.**


Curiously, I get frequent group emails from a professional forum that are decidedly clean. However, Each one is tagged with 3 peppers because one of the recipients on the list has the last name “licker”.


Hey LostSailor,

I think I subscribe to the same professional forum! I keep e-mailing poor Dick and telling him that his last name sets off the alarm bells for some reason.


It was good until the “Caesar built dykes to keep out the Helvetians” under the Homophobia category killed my buzz, since Caesar would have built dikes.


Well, he would have built fossas really.


If any email you send doesn’t have chili peppers, you’re not paying attention and you have nothing to say.


If they applied the same system here, nobody would ever have a word to say about me and my songs.

You’re being thick again, BLT, and while, normally, a thick sammich is better, it isn’t so in this case. This system would only warn us that we were about to post something some people might potentially find offensive. Most of us would already know that and just find the warning annoying. Sodding git.

Dr. BLT, The Song Blogger

What’s up, Marq? How have you been? It’s pretty pathetic when somebody’s comments (namely, yours), intended to be critical, are actually taken in with a sense of gratitude, simply because they are not as mean-spirited and cruel as many of the comments from the more cold-hearted among us.


Well, I could call you a “pratt” if it’d make you feel better about yourself. OK, that’s meaner than was called for. Shit, I hate having a conscience. Why wasn’t I born a sociopath?


Personally, DR. BLT — You would get a meaningful response if you ever posted anything besides a complaint. On the rare occasions you enter into the conversation it always has one of your songs as an example and, much like Timmah, I find more than one proffered song a week a bit like begging. That would be analogous to every comment I left here referencing a post on my blog instead of just summarizing it here.

Sometimes you come across as a troll in the old sense of the word (making every thread about you) and that becomes even more frustrating.

To be on topic for a small fraction of my post, I did find the link quite humorous


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