Well that’s a shame

From Ann “Less popular than that somewhat popular bloggerAlthouse:

I felt no dissonance voting for both George Bush and Russ Feingold in 2004. […] I’d rather see smart, good people who think independently.

Yeah, sure would have been nice if a smart, good person who thinks independently had been elected President in 2000 2004. Maybe next time.

Added: Reminds us of the old How non partisan is Ann Althouse? game. (Be sure to read the entries.)


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Well that speaks volumes doesn’t it? GWB a smart and good person that thinks independently?!!! AA is treading on Hienierocket and MJ’ ground here.


God she’s a hack. But she’s so non-partisan how can you dislike that?


One of these days, you’re all going to push poor Ms. Althouse over the edge and she’ll erupt in a flurry of obscenities and all caps typing.


I heard she was so non-partisan that if she came in contact with a partisan the two of them would be annihilated in a burst of gamma rays.


She might not be referring to th candidates themselves. Maybe she means that she’ll see “smart, good people who think independently” at the polling place or something.


What was it I heard?..Ann Althouse is so non-partisan her solution to the Schiavo dilema was to force-feed Terri to death.

You know, that is sooo not funny…*snick*


Um oh yeah well Ann Althouse is soooo non-partisan — you know how non-partisan she is? Well get this! — she’s so non-partisan, she once got Natalie Portman to eat prime rib medium rare, while forcing Tucker Carlson to admit that eating meat is in fact not a political statement but rather just a meal.

Okay. I’m no good at this. It’s lunchtime…


The Ann Althouse game is blogging’s answer to Chuck Norris Facts.


Ann Althouse is so non-partisan, her favorite ice cream is Milk.

Ann Althouse is so non-partisan, opinions bend away from her.

Ann Althouse is so non-partisan, the French have no word for it.

Ann Althouse is so non-partisan, she was unanimously elected Chief Justice of the Department of Justice’s Justice League of America.

Ann Althouse is so non-partisan, political leaflets have been known to spontaneously combust before touching her hand.


Ann Althouse is so used to being called nonpartisan, when she goes to Japan, she introduces herself as Ann Althouse Nonparti.


Ann Althouse is so non-partisan, when he heard Harry Whittington was a republican, she shot Dick Cheney in the face.


Gah, replace Dick Cheney with “a democrat”. Should’ve previewed my post.


Ann Althouse is so non-partisan, the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic has her on speed dial.

Ann Althouse is so non-partisan, she is the ass in the room that no one wants to talk about.

Ann Althouse is so non-partisan, she is opposed to all lines going diagonally across the grain of fabric.


Ann Althouse is so non-partisan her hoary albino hills are alive with the Sound of Music.


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