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I’m Glad Someone’s Looking After His Rights

The alleged leader of the gang that murdered Ilan Halimi has been arrested in Ivory Coast, and French authorities are moving to extradite him for trial in France. No Pasaran!, a group blog some of whose members, at least, live in France, has been following the story in the French media:

Just 10 minutes ago on French cable TV i-Tele some jackass from an umpteenth French Human Rights group was moaning that this guy cannot be extradited from the Ivory Coast without violating his human rights. The French media machine is in overdrive in what is shaping up to be a succesful bait-and-switch on who the real victim is here as they quelch all media echos of anti-Semitism in this affair.

What is it about “human rights” groups that seems to make them insensitive to human rights?
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Ah, it’s No Pasaran! again. We know those guys from awhile back. They have this image proudly displayed on their main page:


Startlingly, they’re even less well-respected than Sadly, No!, because we have one of these laid up for a rainy day, or for when we start to feel tragically unloved:


— and that should tell you something, by God. We’re not exactly at the glimmering pinnacle of sobriety and blogging-ethics.

So, this ditchwater blog full of bonk-headed loonies, No Pasaran! — which is down the ladder from us, even — says “some jackass” from an “umpteenth French human-rights group” said something unspecified on i-Tele. And aspiring ‘MSM’ pundit and Claremont Fellow John Hinderaker takes this hot tip and passes it on, adding a hardy-har dig at ‘human-rights groups.’

Dude, I was watching cable ten minutes ago, and this one jerk from like the millionth conservative group was saying he hopes there’s a really big terrorist attack on America so Bush can suspend the Constitution.

No, really, you can totally go check — it was on that one show, with the guy. You know, on cable.

“Yeah, I was sitting right here, why?”


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Speaking of bong hits, where’s the Friday video stuff? You know, if you create an expectation amongst the readership, we’ll DEMAND it be filled.

Or at least I will.


I love Friday video Fridays. I was hoping for World Party “Way Down Now” for no particular reason.


The bong labeled “BONG” is a clever touch. Cops never look sideways at one of those, but try to hide an ordinary-looking one, and POW!


Hey guys, seeing as this blog has a German connection, I thought this link might amuse:

Der Spiegel calls Bush a Fuehrer. Bloggers outraged.


Isn’t “No Pasaran” the phrase used by Communists, Anarchists, Socialists and other assorted leftist groups in Mid-30s Spain?


Yosef, yes, while they were being invaded by the fascist Nationalist lead by Franco.


So what’s a fascist right wing weblog doing using it as their slogan?


No, really, you can totally go check — it was on that one show, with the guy. You know, on cable.

can you tell me any time you’ve ever heard anyone say such a thing? Having lived behind the Iron Curtain, and write for No Pasaran, I can tell you who’s insticts are behind those notions – that of leftists.

If you don’t know where the saying came from, it originated as a reference to the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War – wedged between the left-wing fascism of Franco, and the left-wing anarchism of the socilaists.

A trip to the Spanish-Enlish dictionary could tell you what ¡No Pasarán! means.


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