And by the Way…

here’s the Tony Blankley quote I was talking about the other day (my emphasis):

[W]e have a couple of choices, and everybody has been talking about being an honest broker, but there’s another choice, and that is to be a participant on one side, with the Shias and Kurds against the Sunnis. The Shias, while they are a bigger number of people, they don’t have the experience that the Sunnis have, but if you combine the Shia numbers with our technology and our support, technical support, we could in fact get a second best—not what we wanted, which was a government that was genuinely democratic, but perhaps a friendly, semi-theocratic Shia government that we had put in power by helping them win a civil war. That’s not a wonderful choice, but it’s a lot better than turning tail and leaving.

NOW that’s what I call fASScism, Vol. 2!


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I remember when Bush said “We’re fighting to kill a faction in Iraq to create a semi-theocratic Shia government.”

I’m sure the parents of the 2,200+ dead soldiers would see that their sacrifice was well worth it.

And how would a semi-theocratic gonvernemnt work anyway? Sky gods make the laws on even days?


The funny bit comes from his assumption that the Shia would really, really like us, if only we’d help ’em exterminate those pesky Sunni. Um, Sadly, No! If we went along with this Very Bad and Criminal Ideaâ„¢, the Shia would turn on us the second the Sunni had been dealt with.


Thank God there aren’t any Sunni muslims anywhere else in the world except for Iraq. This plan is just crazy enough to work!


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