You. Must. Be. Shitting. Me.

I’m watching Tony Blankley on Hardball right now. He just suggested that if civil war breaks out in Iraq, we should take the side of the Shiites and help them wipe out the Sunnis.

Jesus Christ.

Richard Perle will be on a little later. I’ll be live-blogging the fun.

UPDATE: Aaaaaaaand we have Richard Perle! Let’s hear what he has to say!

“I don’t believe that serious damage was done to 168 mosques, and I don’t think we’re on the verge of a civil war,” says Perle.

“I believe the Iraqis are in the process of building a substantial unity government… we’re going to see a government emerge from the political process in Iraq.”

Jesus Christ, this guy is still slurping the Kool-Aid. But on the plus side, he said it was a bad idea to take sides in an Iraqi civil war. So at least he’s slightly less insane than Tony Blankley.

UPDATE: I’d just like to add that Keith Olbermann rocks my world. That is all.


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goddammn, that’s pretty retarded on a number of levels.


This is our national discourse, courtesy of a wacko lie peddler on one side, and a disgraced politico…on the same side.


Are there any other religious or ethnic groups that Blankley advocates genocide against? I’m curious.


Well, he did criticize George Soros’ morals by calling him “a Jew who figured out a way to survive the Holocaust.”


I’m sure the Iranians would love to help Tony implement his suggestion.

Cobaggery makes for strange bedfellows does it not?


Jesus H. Christ- I’m sure the Saudis, Egyptians, Turks and Jordainians will appriciate the entreaty to slaughter their co-relgionists.
Fucking idiot…


Maybe Tony’s just trying to get into some Freeper chick’s “Hidden Valley.”


It’s only fair that we now side with the Shiites in their battle to wipe out the Sunnis, since we did side with the Sunnis (& Saddam) against the Shiites during the Iran/Iraq war.

Fair & Balanced!


l4m3, that takes the ranch.


Like the TV talking heads, I’m just concerned that a civil war might break out there. Why, it wouldn’t be safe to walk the streets anymore, and there might even be some damage to that school we painted!


[checks Outrage Meter]

Nope, sorry, it’s empty, there’s nothing left in it. It looks like it’s been empty since 11/2000.


Man, throes suck.

Tak, the Hideous New Girl

this guy is still slurping the Kool-Aid.

I think we’re beyond Kool-Aid and into lobotomy territory here.


Proof that I.Q’s are not summed but subtracted. The more stupid people you involve, the dumber things get.


and that should have been IQs…dammit!


man, I am looking forward to The McLaughlan Group tonight.

I find that Blankley is often the guy who makes Pat Buchanan look reasonable.


How do people who are so consistenly wrong continue to be given the opportunity to present their opinions to the general public without ridicule?


elemental – that’s a damn good question! how do these guys keep their jobs? Of course, that assumes that there is some sort sense to it all.


Short answer: money. Being crappy in today’s economy pays., as every shopping trip these days never fails to point out to me.


Re: The McLaughlin Group.

John McLaughlin set Blankley off a week or so ago by calling the Washington Times a ‘rag.’ Fat boy sputtered like a lawn mower that was running out of gas. I thought about sending that old bastard a fifth of his favorite drink. I loved it.


aww, man! I missed it!

I also missed the other week after Cheney’s hunting trip.

I do like the way, every once in a while McLaughlin will basically tell the conservative panelists that they’re full of shit. once in a while.


Hidden Valley these days just reminds me of the “Sudden Valley” joke from “Arrested Development.”


Ethnic cleansing….well, it would be one way for the Republicans to feel like they’ve repudiated the Clinton legacy…


They’ve been wanting to do it to us treasonous liberals for years now, so maybe they’re just glad they get a chance to do it to someone.


Or ‘shi’iting me’, even.



And by the Way…

…here’s the Tony Blankley quote I was talking about the other day: [W]e have a couple of choices, and everybody has been talking about being an honest broker, but there’s another choice, and that is to be a participant on…


And by the Way…

…here’s the Tony Blankley quote I was talking about the other day (my emphasis): [W]e have a couple of choices, and everybody has been talking about being an honest broker, but there’s another choice, and that is to be a…


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