I Clearly Should Have Stayed Hiding Under My Bed

The apocalypse is officially imminent. Bush has lost Pastor Swank (though for the record, Swank’s argument is completely insane):

Mr. Bush does not get the message that working with Muslims at this time is ridiculous and dangerous. We just don’t balance out a deal with British with a deal with Muslims. A deal with British and Spanish, yes. But not with Muslims.

Mr. Bush has appeased Muslims in the US by putting their unholy, devilish Koran in the White House library at a winter banquet for Muslim men and women. He’s courted them with a non-Christian Christmas card. He’s invited their leaders to Washington department offices to dialogue about the Bush surveillance program. They have got the red carpet treatment all the way along.

But this is going too far with this ports issue.

Like I said, Swank is still a nut. But at least he’s no longer a nut who blindly follows Bush. I’m still waiting for Assrocket to make himself heard.


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You know this DP World/Port thing has heads spin throughout wingnuttia when we haven’t really heard the repitition of any talking points what so ever.

Maybe the Mighty Wurlizter is broken down?


Actually, my understanding is that in large part they managed the 2000 election by courting the Muslim vote.
Bush seems to demand great loyalty, just like his dad, but unlike his dad, seems to have no interest whatsoever in returning it.


I’d perhaps feel better if I hadn’t been reading David Neiwert and crew who are all making the argument that the nutjobs haven’t formed a personality cult around Bush so much as they have formed a “political religion”.

But screw it – my transcript has finally been coded with my degree, and I’m leaving for Florida in two days. I’m going to take a night off from stressing out over the crazy mess my country’s descended into.


A deal with British and Spanish, yes. But not with Muslims.

Now THAT is a brilliant, if subtle, homage to Mel Brooks.


After all of things Bush has done, the good reverend is pissed that he’s too nice to (rich) Muslims. It figures.


The End Times upon us, and here I am without a bomb shelter…


As much as I love watching the rats swimming from the ship, I can’t help but wince at the obvious racist overtones that the good christian conservatives are putting out. It’d be like hearing them admit that evolution is the truth but only because they feel it is proof that [hated racial/religious group] is the closest living link to primates.


Also, as far as Assrocket goes, I’m curious when he denounces O’Reilly for his cut and run statement. After all, Powerline did make a big deal just yesterday about how terrorists thrive on us leaving the quagmires we build…


It makes my flesh crawl to defend such a despicable, hypocritical, pathetic, vainglorious worm of a man such as the Assrocket, but from the Powerline site: “With Paul on the road for work and John speaking at a Hillsdale College conference, our power trio is reduced more or less to me.” I know it’s possible to blog via wifi or another terminal (like John at AmericaBlog is doing while in Amsterdam), it seems that the arrangement at PL is that little Scottie “I have a big penis, I swear!! Look at my hilarious nickname, fer Christ sakes!!â€? Johnson is on his own for now. John needs his very own Jesse Malkin.


I made the call earlier, and judging by the post above this one, I was spot ON! Though, I admit, I’m surprised at Swank going off the reservation. I certainly shouldn’t have been, what with his constant foaming-at-the-mouth about Muslim murderers global and such. I guess it also surprises me how tone-deaf the Bushies have been over this, since they’ve spent years training their legions of dittoheads to hate the brown people, There musta been a lot of money in this for them somewhere.


What the fuck is this “balancing out” business? What deal with the British? And why would you “balance” one deal with another? So that the harmony international capitalist spheres isn’t disturbed, perhaps? What on Allah’s green earth is the Pastor ranting about?


The “unholy, devilish Koran”, huh? Lovely. Maybe he just handled it with tongs or something so he wouldn’t get Islam all over himself.

Tak, the Hideous New Girl

I just want to know when their heads are gonna start exploding.

I want to see ‘splody heads right now!

Tak, the Hideous New Girl

I want to know when their heads are gonna explode.

I want to see ‘splody heads right now!


How nuts are you when a war criminal is more rational than you are?


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