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Why didn’t Condi just go all the way and bring Gheit (or Hosni Mubarak) a souvenir windbreaker stitched with the words “BUSH’S POODLE,” and hand it over in a photo op?

Probably because they didn’t know his size?


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You cannot help but love Condi. Her forthrightness and directness are qualities in the type of people we admire. So of course, when I thought that the UN should extend the period of time Blix had for looking for WMD’s and give Saddam shorter and shorter deadlines with which to prove compliance before I agreed to commit my country’s armed forces to the Iraq invasion, I couldn’t help but appreciate how, after a clip of me saying just that was played on some American news show with George Stephanopoulos, she rolled her eyes, scoffed and said “How much time does he think Saddam needs?”

I’ve been called a cretin and humiliated by the best, but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for my little Condinatrix.


And because it would’ve made Tony Blair jealous.


Well, jealous or not, if it involves Americans abroad…they really don’t seem to be interested.


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