John Spencer Dues Implosion

Spencer, you’ll recall, is the Rove-backed wingnut candidate for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat — so wingnutty that his ooga-booga scary-scare attack ad features the famous plot to destroy the Brooklyn Bridge with a blowtorch. Spencer surely enough has tweet-birds orbiting his head and dances howling with buckets on his feet.

Spencer (L, with fungoid angry-white-man-head growth on shoulder) with Swift-Boater John O’Neill

But how is this former mayor of Yonkers faring in the fund-raising department?

Local cash small for Spencer
(Original publication: February 21, 2006)

The people who know former Yonkers Mayor John Spencer the best don’t seem to be handing over their money — at least in large numbers — to fund his campaign for U.S. Senate.

A check of Spencer’s most recent financial statement showed no donations from people living in Yonkers among the more than 200 itemized contributions contained in the report.

We’re stocked to the rafters with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion puns, and we expect them to last through Spencer’s campaign (which may in fact be short), so here’s another one: ‘John Spencer Jews Erosion’:

Only two contributions came from Westchester residents.

It’s actually really tempting to donate some money to the guy as sort of a pay-per-view deal — his candidacy is the best comedy value since the Alan Keyes Flying Circus, in ’04.

Spencer spokesman Christian Winthrop downplayed the lack of local contributors in the report, arguing that the bulk of the campaign’s donations came in amounts under $200, which do not have to be itemized under federal guidelines.

“He has received a lot of support from Yonkers and Westchester,” Winthrop said. “A lot of them were contributions that were under $200 that were not itemized.”

No doubt, sure. The sacks of pennies keep rolling in. Wait, Christian Winthrop… Christian Winthrop… Oh, THAT guy — the Pilgrimy-named political hack who was skulking around Rhode Island a few years ago:

The race in the 1st Congressional District turned nasty yesterday, when Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy called a radio talk show to suggest that his opponent’s campaign worker had concocted a story about the lug nuts being loosened on the candidate’s car.

Kennedy, a four-term incumbent, called the John DePetro Show on WHJJ, while his Republican opponent David W. Rogers was being interviewed on the air. Rogers reported to the police last week that the lug nuts on his car had been loosened, as part of a rash of vandalism that allegedly hit his campaign staff.

Kennedy went on the air yesterday, suggesting that the entire episode was made up by Rogers’s political director, Christian Winthrop.

Kennedy said he spoke to three of Winthrop’s friends who told the congressman that Winthrop had told a similar story during the 2000 election, while working for Democrat Richard Licht’s U.S. Senate campaign.

“The implication is that he has done it as a publicity stunt. I hope that’s not the case for any of our sake,” Kennedy said. “. . . I’ve talked to three separate friends of Christian Winthrop who all said to me he made this up.”

Do it again, Chris! We’ve set up a Google News alert for ‘John Spencer” + ‘lug nuts.’


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I like the Blues Explosion refs. They’ll be even more appropriate if the candidiate Spencer is racist like the records of the the other Spencer.


It’s actually really tempting to donate some money to the guy as sort of a pay-per-view deal — his candidacy is the best comedy value since the Alan Keyes Flying Circus, in ’04.

And once Nathan Tabor’s campaign gets rolling… well, it’s gonna be a great year for wingnuttery!


…the Pilgrimy-named political hack who was skulking around Vermont a few years ago…

Vermont? Sadly, No!

Rep. Patrick Kennedy is of the 1st Congressional District of Rhode Island. (My stomping grounds.) Licht is also a Rhody, as was Rogers. WHJJ is a Providence station.

John DePetro, thank my lucky stars, has departed for the greener grass of Boston radio. He was usually a most unentertaining sort of wingnut, until a few months back when he was driving and heard Dan Yorke’s show broadcast live, and Yorke was bombing on DePetro (“the Independent Man”, the tool dubbeth himself). DePetro sped to the broadcast location, grabbed the mike from Yorke’s hand and started insulting him. The dude’s more childish and petulant than Emperor Palpatine.


Vermont? Sadly, No!

Dag, I thought I corrected that before. Thanks!


No problemo! I just had to get my pedantry on. I’m sure you understand.


It’s all good. The Republican voting non Jewish camp from Westchester County wouldn’t even vote for this dude. He’s from Yonkers. Yonkers, the armpit of Westchester.

Dood has about as much chance as Mike Dukakis does.


I think the whole thing is distasteful! After all, Yonkers has a vibrant democracy, one of the most vibrant in the entire Tri-State region. To have John Spencer linked with former Pussy Galore frontman John Spencer is the height of presumption and hackery!

As you should note, the candidate John Spencer is a man of and for the dispossessed, collecting change from friends, the elderly and ex-mistresses he has/had on the Yonkers payroll.

And that his stump speech is actually an advanced form of old Dutch poetry and not pig-ignorant babbling.


How come you guys didn’t get invited to the blogging junket in Amsterdam? I’m feeling ornery this morning- who the f*** would want to go to a “blogging conference” ever? What is this made up world we inhabit? Let’s all put our money into the CMGI blog fund! NASDAQ 100,000 cobags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Somebody’s a little miffed that he won’t be spending any quality time in Amsterdam’s red-light district….


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