John Spencer J’accuse-Explosion

John Spencer, weapons-grade wingnut, running for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.

From WCBS TV, New York:

Unlike Clinton’s former adversary, Jeannine Pirro, Spencer openly criticized his opponent. “I think she’s very angry and it’s a shame that her and some of her liberal Democratic colleagues in the senate seem to have so much…hatred toward the administration,� he said.

And clearly we don’t want someone with an anger problem to hold such an important office. Meanwhile, back in the jungle:

Amicone keeps civil tongue on Spencer comments
(Original publication: July 3, 2005)
Spencer slammed Amicone for the way he handled the Petrone scandal. He called his once trusted protege a “nitwit,” and a “knucklehead,” who didn’t understand the meaning of loyalty. The mayor, he said, was like a deer caught in headlights. He used other colorful imagery that cannot be printed in a family newspaper.

Almost immediately after that outburst appeared in this column, Amicone canned Spring-Spencer* in an e-mail.

Then Spencer went ballistic again. This time he called Amicone a liar who had, in effect, handed control of the city over to this newspaper. Amicone, he said, had “crossed over to the dark side.”

Whether he is aligned with the forces of evil or not, Amicone has consistently passed on any opportunity to throw gasoline on the fire. Asked last week if he was taken aback by the level of Spencerian rage, he answered, “Yes and no,” but refrained from name-calling.

“We had increasingly disagreed in personal and private conversations,” he said.

*Kathy Spring-Spencer is not only John Spencer’s second wife and former $145,000-year chief of staff, but also his former mistress, with whom he secretly fathered two children while married to his first wife.

[Thanks to Raboof, in comments, and to Julia at Sisyphus Shrugged.]


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More like BSXS.

Please, please let this guy keep opening his mouth. Oh lord, provide us with this wingdinger for perpetuity.


Wow, somebody sadly, no’ed this thread already?? SHEESH!!!!!


Anger is only apporiate toward your serf, not to your lord.


I guess he’s the family values candidate.


Exactly, Hysterical one — “kiss up, kick down” is the only true path to virtue.

PS, ya ever been to this little spot called Plato’s Retreat? [strokes moustache suggestively]


And clearly we don’t want someone with an anger problem to hold such an important office.

Yeah, he might, uh, shoot someone in the face or something.


Good luck, Spencey. Hillary is going to stomp your sorry ass.


John Spencer my ass, that’s Robert Culp.


See, it’s all about family values.


well, maybe we can get through an election without having to hear about a bj.



OT, but VERY depressing: I just discovered that I share a handle with a “CelticGirl” who likes to post on

If any of you see this handle ANYWHERE, it is, not, I repeat NOT me. Actually, she seems to show up all kinds of interesting places. Just to make clear yet again: I always spell my handle all one word, all lower case, all the time.

So please, if you have seen posts by someone using the other spelling, I am not the poster. I do post other places, but trust me, Stormfront or any other Neo Nazi sites are not among them.

*deep sigh*


Well, so what you’re saying is, understand that it may not/probably is not you, right? ‘Cos, I mean, if I saw that nick at Glenn Greenwald’s, I might think it’s you. But if I saw it at RedState, I shouldn’t.

Just to be clear, ‘cos you know how nuance and distinction are a couple of typical hobbling characteristics of the “lefty blogosphere,” yeah?


teh, some people have said to me (here and elsewhere), “Haven’t I seen your posts on other blogs”, or “You do get around, don’t you”…you know, that makes me wonder. If they were directed over to one of those ‘not left’ sites (oh, say LGF for example, where some of the S,N! bog dwellers may go to gawk at the creeps) and saw that handle, they might have thought it was me.

Anyhoo, I literally tripped over this when I ‘googled’ my nick to see what came up (based on a linky about the information sharing that Google and Yahoo are being accused of). Sure enough, there it was, with the other way of spelling it. People often comment back to me in threads with the name spelled that way too.

Maybe I’m just a little paranoid…but then again, how many other people have had something similar happen? (OK, ‘Anonymous’ notwithstanding)


Happens to me all the time. Why do you ask?


Well, as Dr. BLT inadvertently pointed out to me, there’s at least one other “Marq” out there, though, as I haven’t bothered tracking him down, I have no idea if he uses a capital “M” like I do or not. And, to be fair, a couple of times when I wasn’t paying attention, I’ve used a small “m” myself. It would be slightly interesting to discover if the other Marq arrived at his screenname via the same process that I did: wishing to use, basically, his own name, but knowing that “Mark” is legion out there, even with a modifier like “Mark_Chicago” or “Mark62” or what have you. but, substitute a “q” for the “k,” and the sound is unaffected, but the “q” can be shorthand for “queer.” Huzzah! Of course, if the other Marq is straight, this could result in some odd assumptions about him from people who think he’s me, or vice versa. though, to be fair, “Marq” doesn’t really seem like a nic that would show up on Stormfront, though I could be wrong.


OK, I guess I feel better. Sorry, but the Stormfront thing really threw me. Not, as I think you all would agree, something you want yourself identified with in any way.

Thanks for the feedback guys!


Adding to the shared name thing, I’d just like to say that if anyone reads anything anywhere from a “Doctor Biobrain” that sounds particularly stupid, vulgar, or lame; I can assure you that that is some other person. And that includes anything you might read at my blog too. The stupid stuff is always somebody else’s. Oh yeah, and I only had one beer too; with my bbq lunch.


My name appears in a lot of newspaper articles.


“…but knowing that ‘Mark’ is legion out there, even with a modifier like ‘Mark_Chicago’ or ‘Mark62’…”

Well there’s the lesson for you, babycakes: stay away from gay chat and



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