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When bologna met grinder

Paul Mirengoff is too modest to post any of the many congratulatory messages we have received regarding his attempt to interview Senators Kennedy and Durbin this afternoon. All the kind words and congratulatory messages are appreciated. A few are too good to keep to ourselves. A propos of Senator Durbin’s promise to check out the Pajama Line, reader Philip Burstein writes:

The Pajama Line is the line I’m in
And I’m proud to be in the Pajama Line, I love it
I can hardly wait
To wake and get to work at eight
Nothing’s quite as fine as the Pajama Line!

Now how do I can’t get that blasted melody out of my head?

Tall and tan and young and love-ly, The girl from Ipa-nema goes wal-king…

Note: Again writted by Gavin, posted by Seb. Riddle this!


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Since when does “regurgitate the same thing the Abu Ghraibzales said before congress” equal an “attempt to interview”?


Man, Greenwald pretty much obliterated Assrocket’s O-ring.


Choking, huffing, wheezing, coughing
The girl with emphysema goes walking
And when she walks and she tries to talk she goes, aaaaahhhhgggg.

From “Ineffective Individual Coping – The Second Edition,” a Too Live Nurse CD, copyright 2002.


That was more like bologna first meets stripper’s *ss then the meatgrinder. Just terrible.


No, Greenwald got ixnayed by the radio station. They screwed up. Hinderaker was about to get a close, close shave, in the French style. He would have lost his head.

Dr. BDSM, whipmaster

What was that about his cock getting stuck in a meat grinder?!?


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