It’s official: Sadly, No! poster blog for OCD

So, it was only 4 weeks ago we switched to a new host, and as many noticed things didn’t always work out the way they were supposed to. Fortunately, we have resolved the situation. Sadly, DNS propagation takes a day or two, so if you can’t reach us this weekend, fear not. We’ll be back soon, ready to kick Dean Esmay in the nuts.

Edit: If you can see this, all has gone well and the move is done. Go nuts.


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So, when does the Dean Esmay kicking recommence?


Indeed- I want those testicles (if any) to be gruesomely exploded by a steel toed boot, and promptly!

Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste

Thank God.

I was beginning to wonder if you guys had been struck by the brain-eating coccus that took Zell Miller. At least you did not follow in the path of Bob Dole, the man with one arm and no heart.


Ah–there you are. I watched four Frankenstein movies waiting for you to go back up. Well, OK, so I didn’t really check in between movies. But, it was just as if I couldn’t get onto S,N!


Ooh, whatever it was caused the lil’ burp earlier–DNS rejiggering, was it?__It ate all the jpegs again. Strangely, the poster frames for those “You Tube” videos are still up, but that’s Flash. The World Wide Web is weird.


I thought S,N had transformed to a cutting edge directory listing.

your style sheets were riveting.


Thank the goddess. I was starting to think you guys had been dragged off to one of those brand spankin’ new KBR detention facilities.




I’m offended that you would even suggest kicking Rosemary Esmay in the nuts.


It’s already started:

“I have some kind of nasty bug this weekend. I’m sweating out of pores I didn’t know I had, and shivering while I do it. My whole body hurts. My hair hurts.

“Man I feel like crap. No, not just like crap. I feel like crap that’s been run over, forced through a strainer, then stomped on.”


Yay! Many (though not all) of the jpegs are back up! Huzzah! Yes, I’m easily amused.


You may want to read one of my last posts
“Why the western world cannot defeat terrorism�
I am being shot by all sides for it
Maybe you want to join the shooting or perhaps you can see what I mean with it.
I don‘t agree with people imposing on othe people anything.
I think it is wrong. But how do we go to stop it and what is the cost?


Kick him somewhere besides the nuts so he’ll go away and stop posting scientific lies.


Did any of you read this post by P.Z Myers on a REALLY stupid column by lil’ Debbie Schlcakesussel? It truly is the stupidest premise that I read in months, and that’s really saying something, ‘cos I hang out here and at World O’ Crap.


This is eliminationist rhetoric, in that you are proposing to eliminate Dean’s neuticles.

I’m telling that lady who tried to take on David Neiwert and lost.


Please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em.


I don’t know if I’d do the kicking now- Dean’s on a streak of lucidness wherein he’s laying on the Islamophiles pretty good.
Wait till he goes batshit again until you lay on the jackboot.


Go nuts?


Wow, that feels much better…thanks.


Marq – that Shussel column is breathtakingly stupid. Thanks for the laugh.


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