Video Saturday is a Bonus Round

Because we have enough of these for a year already, and it’s only getting worse.

Badfinger – ‘Day After Day,’ 1971 promotional film (2:55).

And after the mature, melancholy song for the older kids, it all goes tumbling quickly downhill (after the jump).

…Not flailingly downhill — we’re still stockpiling Screamers and Suicide clips for the proper occasion. But I’m not going to say what these are, so you’ll have to click on them and see. It’s like an Advent calendar, only with Tom Verlaine’s face at the end instead of that weird German version of Santa Claus. I will say that Video Friday (Saturday Annex) is out of sweet rolls.

[This one (above) is for Norbizness and maybe six other people, as it contains dangerous amounts of Kraut. I’m just saying.]


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Bambi’s probably my favourite episode of the Young Ones.


If only EVERY day could be Video Friday. Oh, wait….


I’d be super impressed if you could somehow top “Day by Day” with “Baker Street”

Consider it a challenge.

Oh Vyv.


The Young Ones AND The Polysics?! You’re my fucking hero!


Have you seen the brilliance that is Hurra Torpedo, and their appliance-rock cover of Total Eclipse of the Heart?

It changed my life.


That guy stirring the pot at the beginning, so good. Those dudes scare me.


Hey, Motorhead. Cool. Lemmy rules.


Badfinger do dishes.

Which reminds me, I’d love to see the clip of Public Image on American Bandstand again someday.

Salivating just thinking about the Suicide clip too.


Hey, they have it.
Now if only someone would post the Frogs’ Toy Porn…


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