The House GOP Pops a Boehner

Sorry, but someone had to be immature enough to make that joke. And frankly, I’m proud that it was me.

At any rate, John Boehner has been elected the new House majority leader.


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Was there any doubt? The man is a traitor to his country; he’s therefore eminently qualified to lead.


Other verbs you could have used: strokes, loves, erects/elects, etc etc.

I’m proud it was you as well.


He won, but he thinks he’s going to be ill…




Roll Call reports that the first “inconclusive” vote by the Republicans was tossed out because there were more votes counted than people present.

No other confirmation yet.


“Don’t worry – there’ll be no more jokes about your name, Mr. Glasscock.”


GOP set to choose House leader

Reps. Roy Blunt, John Boehner and John Shadegg were vying to replace Rep. Tom DeLay as House majorit


Josh Holland sez the GOPers didn’t cheat, as funny as that would have been:


I guess his taint was smaller than the other candidates’ taints.


But he’s still got big taints! Or should I say, “huge… tracts of land”…?


Oh, I sooo suggest calling him “Pops” or “Poppa” Boehner from now on.


Boehner. Because he’s Less Corrupt!!!


Boehner defeated fellow Republican Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri, 122- 109

The Republicans really are having trouble playing defense.


Oh, I sooo suggest calling him “Pops” or “Poppa” Boehner from now on.

“Poppa Boehner” is freaking brilliant. I’m going with that one from now on. Should catch on no problem.


Okay, I went with Republicans in House Finally Get Boehner, but we get the general idea.


Boehner rose being free of the Jack Abrhamoff taint.


Today, Boehner slipped comforably into Tom DeLay’s seat, taking the “leadership” position while resisting the phalanx advanced by those behind Shattuck and Blunt.


I think, just this minute, just right now, the Republicans became…as far as I’m concerned, anyway…officially over-exposed.

Seriously, a new report could come out claiming they have high-colonics with the tears from the dead of New Orleans, and I doubt I’d raise an eye-brow.


The Republicans can get the Boehner, they can’t Jack Abramoff.


I know what you mean Mal, and the sad thing is, I don’t think the wingnuts would either.

I can just imagine the posts now…

InstaPundit: “The president has a more stressful occupation than any of us, so he deserves a better quality of colonic.”

Michelle Malkin: “Those victims should consider themselves lucky to be able to sacrifice their lives and tears for a greater good.”

LGF: “We’re in a war, people. In the post-9/11 world, the president and his staff need to be free from distractions such as those caused by blocked colons, so they can focus exclusively on killing ragheads.”

Dr BLT: “The president may be horribly exploiting victims of a tragedy exaserbated by the rank incompetence of the administration itself, but at least he’s never had an abortion!

Everyone else: “Clinton had an enema once in 1987, which is exactly morally equivalent to what the president did and, furthermore, absolves him of any criticism”.


Getting Boehner in is only gonna make it harder for the Republicans in 2006.


Speaking of immature Boehner jokes, a friend of mine often suggested the following slogan for Boehner.

“I’ve got a boner for Boehner.”

Being the lowest common denominator, the weakest link, the turd floating in the gene pool, I always laughed like a hyena at that one.


You need to print up stickers of that and have frat boys slap them on rear car windshields in his district.


Good idea.

I’d sell them, of course. I mean the free market solves all problems.


Time magazine for next week: picture of Rep. Boehner on the cover, with a “milk mustache” made of tiny $100 bill fragments, and the title, “Got Boehner?”


I don’t get it.


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