Video Friday is Several Things at Once

The Decemberists – ‘The Soldiering Life’: Homemade vid by PTE Leung, Canadian Land Force.

[more fresh hell under the jump]

The Replacements — ‘Takin’ A Ride,’ ‘Staples In Her Stomach,’ ‘Careless’: Live at 7th. Street Entry, Minneapolis, 1981.

‘Boys Beware’ (excerpt): Late ’50s-early ’60s youth-instructional film about ho-mo-sexuals. Golly!

…And one more, since we’re so stocked up to the damn gills with widdeos (there are lots of widdeos). Qui est le King of the Devant? This is pretty much exactly how me and Brad used to picture Seb. Whether he really looks like this or not, I won’t say.


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Nancy in Detroit (actually Wyandotte)

If that is Seb, he stole all my dance moves.


Goddamn, I miss the ‘Mats…


Can someone give Colin Malloy a hard smack on the mouth?


One never knows when the ho-mo-sexual is about. He may appear normal.


They should have scored this film with something a little more ominous…like Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King, rather than with that insipid, chirpy 50’s music that still gives me a headache everytime I hear it.

That would have scared the crap out of the little kiddies, that’s for sure.


Just checkin’; any ho-mo-sexuals about?


Shhh! We often look normal, so there’s no telling!


Ah, back in the day when ho-mo-sexuality was contagious.


I’ll admit–I don’t get the fuss over the Decemberists. I checked out their album and? They’re alright indie. Their first album had some good drumming, but I’m just seeing it.


My theory? Colin Meloy is the closest you can get to Al Stewart without admitting you actually like ‘Year of the Cat.’


Wow! Plastic Bertrand! That song alone almost made me take French in high school. Growing up in the Detroit suburbs in the late ’70’s we were taught it was the Germans who were going to take over the world so I took German lessons.

Shoulda’ taken Chinese. Sigh.


What Jimmy didn’t know was that Ralph was sick: a sickness that was not visible like smallpox, but no less dangerous and contagious; a sickness of the mind.

Apparently this “sickness” involves sporting the 1950s equivalent of BluBlockers and a hairstyle analogous to what happens if Flock of Seagulls gets male pattern baldness.

One never knows when a homosexual is about.

Now I know where “Stranger Danger” originated from.
I’m surprised they didn’t make Ralph black to go for the full fear factor.

The 50s didn’t suck; it painfully sucked.

Oh, and Seb-or-notSeb freakin’ rocks.


and in that last link, I was talking about the food, not the gorgeously beautiful s.z. …


But The tECHIDNA, that link was worth it alone to read the phrase “…report to the Morlocks to get eaten.”

I love that movie.


Someone beat me to it.


Uh, why does he look like a cross between Johnny Rotten and Wham! era George Michael? I think it’s divan, though.


But I do love Year of the Cat. Although now I am pissed because I have to take it off my list of songs to nail Gavin with. Of course Amanda doesn’t get the Decembrists, she would lose her IMS cred. I love you Amanda, but the IMS has got to go. Gavin, quick, send her something terrible but irresistable


Amanda, is that payback for me being lukewarm on the Ramones, or what?


Okay, having now watched that first video…

…the guy does know that’s a song about gay soldiers, right?


Big ups for the Plastic Bertrand video. It’s a welcome distraction from being at work on a Saturday.


that last one is Plastic Bertrand!!! my hero.


I just watched that propaganda film, and did anyone else that nothing bad happened to the ‘Jimmy’ in the video? He didn’t get anally raped or nuthin’. Or was the fear of ho-mo-sexuals that great that you’re supposed to be shit scared at just the thought of talking to a gay man?


There is a much longer full-length edition of “Boys Beware” that’s creepier: apparently some homosexuals wear bow ties and kill basketball playin’ tykes. Also they kidnap newspaper boys and are worst of all, named “Ralph.”


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