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Michelle Malkin launches her daily whine:

The World Economic Forum in Davos, which attracts the world’s wealthiest and windiest bloviators […] And with that, the global elite retired after an exhausting week of saving the world by generating more hot air than any of the industrial sources they’re fighting so hard to curtail.

Michelle apparently forgot most successful as well. Amongst those weapons (and those attending🙂

  • David Abney President, UPS International
  • Josef Ackermann Chairman, Group Executive Committee Deutsche Bank AG
  • John M. Allan Chief Executive Officer DHL Logistics
  • Craig R. Barrett Chairman of the Board Intel Corporation
  • Laurent Beaudoin Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Bombardier Inc.
  • John T. Chambers President and Chief Executive Officer Cisco Systems Inc.
  • Richard T. Clark Chief Executive Officer and President Merck & Co. Inc.
  • Michael J. Critelli Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Pitney Bowes Inc.
  • Mathias Döpfner Chief Executive Officer Axel Springer AG
  • Steve Forbes President and Chief Executive Officer Forbes Inc.
  • William B. Harrison Jr Chairman of the Board J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
  • E. Neville Isdell Chairman and Chief Executive Officer The Coca-Cola Company USA
  • Paul E. Jacobs Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Qualcomm Inc.
  • Andrew N. Liveris Chief Executive Officer The Dow Chemical Company
  • Henry A. McKinnell Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Pfizer Inc.
  • Yes, if we were looking at putting together a list of bloviators who are looking to curtail “industrial sources,” this is exactly the one we’d come up with. Well, not everyone can be as successful as Oops I crapped my Pants! Media.


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    …the world’s wealthiest and windiest bloviators…

    Apparently including those limosine liberals Preznit Pervez Musharraf, Secy. of Labor Elaine Chao, The Archbishop of Dublin, and especially that bigassed liberal ball of hot air, Condoleezza Rice.

    But Bill Clinton was there, so the whole thing’s just a Friends-style get-together at Starbucks, but only 1,000x more expensive…oh hi, Pantcrappers Media!


    It’s amazing how many people Michelle hates:

    -Brown people (of the Spanish-speaking AND Islamic variety)



    -The American Left

    -GOP moderates

    -The Japanese

    -The Chinese

    Does that about sum it up? I can’t imagine going through life despising, like, 99.9999999999% of the global population.


    I find it quite easy to get through life despising approximately 20-35% of my fellow Americans.


    On a related note, ROTFLMAO @ gawker (Thanks, Malkin(s)Watch).


    One trait that I share with Malkinalingalong (besides round, succulent jugs) – I have looked into my heart and found a white-hot nugget of hatred for the human race. You know what? I’m okay with that.


    “It’s amazing how many people Michelle hates.”

    She really doesn’t hate anyone. She just tells the truth and it sounds like hate.


    I just think it’s so rich that she would write that. It’s right up there with Frist telling Li’l Timmy Russert that he doesn’t believe the American people want the U.S. Gov’t interfering in their medical decisions. Okay, whatever, Mr. Terri Schiavo’s Doktor.

    It’s as though foul hypocrisy taints ever single cell in any given conservatarian body — it reproduces during the process of mitosis, and keeps on going…


    I think all of Michelle’s readers should boycott those businesses! How dare they associate with “traitor” John Kerry?


    Yo, Seb, I found some Québécois wingnuts for you!

    Yes! They do exist!


    No disagreement about Steve Forbes, esp FLAT TAX ecially on FLAT TAX the FLAT TAX.


    She’s just jealous that her “hot air” hasn’t gotten her invited. Imagine that!


    Oh, FTLOG: It wasn’t for a lack of civility, I’m sure. They just had a hard time dislodging it from between her ears.


    only slightly OT;
    Why do people think WetPajamasMedia cares about making money itself? It’s just another WOT profiteer / AIPAC propaganda outlet (and eventual tax shelter).


    Dow Chemical is my favorite. They tell the American peeps all the time how good chemicals are for us. Pour them in the AC they say. Get those chemicals running through your homes.

    I am so glad we have Dow in our lives because without them, we might know the truth and live a healthier life. I know that is what Michelle wants. A truthful society!


    I think she is conflating the WEF with the “World Social Forum” which is a reformist counter-event to the WEF.


    She better be careful who she insults. On that list also:

    James R. Murdoch, Chief Executive Officer, British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc, United Kingdom


    As for the Giants, their own happiness was short-lived as they lost to – who else?


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