Night in the Ruts [updated]

Or ‘Rutles,’ actually. Because it’s the weekend, and because honestly, Jane Wiedlin and Sparks doing ‘Cool Places’ was too cruel to inflict on you guys.

The Rutles — ‘Yellow Submarine Sandwich’ (2:36).

[Superbonus noticing-things detail: Check what the Beastie Boys stole from this clip.]

[News and fresh horror below the fold, btw.]

…Then again, maybe a strong dose of Wiedlin and Sparks will shock America back into sanity — if America survives the treatment. We must decide carefully.

What I figured out we were doing, last night, was inaugurating a new weekly dealo: Instead of (or in addition to) the Random Ten action that’s sweeping the nation in a new dance sensation, we’re having Friday Night Videos. So people can invite all their pals over and watch videos here, via their computer — just like those alleged ‘Friends’ parties that people supposedly had, where…

Everybody thinks my ideas are dumb, but it really doesn’t matter whether you order the special set of paper plates and party cups and the Pin the Tail on the Swankster game and the beer bong and all that. We’re just doing it anyway.

Every weekend there’ll be a set of three vids, selected according to a careful secret metric, and we’ve already got enough for the next eight weeks, so… Oh, and don’t think I don’t see you out there, Norb, grinning that Texas krautrocker grin of yours. (Checking secret metric.) How about some Metal-Box-era PiL on American Bandstand?


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Beat the Meatles!


I hate you…


I loved the video for “Cool Places” when I was in fifth grade. I downloaded the song a couple of years ago and it was teh suck.


Eh..pardon me. Got this in an e-mail and I’m pasting it wherever I can:

“Canadian liberals need your help. We are being inundated by American neo-conservatism.

You must understand that Canada has only 32 million people, one tenth your population. Your rightwingers easily outnumber us and we believe they are mounting a concerted, coordinated effort to challenge and discredit liberalism, at the expense of Canadian social harmony and peace.

Canada is one of the oldest democracies in the world and Canadians are by and large liberal and easy-going; liberalism has served our country well and we are distressed that liberalism in Canada should come under such an attack.

Two web sites seem to be at the forefront of this American/Rightwing assault:

– Small Dead Animals (
– Angry in the Great White North

Both of these sites are introducing an American, neo-conservative-style disinformation campaign into English Canadian public discourse. Although we can deal with the issues themselves, the sheer volume and media presence of these two sites is becoming troublesome.

We, frankly, need the help of American liberals. Visit these sites and counter the disinformation and propaganda.

Canadians liberals have been resolute in supporting American liberals; in your media — on television, in newspapers, on web sites like Eschaton and Daily Kos — but also, most importantly through the actions of our elected government. Now, we need you to help us.

Thank you”


Oh, and forward it if you can, please. Thanks.


you missed i by 6 minues Gavin.

I, for one, like jane Wiedlin (when the volume is down)


Is cool places the one with the dolphins? Or was that the other Bangle?


Great stuff. Though some may think I got the idea for my band, Dr. BLT & The Yellow Submarine Sandwiches from this song, that is not the case. And we’re much more obscure than this song, so I doubt if they got the idea for their song from our band.

Nevertheless, for the rare soul out there who may be both a Dr. BLT fan and a Beatles fan, here are a couple of free songs from Dr. BLT & The Yellow Submarine Sandwiches. We are working on a CD called RUBBER stamp my SOUL. It will consist of Beatles cover tunes and original Dr. BLT songs about the life and music of The Beatles.

(for free mp3 copies of these songs, cut and paste the corresponding links)

Bye George (A Tribute to George Harrison)
words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2005

The Day the Beatles Came to Play
words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2005

I know, the more cynical among you will call this blogwhoring, but I prefer to think of it as sharing.


I love the Rutles. Classic stuff. Thanks for the video.

And when I was much much (much) younger, I was heavily into Sparks — I even knew which one was Ron and which one was Russell! — to the point of going to see them in concert at the Santa Monica Civic Center (must have been 1982, as that was when I first served time living in The City of Lost Angels). But of course, that was before they released that “Cool Places”/Jane Wiedlin blorp, which really did suck raw donkey.


you missed it by 6 minues Gavin.

But the scary thing is that I can change it retroactively…

Tak, the Hideous New Girl


I miss the 80s!



I miss the 80s!

I do too, just not the part that included “Cool Places”.

“I Predict”, on the other hand . . .


It’s not a band, it’s a corporation.

Tak, the Hideous New Girl

I do too, just not the part that included “Cool Places”.

You have to take the good with the bad. The 80s weren’t all U2 and Bauhaus.

Though I do confess to loving Jane Wiedlin’s outfit in “Cool Places.”


i’m one of the many people who claim to own the original “Metal Box” in all its shiny glory. but like so many of them, i’m probably lying.


Anything by Sparks is welcome in our house. 20 albums under their belt, and they’re still the best!


There had better be some Soft Cell and Bronski Beat coming up, or there will be hell to pay*.

* There won’t be, actually, but I will be sad.


What can I say? “Tainted Love” is a song even a right-wing nut can find guilty pleasure in.


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