This Should Rile Up the Keyboard Kommandoes…

Uh-oh… it looks like those pasty, toothless Brits are challenging our manhood again:

THE Prince of Wales warned the British people last night that they were in danger of becoming as obese as many Americans because they did not walk or cycle enough.

That does it! I’ve had it with those queen-worshipping fruits assaulting our national character! Now is the time for all of our virile, muscular Keyboard Kommandoes to stand up and show those limey bastards what we’re really made of! Isn’t that right, FreedomPundit?*

“Yeah, you toothless British bastards! I don’t have these so-called ‘man-boobs’ of which you speak! FreedomPundit ain’t no… how you say?… ‘pon-cey wan-ker boll-ock-brain!’ LMFAO!!!”

* ‘Freedom Pundit’ is a wholly-pwned subsidiary of SadNo, GMBH.


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Yes! We are the fattest! USA! USA!


I’d like to say that I just spat orange juice all over my monitor, but actually that picture made me dry heave my orange juice.


The FreedomPundit pic was actually Gavin’s find before the Editors stole it and made cleverer use of it than we could have.


Can we ask the Sadly, Not! boys to please choose a graphic of *Britain* only when you’re talking about Prince Charlie? It’s not as if it isn’t common knowledge that we fought enough wars to try and be rid of Charles and all his.

This has been a FI Fie Foe Fum announcement. Top o’ the mornin’ to ya.


Or Wales only.

Why is York marked in red? Are the Keyboard Kommandos planning to blow up the Minster in a pre-emptive strike?


What the? Those Brits! If we weren’t so lazy and out of shape, how would we have the incentive to develop smart-weapons that can be flown from sofas, or robots that can explore distant planets without us having to actually go there, eh? The Brits would have us actually flying over Iraq to drop the bombs ourselves, or-gasp!-putting on spacesuits and going to the moon!


Mmmm! Smells like Freedom Pundit Diapersâ„¢! Smells like… Victory!


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