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Aha! There we go.

[Vid by CNNNN, file hosting via YouTube.]


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Maybe we could drop Rupert Murdoch on “North korea” and “France,” just to get back at them.


Wow. I’m not sure whether that is funny or depressing.


That’s it!
We’re invading French Iranian South-of-South-Korea-North Korean Australia!

…well, as soon as we figure out these concepts of “East” and “West” you speak of…THEN IT’S ON!!


Ow. That…hurt.


the best is that guy who wants to invade north korea because of “their attitude”. it sure doesn’t take much these days does it?

i’m liking the idea of occasional video. very cool.


Thanks for puffing up this History major’s ego while simultaineously depressing me as to America’s future.


I am now even more depressed than I was before.


The best part was clearly the announcer having an Aussie accent, and the fact that Australia is one of the more obvious conutries, being a whole continent and all. Oh, South Korea as Tasmania is AMAZING.


You know what I mean.


Doesn’t seem to work in Opera. Looks groovy in Firefox, though.


OK, the guy who though Australia was Iran had to have been a set-up…


What I wanna know is the story in the ticker-tape at the bottom of the screen “Man clearly thinking of ex-girlfriend during sex”…and??

Bistroist, Opera doesn’t handle video well at all. Sometimes it will crash the application, other times do nothing. I usually use Opera but for video Firefox is the way to go.


The video is a hit fuzzy, but it seems that Australia was usually mislabelled as some other country people were likely to choose. I think I saw it as “Iran” at one point and at the end as “North Korea.”

Still shows stupidity.


If you want to be even more depressed you should watch the one where the Americans don’t know how many sides a triangle has (I kid you not), or the one where they struggle to name a country that begins with the letter “U� (“You’re in one now, the United States!�). Or then there’s the one where a group of Americans pick new Iraqi flags.

If you laughed at that video (instead of crying), I highly suggest the DVD of the CNNNN TV show. CNNNN DVD It’s kind of like an Australian Daily Show (except that it was weekly) and the “news hosts� play it straight. Just a warning though, it’s Region 4 and PAL, so you need a multi-region DVD and a TV capable of displaying PAL images. I don’t know if it’s been released outside of Australia, but it’s very funny.

This is also very funny: Chaser

(This also reminds me of The Ice Dream, an aussie comedy making fun of the Salt Lake Olympics. They had a daily weather report, and they got Americans to read out the forecast. They moved the major cities around (Sydney where Perth is, Darwin where Melbourne is etc.) and also made up ridiculously hard to pronounce fake places.) 😉


AJ: Not even North Korea, just “Korea”. Which one?



I watched it on TV. A great parody of cable-type news shows.

Someone was asking about the ticker text – they were just one sentence jokes that scrolled across the screen. A lot of them just played on stereotypes/common occurences – the joke being they weren’t news because they were so common.

Examples: “High school debater thinks he knows everything”
“Guy convinced he could convert most lesbians “


Ooh, looksie, looksie! I have stumbled across the gross, so I had to share! Mmmmm! Arthropodolicious!


GuinnessGuy: No S**T. I feel the same way. Just remember, if you actually KNOW anything you’re a damn elitist!


Damn aussies can take the piss out of someone.

the mislabling was brilliant!


I’ve seen that one before. That was about a year ago, and I don’t think i’ve ever been so depressed about the public.


Thanks for the explanation Random Guy


wow that is depressing.


the best is that guy who wants to invade north korea because of “their attitude”

France has been lookin’ at us funny too. I say we invade them next.


Oh please save us from ourselves.


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