We’re winning because I say we’re winning

General Odierno, not to be confused with the General who is still dead, offers his thoughts on the situation in Iraq:

A top American general in Iraq says the US army has brought supporters of Saddam Hussein “to their knees”.

Major General Raymond Odierno also said he thought there would be a return
to “some normalcy” within six months.

In other news:

Violence in Iraq Leaves Nine People Dead

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) – Attackers killed nine people in an outburst of
violence, including four Christian women headed to jobs at a U.S. military
base and two American soldiers. South of the capital, the security chief of
Spanish troops in Iraq was shot in the head during a raid.

Thanks to Blair for sending us the articles. His email included a very funny and witty comment we are unable to reproduce here because this is a family friendly blog.


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This is a family friendly blog.

Is this a new policy or do you just have a really warped conception of “family friendly”?


Ah, the infamous ‘to their knees’ trick. Agent 86 would be so proud…

Now can we 86 the lot of them?


I think he means Family friendly.


Do the non-married members of the Family at Sadly, No! sport Silver Rings?



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