Shilling For Shillings, the season continues

It seems that Steven Milloy, the resident right-wing junk-science propagandist at, has been taking money from the tobacco industry.

Milloy: over $180,000 in doggie treats

There’s a story behind the subscription wall at The New Republic, and more details no doubt on the way. But in moments like this, one’s thoughts drift naturally to a menagerie of other folks including, for instance, John Stossel. Does all that moustache wax really buy itself? We ask merely in the spirit of free inquiry.


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Stossel’s in the back pocket of the big DDT/Moustache combing industry.


Is there any right wing pundit who isn’t a paid shill for some powerful interest or other?


I want everyone at Townhall FOIA’d.


I hate to point it out, but that’s not wax!


Townhall is probably a cesspool of kickbacks and shady “gifts” from all sorts of random big business.

That’s what really irks me, is that these assholes will continue to have the upper hand in everything except logic because their crooked political committees and big business is always ready to foot the bill, so as long as you can scrape together a few stolen talking pionts in a barely coherent paragraph, you have a paying job at one of these outfits.

Liberals need to do all their blogging and writing and fact checking on their spare time. Funny thing is they still come out well on top.


Corporate slush funds underwrite think tanks, which in turn produce rent-boys like Milloy and Stossel. And journamalists, like Blitzer.

So when does Soros cut us a check?


But, but… then folks on the right wouldn’t respect us!
[ducks hurled garbage and rotting vegetables]


Ahhhh…you’ve touched on one of my (least) favorite subjects – Stossel. Many is the time I’ve fantasized whacking him upside the head with a shovel. I didn’t know he had fallen in with that nest of vipers, but it makes all kinds of sense.

Oh and shill? Isn’t is obvious? Now if we could just get the goods on him…

P.S. There’s only one thing I’d like to do to that mustache-grab hold of it and YANK!


Stossel wouldn’t need that kind of *incentive* to shill.
But, as a libertarian and a bad reporter, he probably doesn’t see the harm in it anyway.


When will the resident crunk science propagandists expose themselves?

— John “I got a hundred guns, a hundred clips” Lott


You guys need to troll for sock puppets. I mean the non-BLT kind. Where the hell is that guy anyway?


He’s probably boring people at the local deli.


Every story Stossel reports remind me of the DJ 3000: “Looks like those clowns in Congress have done it again. What a bunch of clowns.”


“Looks like those clowns in Congress have done it again. What a bunch of clowns.”

Wow, how does John Stossel keep up with the news like that?


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