One has nothing to do with the other!

Why would anyone even think that?

BAGHDAD, Iraq – The U.S. military said Thursday it would release five Iraqi women detainees, a move demanded by the kidnappers of an American reporter to spare her life, but an official said the release was coincidental.

Got coincidences?


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“We were totally going to move our troops out of Saudi Arabia. That just happened to be one of OBL’s main demands. I know where you’re going with this, but watch what you say and take a look-see at this here HypnoToad.”


And, after re-reading the post title, I now I have a song by The Fixx in my head for some reason. I’m going to sue you and your handlers for punitive damages. Don’t give me the lame “that’s not the actual title of the song” defense, either.


Hey c’mon everybody, they’re telling the honest to god truth.
Just like how they wouldn’t even admit to having female detainees at first. Oh and just like how they said they didn’t use WP until it was irrefutable. Oh and how there aren’t any secret interrogation/torture spots, or how they wouldn’t admit to domestic spying before they absolutely had to.
Yessiirrreee, good old honest pentagon.


I hope she is okay.


Retreat? The Knights of the Round Table never retreat!

Run away! Run away!


We do not have rape rooms! They are personal intimacy centers, moran!!


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