An Early Nomination for Chickenhawk of the Year

Jonah Goldberg’s gonna have to work extra-hard this year to win his second consecutive Chickenhawk Award, ’cause it looks like Rick Santorum is gonna be very, very tough to beat (via Atrios):

Santorum: “And yet we have brave men and women who are willing to step forward because they know what’s at stake. They’re willing to sacrifice their lives for this great country. What I’m asking all of you tonight is not to put on a uniform. Put on a bumper sticker. Is it that much to ask? Is it that much to ask to step up and serve your country?”

Video here.


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“I am asking you all to commit to put on a bumper sticker- because this hollow act of intellectual non-commital will kill terrorists.”



Is he suggesting an actual sticker? That is quite a bit more commitment than the magnets.


I dunno, now that I think about it, maybe he has a point. A lot of us would rather be caught dead than with a Santorum stick on our cars…


According to the link he’s not even talking about the made-in-China “support the troops” magnets or stickers, he’s talking about a “vote for Santorum” sticker. That’s how he defines stepping up and serving your country.


Ah, the fetus-fondler wants us to sticker up our cars, eh?

Hmmm. Nope. Don’t think so.


Darn you, Brad! Darn you to Heck!


Ok…ha ha ha and all that…making fun of an elected representative by using a vulgar term like santorum. For the benefit of us foreigners, though: which senator are you really referring to?


I’ve been wondering how I could sacrifice more for my country in this trying time of war. I believe I’ll put a sticker on the shell of my box turtle/husband.


Mal de mer–

Thanks to you, I have snorted coffee through my nose and onto my keyboard. Please try to be less amusing in the future.

Is it true that there are really people in Pennsylvania who plan to vote for this cretin?


Quite a few, though it looks like Casey will take the seat for the Dems (though he’s pretty conservative for the party).


I’m glad you guys can be witty about this one. I’m still in the “Stunned and appalled” phase.


My Rep is Steve “Build a Wall on the Mexican Border!” King- after a few years under the stewardship of such a shameless man, you learn never to be shocked by one with the balls to say such an obscenely idiotic thing.


If putting a sticker on your car is patriotic, does that mean people with Truck Nutz are heroes? Can we get a medal for these fine citizens?


Oh, and bonus patriotism points if you order one in camo!!


I’m glad you guys can be witty about this one. I’m still in the “Stunned and appalled” phase.

OK, I just now had time to follow the links and realize he’s talking about a fucking Santorum sticker!

Yeah, stunned and appalled sums it up perfectly.

A Texan in Bavaria

You will all be pleased to know that there are otherwise politically-aware American 20-somethings who believe that “Santorum” is a really unfortunately last name for that particular senator from Pennsylvania, because they believe it is first and foremost the foul stuff Dan Savage decided to namesake.



That brings a tear to this old (young) drunk’s eye…
I kind of feel sorry for his kids though (in more ways than one).


What if you don’t own a car? Should I slap a sticker on my bike? But it’s a tad cold, so mybe I should put one on the bus?

One of my friends suggested calling Santorum “The Bulldozer.” Why? because both are giant tools


Maybe we could just stick him on a bumper of a hummer and send him to Iraq.



Isn’t that Latin for “asshole”?


Actually, I’d like to stick a bumper on Santorum…fast and really hard. Oh come on guys, it’s not like I could do any brain damage to him!


Well, he didn’t say *where* to put the stickers. I for one think that much progress would be made if Santorum’s supporters put bumper stickers over their mouths and genitals.

Much progress indeed.


Vespa, if you mad that “mouths, nostrils, and genitals,” you’d be talkin’!*

*Note for the humor-impaired out there, and that means you, But Laughter Traumatizes: the preceding was a joke.


Man, I hope if I have Santorum plastered all over my car it’s from a fun Saturday night!


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