BTW, an afternoon holy-crap moment

Another one is the Patriot Act’s proposal to create a new police force under DHS, empowered to arrest people who are vaguely doing things that the Administration doesn’t like, according to vaporous criteria. But here’s a funny one. The Administration actually shot down a proposal to loosen the FISA regs:


[Update: Bonus holy-crap. What could they possibly be up to? Asked the tortoise.]


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yeah, I read about this yesterday as well. Somebody diaried it on Kos a few weeks ago, but they didn’t mention the secret police, they talked more about the anti-protestor provisions.

Honestly, how bad a politician do you have to be when you can’t go anywhere in public unless your goons and secret police screen out all the protestors?


If they fund it at the level they’ve funded the rest of DHS, we’ve got nothing to worry about.


The execution [of Pte Dwight Loving] would have to be approved by President George W Bush to go ahead.

I’m looking forward to Bush’s clowning imitation of Loving’s presumed pleas for mercy. Maybe Bush will make it part of his State of the Union speech. He’s got to do something to distract folks from the breaking army, his spectacular failure to sell his plan to end Social Security, the screw ups of his crony Brownie in Louisiana, the global increase in terrorist activity since our invasion of Iraq, the widening income gap between the rich and the poor, the disappearance of the middle class and the turning of America into a police state, the growing perception that global warming is occurring and the unstoppable rise in the price of oil. Dang, it better be a GOOOD imitation.


I don’t think deserters have to fear the death penalty, at least for another 3 years


So, if I commit a crime, I can just use the “onerous” defense?
[whine] “But, Officer, I can’t afford to buy it legally.”


If the administration loosened the FISA requirements, they would no longer be able to use the excuse that “FISA is too restrictive to fighting this new style of war”. And then they’d potentially be publicly accountable for all the domestic spying they’ve been doing over the last few years.

Why take the chance, when it’s just as easy to claim that wiping your ass on the Fourth Amendment is one of the powers that magically inheres in the Presidency?

And the implications the other policy change has for the camp in Guantanamo is just too scary to even think about. Any chance the discussion on that policy change was held in Wannsee?


Not only a seeekrit police force, but a new National Intelligence force, ’cause the FBI just ain’t cutting it these days. And new definitions of terrorism including “torture”, defined more stringently than the CIA or Pentagon is restricted by.

Oh, and “temporary detention and processing” facilities, for “emergencies”, to be built by (guess who!) Halliburton/KBR.

But, other than that. nothing to be concerned about.

Hey, I hear tell there’s a guy who wrote a book where he lied and stuff… now there’s something to worry about…


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