How Ledeen can you get?

We’re a few days late, but Michael Ledeen always delivers. The Jerusalem Post, January 20, 2006:

Larry Franklin, the former Pentagon analyst sentenced on Friday to 12 years and seven months in prison for passing classified information to Israeli diplomats and staffers in the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, will testify against those former employees when their trial begins in late April.

Michael Ledeen, August 31, 2004:

Nobody’s been arrested, and some of the latest stories even quote the “sources” as saying that the Pentagon target — my pal Larry Franklin — may well be exonerated. That’s quite a turnaround in a couple of days, isn’t it? …

ML: So what do you think an AIPAC guy would do if somebody walked up to him in a restaurant and said “Here, I’ve got some interesting documents for you about American policy debates on Iran.”

JJA [The late James Jesus Angleton -S,N!]: The AIPAC guy would run away as fast as he could. Are you kidding?

Are we kidding? Sadly, No! K-Lo, want to add something?

did meet with Israelis, above board, says Israel.

Last word to Michael:

A scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a friend of Franklin, Michael Ledeen, said, “Larry Franklin is a little person, he is not a political player. Think before you destroy a little person. When the FBI has a case against someone, they go to a grand jury, they indict him and arrest and put him away, they don’t go to Leslie Stahl [of CBS].” (New York Sun, 30 Aug 04)

A little person? Is Ledeen a folk Marxist?


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Ledeen is like a puffer fish, only in reverse. When all is well in the vast WATB ocean, he puffs himself up to the size of a blue whale.

Once things go obviously wrong… a he’s tiny, little fish in a not so big pond of right wing reality.


What a great analogy. I’d never heard that before. Seriously.


I always laugh when conservative writers puke out these inane ‘interview with a dead guy columns’ columns. (Safire did it once or twice with Nixon. Or maybe he transcribed some of Nixon’s old tapes.)

I’m no columnist, but here’s a good rule of thumb: If you have to crap out fake quotes and attribute them to a dead guy, just to get someone to second your argument, maybe your argument is stupid.
Just saying…


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