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So tonight, somebody (I forget who) asks Jack why he’s decided to come out of hiding, to which he replies, “I guess I wasn’t as invisible as I should have been.”

Y’think, Jack? At the end of last season, you faked your own death and disappeared because the U.S. government was planning on handing your sorry ass over to the Chinese. And what secret, exotic location did you flee to in order to ensure that they’d never find you? Why, you moved 45 goddamn minutes away from your old house in Los Angeles. I mean, what the hell, dude.

Also, Charles Logan is a really, really, really bad president. Not quite as bad as Bush. But close.

UPDATE: I’m really likin’ Samwise’s character. I keep hoping he’ll inadvertently refer to Jack as “Mr. Frodo,” but the odds of that occuring are tragically low.

UPDATE II: This is the worst episode ever so far.


C’mon, Jack!!! KILL SOMEBODY!!!!!!! That cobag Edgar seems like a good place to start…

UPDATE III: Another thing. Before was assassinated, Ex-President David Palmer had vital information about an imminent chemical weapons attack on American soil. But instead of giving this information to someone at CTU or Homeland Security, that the only person that Palmer entrusts this knowledge to is President Logan’s crazy doped-up wife. I repeat: what the hell, dude.

If our non-television government is actually run like this (and I have the sneaking suspicion that it is), we’re totally screwed.

UPDATE IV: Samwise sez to Jack, “So you faked your own death and changed your identity.” Jack replies, “Yeah, but it didn’t work.”


UPDATE V: God do I hate that snot-nosed kid Derek. He’s even more annoying than Kim.


UPDATE VI: Aw yeah! Now that’s how you kill bad guys- with scissors to the neck!!! GO JACK!!! (Weak night overall though, homey.)

FINAL UPDATE: OK, the death-by-scissors slightly made up for the rest of the episode’s suckitude. Totals for tonight: 1 kill, no tortures, no gov’t officials assaulted, no pre-interrogation suicides, no plots foiled by ex-Hobbits.

Weak sauce.


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Palmer would have done more, but he had to film a couple of Allstate commercials.



And again, how did Jack expect to stay in cognito by moving 45 minutes away from his old house? W. T. F?


In an uncharacteristic lapse of understanding, Jack moved to Cognito, CA.


Well he did write a cryptic comment in his encrypted memoirs.

I’m sure it will all become clear when Kim, I mean Derek gets kidnapped for the 13th time.

And whatever happened to Derek, I mean Kim?


Style points makes up for lack of quantity of killage, still… It left me wanting… wassat? Ah, yes, gunfights.


I mean, seriously, Jack, you couldn’t break that turncoat agent’s fingers? Not even one?

You’re making Pat Buchanan cry.


Sorry, I think you’re way off base here.

First, as for Bauer moving 45 minutes away from his previous location – what, you never read Asimov’s Foundation trilogy? Moving far away does not necessarily require geographical distance, Grasshopper.

Second, of course David Palmer confided in the First Lady, rather than anyone in the Administration or CTU. Why? Because he knew that the Administration and CTU were lousy with moles! CTU has never been without a serious mole infestation – why would this season be any different?

Third, to the person who said that Derek is even more annoying than Kim – well, yeah, that’s true.

Personally, I’m lovin’ this season, particularly because they’ve turned down the ultraviolence a bit. Makes it all more suspenseful, in my view. And anyway, when they do play the blood-and-mayhem card, they’re doing it right. I especially enjoyed the storming of the airport terminal – I rewound that scene on the Tivo and played it back in slo-mo, because I thought it was so well done. I loved the “WTF???” look on the Russians’ faces, just before they got mowed down by the guys sneaking in behind them.

I have two predictions, one pretty safe and the other really off-the-wall. Here’s the safe one – the bad guys are some sort of PNAC-type right-wing cabal, determined to save America by doing violence upon it. I think the political subtext of this season could turn out to be very interesting indeed.

And my off-the-wall prediction? Here it is: Don’t be so sure that David Palmer is really dead. There’s been a lot of “doubling” (to use a lit-geek term) between Palmer and Bauer over the years; what’s a little more?


But… we like it when Jack Bauer smacks down evildoers. It’s like a Charles Bronson movie with a plot and actual suspense!


I believe, like Pat Buchanan, that President Bush has taken Jack as his role model, and so the really good eps (the ones where Jack uses NSA intercepts to identify several hundred terrorists in the U.S., and then disappear them) were classified by the administration. Sorry, Brad.


I’m pissed now, Jack Bauer. Look, I go to you. I stick up for you. You no help me now, I say, fuck you, Jack Bauer. I do it myself.

Rick Jones, really

What got to me was the presumption that the killer was some kind of professional. If he were a professional, he would have popped a cap into the back of Jack’s head the minute Bauer walked into the room, not waited until Bauer was crouched over Tony.


My TiVo appears to have eaten itself in the night!!!! And I didn’t get a chance to watch last night’s episode of 24 before it did! AAAAAaaaaagggggghhhhh!

Help Me! Please! Is there anywhere to get the episode?


Second, of course David Palmer confided in the First Lady, rather than anyone in the Administration or CTU. Why? Because he knew that the Administration and CTU were lousy with moles! CTU has never been without a serious mole infestation – why would this season be any different?

Well, that’s a good answer, but if you were paying attention a couple of espisodes back, Logan asked his wife “why would David tell you that?� and she said, “Because you’ve completely frozen him out of your administration otherwise.�


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