Don’t fence me in

Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above,
Don’t fence me in.
Let me ride through the wide open country that I love,
Don’t fence me in.
Let me be by myself in the evenin’ breeze,
And listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees,
Send me off forever but I ask you please,
Don’t fence me in.


Thanks to Blair for the link.


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Am I the only one who thinks the president should be shouting “Let’s get ready to RUUUUUUUUMBLE!” there? And if not, why in God’s name did you pass up the obvious joke?


I have the irresistable urge to point down and say, “on the paper! On the paper!”


I was thinking more “Please, don’t feed the President.”


THE PRESIDENT: I just wanted to share that with you, to tell you that our troops are always on my mind, their families are always on my mind. And it’s important to leave a legacy behind of a strong military based upon patriotic Americans saying, “I want to serve. I’m stepping up. Nobody is telling me to. I have made the decision to do so.”
Yes, sir.
Q Good morning, Mr. President, thank you for being here. My son is one of those young men, at 18 years old almost — I hope I don’t cry, but I —
THE PRESIDENT: I hope you don’t, too, because I will, as well, and then we — (laughter.)
Q Okay. He asked me to take him to the Army recruiter. He didn’t drive yet, but he wanted to go to the Army recruiter to join the Army. He’s in the National Guard in Christiansburg, Virginia. And he’s also at the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets.
THE PRESIDENT: Oh, good, thanks. (Applause.) I know you’re proud of him.
Q Yes, I am.
Q He sends his best wishes to you.
THE PRESIDENT: To the old Commander-in-Chief, that’s a smart move, you know? (Laughter.)

…at which point the citizen made his way past the faux picket fence/doggie gate and proceeded to french kiss the president in a patriotic show of solidarity in this time of war.


yeah, seriously, I’m waiting for three Al-Qaida guys to run in from backstage with chairs…


How bizarre is this:

“Q He sends his best wishes to you.
THE PRESIDENT: To the old Commander-in-Chief, that’s a smart move, you know.”

I mean I know it’s a joke, but the premise of the joke seems to be the implication that somehow the serviceman will benefit from his parents kissing Bush’s ass by proxy?


(of course it might have something to do with Bush’s world-view, since this is how he’s gotten along in life.)


G, to me the premise of the joke was that the servicemen had better wish the CiC well, or else it counts as treason.

Equally creepy, equally unfunny.


he has those invisble tigers trained perfectly.


And you, thos invisibl “i”s. Oh, what th hll?


Its weird how the fences are shifted to the right. One could almost imagine that they’re the bent arms of a certain kind of cross.

Nah, it couldn’t be…


Clearly this setup is not the product of Intelligent Design.


I like the little drape stands, augmenting the whole scene. Fucking jerks.


“I am NOT in a bubble! I’m NOT!!”


“I’ll wrestle any woman alive!”


It takes a lot of empty space to house an ego that bloated.


“I’ll wrestle any woman alive!”

Maybe you should change your aka from “tosser” to
“toss her.”

Great quote BTW.


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