Gee, now that is a surprise

Andrew Sullivan points out that The New Republic, the liberal weekly magazine that endorsed Joe “Dick Cheney handed me my ass in the VP Debate” Lieberman has doubts about John Kerry’s etectability. (And it’s not only because that’s not a real word.)

In other news:

  • Rush Limbaugh has doubts about whether the Democrats should be handed control of the White House.
  • Glenn Reynolds has doubts about whether the French can be counted on as reliable allies in the war on straw terror.
  • SullyWatch has doubts on whether Andrew Sullivan can be called a responsible journalist.
  • And yes boys and girls, you are invited to submit your own “doubts” in the comments.


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    Rush is right! The Democrats shouldn’t be “handed” control of the White House, they should win it fair and square in an open election, just like the Republicans four years…ago…wait…never mind.


    What Rush was probably implying (subliminally of course)is that the Republicans should lie, intimidate, lie, misrepresent, lie, cheat using electronic voting scams, lie, bribe, lie, use the partisan justices, and lie to win if required.

    Did I include lie? Can’t leave out that one!


    The judicial system has doubts that Rush wasn’t doctor-shopping to get all that delicious OxyContin he supposedly needed.


    Um, at this point, all references to TNR as “liberal” are sarcastic, right?


    “Um, at this point, all references to TNR as “liberal” are sarcastic, right?”

    And how!


    The Seargent-at-Arms has doubts about leaving Senate Republicans alone with any sort of unsecured technology.

    (For such social and cultural Neanderthals, who knew the little buggers could figure out how to exploit a hole in your firewall big enough to drive a fumigation truck through.)


    Blair has doubts about whether he gangbanged twenty women last night.


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