We told you so!

Item: The loathesome new blog at NRO by Republican slime merchants George and Kellyann Conway.

This is very dangerous because, as we’ve said several times, high amplitudes of fucktard radiation (as discovered by Professor Akamori after the war) threaten to wake Glennzilla from his fitful sleep on the ocean floor. We strongly recommend that NRO put an end to these experiments before it… and… Wait, did you hear something?

Aaaah! Too late!


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I’m not sure which of those 3 is the scariest.


How Did I Miss This Masterpiece??!!?!!

Oh my God. This Cliff Kincaid article about the dangers of oral sex is the funniest thing I’ve seen since I overdubbed an episode of Saved by the Bell with the audio track from New Jack City (watching Screech call…


They’re like the Ropers, except 12,498 times more unlikeable, even when Mrs. Roper says “STANNNNNN-LEY!” and Mr. Roper answers “WHAT? WHAT IS IT, YOU HARPY?!?”

BTW, for the unsettling but straight dope on this coupling of reactionary douchebags, see the firsthand rememberances of Glenn Greenwald.


I prefer STAGMC COBAG. Also, is that guy’s head molded out of pork fat?

Glenn is like a million times on fire, I wonder if he will remember us when he ascends to the temple of Godhead or if he will just become a threadbot like Atrioni (sorry Dunc).


Glennzilla? Pshaw, more like Glenn-Sothoth, the man is shrill.


I glanced over their ramblings, and if I ever even remotely care whether or not Bill Clinton gets his law license back (George has a take on it) I would want to be beaten with a falafeloofah.


I like the fact that they openly copy out email from the RNC and pretend they’re blogging. Craptacular!


Which one is the man in that picture? She looks like a tranny and he looks like he’s carrying a wee bit too much estrogen.


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