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Which eliminationist wingnut blog will be the first to give this story an “OMGLMFAO!1!!!!”

I’d say it’s between LittleGreenFootballs, NiceDoggie and AtlasWanks.


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I was just reading up on this at freerepublic. Seems the majority opinion is that she is a liberal who is in cahoots with the hostage takers just to make the preznit look bad. Let’s say there aren’t many well wishers over there.


Apparently Wolf Blitzer is in on this scheme. Here’s a highlight:

Anyone catch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer a minute ago. He said something that struck me as odd. He was doing a report on the tape in which he described Carroll as someone who’d “clearly been taken hostage”.
As opposed to…what exactly, Mr. Blitzer? Though now that I think about it, her facial expression and body language did lead me to wonder just how scared of her captors she is.


woah! has anyone seen these nutjobs before?

Under truth-in-advertising principles, the ACLU should be an acronym for Anti-God Communists and Lunatics United instead of American Civil Liberties Union. But cunning far leftists prefer seductively sensible-sounding names to truth in advertising.

Likewise, the Center for Constitutional Rights should be renamed the Center for Unconstitutional Wrongs.

that is some hiiigh quality shit they’re smokin’ (and writin’) over there.


Hot damn, is that what ACLU stands for? I have GOT to get me a piece of that.


I guess Pam from atlas shrugs.

She’d get some links.

I remember talking to her a bit over at patriotboy awhile back, and she suddenly got really sane when she wasn’t in an environment she controled and had to answer obvious questions like “do you really believe Europe is about to fall, we are next, some guy is going to be along shortly to take away my razor?”.

Then she went straight back to her lair and declared war on Iran. She’s bullshiting the rubes hoping someday to make a buck a out of it.


ugh. he doesn’t even respond well to trolls…

sorry. i’ll shut up now.


Ah, so I misunderestimated what filth Dean Esmay is.

I congratulate Dean for his whorish, sub-human, desire for hits and the lowest sort of pandering you can imagine.

You have blown away my preconceptions about how low a human being would go to pimp their blog, in the future you will be in everyone’s sights.


Ow! Oww! Fuck! Why are you putting scissors there? I don’t care if you want to spite your face, you really don’t want to cut off your nose!



That’s it, boy! Keep cuttin’! I think those eyebrows look purty, too.


Sieg heil do you, Ed, you fascist-loving, goose-stepping, anti-humanist filth.


Don’t huff ether and post Dean.

It makes you look silly.


How many goose-steppinng, totalitarian-apologist, Pat Buchanan-loving left-wing faux-liberals like Ed Marshall does it take to change a lightbulb?

Only as many as their fuhrer says he needs.


You don’t know fuck about me, I would wipe my ass with Pat Buchanan. Don’t give a damn about him.

Feel free to make up anything you want. You and your idiocy are a matter of record here. Your recent outburst is simply par for the course and nothing but predictable.


From Dean’s world:
the vicious fascist freedom-hating thugs we’re fighting in Iraq have taken an American journalist hostage.

… have taken an American journalist hostage in an effort to free Iraqi women from US detention centres, no doubt motivated by what vicious thugs have done to imprisoned Iraqi women in the past.

The whole world’s gone mad.


What just happened?

Where am I?


Well, if you haven’t already, head on over and read Dean’s well thought out ideas about Iran. Clearly, he comes from the AFY* school of policy and diplomacy.

Or maybe we should wait five years before congratulating ourselves. However, even with such reckless pronouncements, the only thing scarier than Dean are Dean’s commenters.

*America, FUCK YEAH!


Well, if you haven’t already, head on over and read Dean’s well thought out ideas about Iran.

Sounds like maybe I should just wait ’til the next time I need to induce vomiting.


Pinko – What I think happened is that Dean just Godwinned this post.


Since Dean’s so graciously closed his comments section to include only “True Liberals”, I shall say here that everyone needs to read Dean’s post on Iran, just to see what true ignorance of military strategy and logistics can do.


I just made an esmay in my antspay.


Why isn’t I always hear the Clash’s “Clampdown” in my head when these guys start getting their swerve on.

I also made a poo poo.


Debbie Schlussel is PISSED that a Jordanian newspaper wrote nice things about Jill.


I’m wondering when the Christian Science Monitor started being considered part of the Liberal Media, myself.


Jawa report: But taking Mrs. Carroll’s words as an example of Leftist rhetoric, do you see how the underlying assumption is revealed? The insurgents would not kill Jill Carroll if they understood that she is a journalist on their side. The opposite, then, must be true: if Jill Carroll was a pro-war journalist then the natural course of events would be for the insurgents to kill her.

Argghhh!!! Jawa Report, you cannot take the modus tollens and then simply reverse the implication. For fuck’s sake, learn some basic logic!


So, following their logic, if the unfortunate Mrs. Carroll is killed, then it would follow that the insurgents don’t believe that anti-war journalists are on their side?
Yeah, I’d like to see the crazy bastards admit that. For them, logical systems are built to fit the situation, and then discarded when no longer convinient.


Awww, looks like Dean’s got a wittle crush on our Brad. The way he’s so closely monitoring everything that goes on over here is the universal mating dance of the wanker.

Soooo cute!


So, following their logic, if the unfortunate Mrs. Carroll is killed, then it would follow that the insurgents don’t believe that anti-war journalists are on their side?

…And, if she floats…

…a WITCH!!1!11!


“We shall use my largest scales!” said Sir Deanavere, as Chazmo GlenRocket, King of the Wingnuts looked on in pleasure.

And then the king of the wingnuts asked Sir Deanavere thus:
“Who are you, who are so skilled in the ways of science?”
“Sir Deanavere, my lord- I am an autodiadact, I have determined these things on my own observation- which makes me a True Liberal, because those phonies think you need to actually listen to other scientists of good renown!”
“I am Chazmo, king of the Wingnuts- Join me at my table of circular shape, with it’s cheeto stained tablecloth up blissful wingnuttery, that is also of a circular shape!”
“My liege!” Sir Deanovere replied giddily. And they rode off into the sunset of Tinfoil land and lived happily ever after.


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