Jeff Jacoby doesn’t have a brain (not counting the one in his head*)

Jeff Jacoby shows us how to build TownHall’s Bridge to the 19th Century, Dred Scott, Fallacies in Logic Edition:

Not counting foreign immigrants, Massachusetts has been losing more people than it attracts every year since 1990[.]

Right, if we don’t count some people, then it turns out there are fewer people! And why wouldn’t you not count them, they’re not white anyway. Hooray!

For the second year in a row, the Census Bureau reports, the population of Massachusetts has shrunk. During the 12 months ending July 1, 2005, the Bay State experienced a net loss of more than 8,600 residents, or 0.1 percent of its population. It was one of only three states to end the year with fewer people than it had at the start — New York and Rhode Island were the others — and the only one to do so for the second year running.

Let’s see: MA’s population in 2000 was 6,349,097 (PDF.) From 1990 to 2000, MA’s population increased by 5.5%. From 2000 to 2005, it increased by 0.8% (xls.) So yeah — if you exclude a bunch of people, MA’s population is going down. What else, Jeff?

MassINC reported in 2003 that one-fourth of Bay State residents would leave if they had the opportunity to do so.

MassINC, MassINC… what else did MassINC find?

Seventy-one percent of Massachusetts citizens rate the quality of life in the Commonwealth as good to excellent (29% excellent/very good, 42% good), while only about three in 10 (28%) rate it fair to poor.

What a shit hole!

As for the sluggish job market that has kept, or driven, so many people away from the Bay State — there’s no denying it’s a problem.

Oh yes there is, Jeff, oh yes there is!

The Massachusetts unemployment rate in November edged up slightly to 4.9 percent in November from 4.8 percent in October. […] The national unemployment rate was unchanged over the month, holding at 5.0 percent.

Lower than the national average… now that sucks.

But focusing on the failure to create more jobs begs the real question

Why isn’t our wingnuts learning?

Since bottoming out in January 2004, payroll jobs have expanded by 35,700 and at 3,200,800 are also up 14,200 from one year ago.

A big round of Sadly, No!, Jeff. And put some extra swank on it, will you?

Is it really any wonder so many people are fleeing Massachusetts? Maybe the real mystery is why so many of us stay.

No, the real mystery is how Jeff Jacoby holds on to his job given that his entire column is based on bullshit.

* Then again.


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Yer jus’ doin’ that fancy number thing again, ain’tcha?


As a Bostonian, I can attest that the cost of living in this state is extremely high, which is the reason why so many people are leaving.

But other than that, it’s a great place to live. I mean, I lived out in Ohio for four years. I know what I’m talking about.


tehe, and the population of NH has increased according to JJ. You don’t need a fancy calculator to figure that’s not b/c of ‘live free or die’ politicians or that you can buy booze on Sundays but b/c it’s cheaper there. I’d venture a guess that most of those people who moved to NH still work in Mass.


Jacoby is a Silber man. Any self respecting Bostonian knows Silber, or as some call him, Stubbie, is a neo-facist jerk who taught fuzzy math and abstinence.

The cost of living along with the failure of the talented Romney and Swift Adminstrations to retain anything, other than the temple in Belmont for old Mitt the Twit, business related is the likely culprit for this.

Just look at the empty lab space that sits in Kendall Square. Seven years ago big pharma and small would have been all over that. Whatever the price was. Now with the sag in the economy, the loss of jobs and healthcare to pay for drugs, one of the Massachusetts leaders in jobs and revenue is downsizing daily.

Jacoby may be next on the downsizing chopping block over at the Globe and I’m not sure that would be such a bad thing.

P.S. How does a Cleveland native become a conservative? Jacoby needs to see a shrink or two.


I used one of those online salary/move calculators to compare where I live now, in my comfortable North Shore Chicagoland suburb, to the cost of living in the Boston area. If I want to move to Cambridge, Brookline or Boston proper, I’d need to increase my income by about 6-7%… but if I moved back to my old haunts in Somerville, I’d actually need almost 25% less in income to maintain my lifestyle. (Of course, back then I was single and footloose; now I’m saddled with a family, so I’d probably have to live somewhere other than Davis Square.) But even Lexington, which in my memory of having lived there as a kid, is comparable to where I live now, the increase in cost of living is less than 2%.

So don’t give me any of that “Massachusetts is too expensive” crapola.


It’s obvious that poor Jeff was assigned this topic to write about by his puppeteer/payola daddy, and was forced to distort the only evidence he could find just to fill the page with stupidity. (shrug) It’s a living.


You have to wonder, as I have for more than the past 15 years, why the fuck doesn’t Jacoby leave? Perhaps a nice little cave in Afghanistan would work.


Two things struck me as odd about this post: 1.) Not written by Brad?!? 2.) He didn’t somehow blame it all on those nasty homo-nups. After all, it is their fault.


Actually, Marq, he did.

It was part of his “oppressive political culture” bitch. He also blamed it on Kennedy, Kerry, the Alito hearings (I’d love to see the polling data on that one), a year-round state lege for some reason, the lack of suicidal tax “relief” measures (like we’ve been doing here in Washington State for the past ten years or so), and, oddly enough, blue laws.

Because it’s okay to get drunk off your ass on a Sunday morning, but you’d better not even think about having sex with your same-sex spouse.

Norbizness has this guy pegged: Unfrozen Caveman Columnist.


Don’t forget, Jacoby’s columns are re-published on one of those nutty right-wing web sites. (I forget which one–either TownHall or JewishWorldReview). I suspect that it is also syndicated to other newspapers that believe they need another nutty right-wing columnist.


Regarding New Hampshire, they may not have an personal income or sales tax there, but they do have a relatively high property tax. And more than a few people who live near the border with MA or VT also have to pay those states’ income tax. So those people get hit twice–high property tax in NH and the MA or VT income tax.


Washington finally opened a couple of liquor stores on Sunday! I think I’ll start drinking again.


Actually the most bizarre thing about Jacoby’s column is that he does blame the population loss on the Mass. Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage. Jeff’s columns are really only worthwhile when he’s plagiarized them from somewhere else.


Here is what I don’t get. Conservatives always trot out the population decline to suggest a failing whatever. Whether it is abortion or tax law or homos.

Since when is population reduction (or mere lack of growth) always a bad thing? Are we falling below sustainable levels of humanity?

Assuming that property values aren’t going to shit (which I assume they are not in Mass) and the economy is doing OK, who cares?

Whenever I hear this argument, I want to say, So what?


I feel powerless because I keep voting for my representatives because I agree with them! I’m demoralized by being able to write my representatives directly, and also letters to the editor! Jacoby’s right, I’m being oppressed!


Yeah, that opressive political culture in Massachusetts, with citizen government Town Meetings, well-educated populace and fabled political tradition of innovation, action, corruption and reform.

I particularly liked how he called Kennedy out for daring to call the lying, segregationist Alito a liar and a racist.


Here is what I don’t get. Conservatives always trot out the population decline to suggest a failing whatever. Whether it is abortion or tax law or homos.

Whenever I hear this argument, I want to say, So what?

It is because the scary brown people’s population is not decreasing too.

I guess the conservatives even concede that their ideas can’t survive without their majority to impose them, and fail on the merits.


From “The American Family” by Finley Peter Dunne, as published in Dissertations by Mr. Dooley (1906)

“Is th’ race dyin’ out?” asked Mr. Dooley.
“Is it what?” replied Mr. Hennessy.
“Is it dyin’ out?” said Mr. Dooley. “Th’ ministhers an’ me frind Dock Eliot iv Harvard say it is. Dock Eliot wud know diff’rent if he was a rale dock an’ wint flying up Halsted Sthreet in a buggy, floggin’ a white horse to be there on time. But he ain’t, an’ he’s sure it’s dyin’ out. Childher ar-re disappearin’ fr’m America. He took a squint at th’ list iv Harvard gradjates th’ other day, an’ discovered that they had ivrything to make home happy but kids. Wanst th’ wurruld was full iv little Harvards. Th’ counthry swarmed with thim… In thim happy days some wan was always teethin’ in a Harvard fam’ly… But something has happened to Harvard. She is projoocin’ no little rah-rahs to glad th’ wurruld. Th’ av’rage fam’ly iv th’ Harvard gradjate an’ th’ jackass is practically th’ same…
“I took th’ statistics to Father Kelley… ‘If you see Dock Eliot’, he says, ‘ye can tell him th’ race ain’t dyin’ out very bad in this here part iv the wurruld. On th’ conthry. It ain’t liable to, ayether,’ he says, ‘onless wages is raised,’ he says. ‘Th’ poor ar-re becomin’ richer in childher, an’ the rich poorer,’ he says. ”Tis always th’ way,’ he says. “Th’ bigger th’ house th’ smaller th’ fam’ly… ‘Tis a way Nature has iv gettin’ even with th’ rich an’ pwo’rful. Wan part iv town has nawthin’ but money, an’ another nawthin’ but childher… Nature,’ he says, ‘is a wild dimmycrat,’ he says.

Sick of far lefties

You can spin it all you want but people ARE leaving this state. The over the line left leaning atmosphere CERTAINLY plays a part. I am a Democrat but am ashamed that we keep putting Teddy Kennedy back in office every 6 years.


I lived in massachusetts for 10 years, my wife was born and bred in Boston for over 30 years.
We left, why?
Well quite frankly because the liberals in that state don’t believe in democracy, I mean things like gay marriage.
Over 170,000 people voted to get the marriage ammendment on the ballot and now the liberals are fighting to not let the people pf massachusetts vote on this.
Don’t say it’s because of prices as NY, chicago etc are very expensive too.
Don’t say the weather because NH IL haven’t seen a decline.
The laws in mass are pathetic, gay marriage, no fireworks, only tattoo’s were made legal a few years ago same as buying beer on a sunday.
Massachuseets leberal , no only to gay marriage and minorities.
Look at San fan , Boston , gay marriage, big liberal places losing population.
Obviously there will be people now exploding out there with this news but I only go on why we left along with 5 other couples who left and we know.
Not only that the people who we know in houghs neck , south boston, weynmouth etc, still there’s always the republic of cambridge for those loony lefties to get demonstrating, writing etc.
Let the people vote on issues not have a couple of judges decide then when the people say we want a vote the gay right groups, , the loony left say no we decide what is good for you.


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