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Other than a vague sense of underdog-rooting, I had no strong interest in the game–until the Steelers were robbed at gunpoint on that ridiculous review iwth 5 minutes left. After that happened, I had a similar reaction at the final missed FG…


Bet you wish my Broncos hadn’t bitch-slapped your Pats now, huh?


Yeah. The Pats failed to win their third consecutive Super Bowl. They have oh-so-much to be ashamed of.


You know, if the Patriots had won last night, and today’s result had been the same, New England would’ve had homefield advantage for the AFC Championship. I didn’t even realize that until after both games were over.


Despite the naysayers – The Steelers have a good chance at beating Denver.


I actually like the Steelers a lot. Roethlisbergerr is a criminally underrated quarterback- I still hear idiots saying that he’s not as good as Eli or Michael Vick. Jerome Bettis is awesome. Watching him is like watching a black-and-gold Gummy Bear tear through a defensive line. Plus, Polamalu, despite how silly he looks with his hair flailing out of his helmet, is one hell of an athlete. Now that the Pats are out, I’m rootin’ Steelers all the way.


Roethlisberger also is in his second year. Well, I guess Eli is, too, but Big Ben doesn’t make as many bad decisions as Eli does. Eli Manning still has a lot of upside. Vick, I don’t know about.

I don’t normally admit this, but I went to Miami (like Roethligsberger) so I’ve been rooting for Pittsburgh since he began playing.


Pittsburgh is just a great football town the deserves a winner.


Are the Portland Breakers still in the mix? I like that Marcus Dupree kid.


It was snowing inside the WhateverDome?


Is Michael Vick still playing? Still playing QB? Man, that guy is completely overrated.

I have to wonder if the Colts didn’t just sort of ease up once the Patriots were done, figuring if they couldn’t go up against the team that had humiliated them in playoffs past, there wasn’t as much point in going on. Without the vengeance motivator, maybe they didn’t play as hard. (Just kidding. But next year, watch for them to strive mightily to get rid of the “playoff choke champions” title.)

I like Rumpelstiltskin, and I think the Steelers have a good chance. On the other hand, if the Broncos don’t go on to win the Super Bowl, then the Pats’ defeat looks worse. If you have to lose a playoff game, better to lose to the eventual champion — the best team this season — than some also-ran.


With four teams I absolutely loathe playing this weekend, there was a lot of potential for gloom for me, since one of those hated and despised teams eliminated my Bucs in one of the most idiotically flukey, undeserved victories in the history of sports last weekend.

However, of the four teams whom I would only pass up a chance to piss on if they were actually on fire, Indy, Washington, and the Patsies were all nice enough to suffer ignominious, humiliating defeats at the hands of teams I really don’t care at all about. And both Denver and Seattle have ex-Bucs playing on their rosters, so that’s nice, too.

It’s a pity da Bears couldn’t take care of those cretins from Carolina for me… the only flaw in an otherwise perfect weekend of football (something you don’t get very often, after football season has ended for you).

Still, I have confidence the Seahawks will crush them like a used Dixie cup next week.

I may actually be able to watch this year’s Super Bowl. I’m not sure who I’ll root for, though… Joe Jurevicius, or John Lynch?



Keep on underestimating the Panthers. See where that gets you. Your boys have one good game against us in 3 years, and you think the Cats can’t even beat the Seattle Shithawks.

Steve Smith is a god.


Does saying ‘I would like to see something’ that then happens count the same as actually predicting it? Because I said I would like to see the Panthers shut out the Giants, and that I would like to see a Denver/Pittsburgh AFC championship game, and both came true.

So on that note, I would like to see certain politicians finally pay some kind of price for their incompetence, corruption, and deception.

Also, did it bug anyone else how infamous playoff choker Peyton Manning spouted off about the lack of pass protection? Isn’t he the one that calls all the plays anyway?


Steve Smith is a god.

No he isn’t, but catching for 218 yards is probably better than Jesus coulda done.


It was a bittersweet weekend up here. New England lost; but then, so did Indianapolis. Bwahahaha! 😀


I bet that if the Pats and Colts had a game on SuperSunday this year more people would watch it than the actual championship.

I say Seahawks over Steelers by 6.


Except that both the Pats and Indy lost so convincingly (remember, except for the BS intercept call, the Colts were down 21-10) that I think much of their mystique has evaporated. The Pats were weak all year (sorry, Brad) but people just figured, “Brady can’t lose in the postseason,” so they would magically no longer be weak. Once Brady loses, they’re just the team with the worst record in the AFC playoffs. And now everybody knows that, no matter what, Manning won’t win the big one (OK, we won’t call the offsides. OK, how about we reverse that interception? Still not enough? OK… um… Bettis fumbles? Aw, jeez….).


Defensively, I thought the pats were right back up where they needed to be. The loss of Weis, I think, really hurt Brady’s confidence this season. Hopefully he can see a sports psychologist or some shit and knock that off. But other than that, and assuming they can avoid filling the defensive backfield with football neophytes with cool names, I think they’ll come back very strong.

In re: Peyton Manning: every time I hear his name I have a compulsion to repeat it, mocking 3rd grader style: “peyton manning, peyton manning, waaaah I’m the best quarterback of all”

In kind of a nasally voice, you know?

So in re: the original post:



Just wanted to stop back here and note, to whoever it was who was sobbing at me about how great the Pantsers are, that they finally got the ass whipping they so richly deserved at the hands of the Seahawks, and the only way I could be happier would be if the NFL suddenly had a corporate epiphany, realized that if you catch a ball in the end zone and still have control of it when you are downed by contact, it actually IS a touchdown, and then changed time so that the Bucs would be playing in the Super Bowl as they clearly should be.

But, anyway… if my Bucs had to have their playoffs robbed this year, at least the goddam Panthers, Patriots, Colts and Redskins are all sitting at home on their couches, too. And if a Seattle/Pittsburgh Super Bowl seems like perhaps the most boring Super Bowl in the history of the game, well… still… at least those frickin’ Patriots fans will have to stop trying to figure out how to spell the word ‘dynasty’ for a while. Fuckers.


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